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6 Tips to Get Noticed at a Cannabis Business Conference

cannabis business event | marijuana business event

CannaCon is the nation’s leading business-to-business cannabis conference, making it the perfect place for you to meet others in the industry, make connections, and get your products noticed. Whether this is your first cannabis business event, or you are a trade show veteran, we’ve compiled the top tips for standing out among the crowd. 6…

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How to Get a Cannabis Degree

cannabis degree | cannabis education

Now that the cannabis industry is booming, people are searching for ways to learn about cannabis, the products made from the plant, and the ins and outs of the industry. Many people want to know if universities offer cannabis degrees or marijuana education. Students are just beginning to understand the myriad of ways that they…

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Marijuana and Exercise: A Match Made in Heaven?

marijuana and exercise | cannabis and exercise

Those who use marijuana on the regular are often depicted as a cartoon-like caricature of a coach-potato “stoner” whose only movement is the frequent arm bend of shoving munchy foods into their mouth. But as funny as that character is to watch in movies or on TV, like any stereotype, it’s not always the case.…

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Cannabis Beverages You Should Try Today

cannabis beverages | liquid marijuana drink | cannabis drink

As the cannabis market evolves alongside legalization, methods of consumption diversify to appeal to a wider base. A sizable portion of the population interested in consuming marijuana has turned to edibles; the range of products and varieties grows daily. Projected numbers for the cannabis edibles market is $4.1 billion by 2022. The recently released Cannabis-infused Edibles…

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How to Become a Budtender in California and Beyond

budtender in California, budtender jobs

New marijuana legislation is sweeping through the United States, and dispensaries are popping up everywhere. Cannabis jobs have quadrupled since 2016, with the most budtender postings showing up in California. If you’ve been contemplating a job in the cannabis industry, there’s no better time to get started. We’ve got the 411 on how to become…

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All About Cannabis Tourism in the Northwest

cannabis tourism in the northwest | cannabis camping | cannabis hotel

As more states and countries abroad begin to legalize the use of cannabis, the need for yet another industry arises—cannabis tourism. Cannabis Tourism in the Northwest Geared toward recreational cannabis users who are eager to mix travel with cannabis pleasure, the budding industry of cannabis tourism is on the rise. If you love cannabis and…

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Weed at Weddings: What’s the Deal?

weed at weddings, weed weddings, weed wedding, cannabis wedding, cannabis weddings

Okay, let’s get real: It’s not like weed at weddings is a new, unheard of thing. If you’ve ever attended a wedding reception, or at least one where the bride and groom were a couple in their 20’s or 30’s, you most likely at some point would smell the distinct and pungent scent of marijuana…

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6 Mistakes Cannabis Business Owners Make (and How to Avoid Them)

common cannabis business mistakes

Starting any new business can be a scary endeavor. The involvement of cannabis can make it even trickier because of the industry’s short history and its often-changing regulations. Many people still hold a negative view of cannabis because of the long-standing prohibition on its use. Read on for the 6 most common cannabis business mistakes…

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The Difference between Cannabinoids and Terpenes (and why it’s important to know)

cannabinoids and terpenes

Each industry is accompanied by a unique set of terminology. Often cited in cannabis news, discussion, cultivation, and retail are terpenes and cannabinoids. The definition of these terms is highlighted here, as well as their importance to marijuana and connection to each other. Interest in these compounds grows daily: in early 2019, the federal government announced…

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Cannabis Packaging Tips to Increase Your Business Success

cannabis packaging tips | packaging cannabis products | branding of cannabis packaging

Now that cannabis products are fueling big businesses, plastic baggies just don’t cut it anymore. Businesses have to design effective cannabis packaging, and the process is more complicated than it is for less controversial products.  The packaging of cannabis products has several different jobs. The design and logo must grab a customer’s eye, and the…

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5 Common Misconceptions about CBD

misconceptions about cod | cbd education

Separating the terminology, legality, and benefits between CBD and cannabis is no small task. Storefronts and online ads advertise constantly and yet questions formulate and evolve without resolution. To further the gap, there is often a disconnect between those in the industry and the curious public. Below are five common misconceptions about CBD and some…

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10 Reasons to Attend a CannaCon Event in Your Area

what happens at cannabis events | Oklahoma cannabis convention | CannaCon event

As Cannabis grows in popularity, so does the need for information about the industry, its products, technology and legalities. And let’s not forget about the business of producing, marketing, selling, and operations. But what happens at cannabis events? Check out these 10 reasons you should attend a CannaCon event in your area. (Why not register…

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How to Use Networking Events To Your Advantage

ne cannabis trade show | cannabis networking event | cannabis business owners

In today’s business world, networking events are critical in helping cannabis business owners make sales. If you haven’t had the opportunity to participate in a cannabis networking event, you might be wondering why they even matter and how you can use those gatherings to your advantage.  How to Use Cannabis Networking Events to Your Advantage…

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Marijuana Pipes 101: The Basics of Style and Material

marijuana pipe | cannabis pipe | pot pipe

As marijuana becomes legalized across the United States, we want to help you understand the options, styles, durability and materials available in marijuana pipes. Marijuana Pipes 101: The Basics of Style and Material There are so many types and styles of cannabis pipes on the market today. One thing is for certain, some pipes are simple…

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What Is the National Cannabis Industry Association?

national cannabis industry association | ncia | cannabis businesses

The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) is the largest national trade organization in the legal cannabis industry with a focus on assisting cannabis businesses. In 2010, marijuana policy reform leaders Aaron Smith and Steve Fox founded the NCIA following the 2009 release of the Ogden Memo.  In the Ogden Memo, the Justice Department directed its…

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Live from CannaCon Northeast in Springfield, Mass.

cannacon northeast 2019

Another CannaCon, another crop of newcomers educated and excited to join the budding cannabis industry. CannaCon Northeast 2019 drew crowds from Massachusetts, New York, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut and throughout the New England region. The 2019 CannaCon Northeast conference was held in Springfield this year in an effort to be more central to all New…

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Learn from Top Cannabis Leaders this week at CannaCon Northeast

marijuana businesses | cannabis business seminars | cannabis production seminars

CannaCon has become known for attracting the best and brightest in the cannabis industry to educate attendees on all aspects of marijuana businesses. From cultivation to legal to financial and more, cannabis business leaders throughout the United States flock to CannaCon to help grow this new massive industry through cannabis business seminars, cannabis production seminars,…

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Springfield City Guide

Springfield city guide

Attending CannaCon Northwest 2019? Use the following Springfield city guide when planning your trip. The word “Springfield” most often brings to mind the town in which the animated characters of “The Simpsons” live, but today we are talking about a different and non-fictional Springfield. As the third-largest city in Massachusetts and fourth-largest city in all…

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The State of Cannabis Legislation & Licensing: Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah

Cannabis Business Licensing in Arizona | Arizona Cannabis Business Licensing | Cannabis Business Licensing in New Mexico | Cannabis Business Licensing in Colorado | Cannabis Business Licensing in Utah

Below is a compiled listing of marijuana legislation and cannabis business licensing in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah. Vertical growing is a growing trend within the cannabis industry. This practice of producing plants in vertically stacked layers or vertically inclined surfaces previously hit a particular roadblock of distance required between plants and high-pressure sodium…

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The Ins and Outs of Transporting Cannabis

transporting cannabis | transport cannabis | transporting marijuana | transport marijuana

**Legal Disclaimer: This information in this article is not intended to be used as legal advice. We recommend that you seek the advice of a qualified attorney or legal representative in your state prior to transporting cannabis.** As marijuana becomes legalized across the U.S. for both medicinal and (in some states) recreational purposes, it is…

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The State of Cannabis Legislation & Licensing: Washington, Oregon, California

cannabis business licensing in Washington | cannabis business licensing in Oregon | cannabis business licensing in California

The following is a list of marijuana legislation and cannabis business licensing in Washington, Oregon, and California, as of July 2019.  Firsts are ever-present in the cannabis world but a new proposal in California includes furry friends. The bill would allow veterinarians to recommend medical cannabis products for pets, furthering last year’s state regulators recognition…

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Things to Know Before Applying for Your Cannabis Business License

cannabis business license | cannabis business application | cannabis business

You’ve decided to start your own cannabis business. Good for you. Not only is the cannabis industry relatively new, making it a great option for new business owners, but it’s also a valuable resource for its customers. Owning your own business is far better than working for someone else any day so be proud of…

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The State of Cannabis Legislation & Licensing: Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas

cannabis business licensing in arkansas | arkansas cannabis business licensing | cannabis business licensing in louisiana | cannabis business licensing in oklahoma | cannabis business licensing in texas

PBS recently released a series under their News Hour segment entitled “The Green Rush” which is a review of the cannabis industry in the United States, including legalization, attitudes, and benefits plus challenges. The insight provided includes information from researchers, experts, and financial analysts and focuses on the latest wave of cannabis legalization. The following…

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How to Market Your Cannabis Business on Social Media

cannabis social media | marketing your cannabis businesses on social media | cannabis business marketing

Cannabis entrepreneurs encounter extra challenges when it comes to cannabis business marketing on social media. Cannabis social media platforms must follow federal and international laws, which can sometimes conflict with each other and local and state regulations. As a cannabis business owner, it’s important to focus on the details when marketing your cannabis business on…

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The State of Cannabis Legislation & Licensing: Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee

Cannabis Business Licensing in Alabama | Alabama Cannabis Business Licensing | Cannabis Business Licensing in Mississippi | Cannabis Business Licensing in Tennessee

The following is a summary of marijuana legislation and cannabis business licensing in Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee, as of July 2019. Eleven U.S. states and Washington, D.C. have legalized recreational cannabis use. Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar from Minnesota doesn’t think states individually mandating is the best course of action. Rep. Omar called on the federal…

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Questions to Ask Before Starting a Cannabis Grow

cannabis grow | starting a cannabis grow | indoor cannabis grow | outdoor cannabis grow

Before you throw yourself into a full cannabis grow, it’s important to educate yourself on the steps involved. If you want to be successful long-term, you’ll need to plan ahead. You can do so by asking the following questions before starting a cannabis grow. Is a Cannabis Grow Legal? The first question you want to…

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Things To Consider Before Starting a CBD Business in 2019

starting a cbd business | writing a cbd business plan

The CBD market is undergoing exponential growth. Many are clamoring to understand this magical golden oil, and word-of-mouth marketing has people buying CBD oil for everyone from grandma to the family dog. If you’re thinking of joining this fast-growing CBD industry, read this introduction to starting a CBD business in 2019. How to Monetize CBD…

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The State of Cannabis Legislation & Licensing: Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Washington, D.C.

Cannabis Business Licensing in DC

Newly introduced to the cannabis world within the education sector is the nation’s first master’s degree program in medical cannabis through the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy. Both on campus and online, classes in this two-year program will include basic science, clinical use, adverse effects and public health, and federal and state laws and…

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Live from CannaCon Midwest 2019 in Detroit

cannacon midwest 2019 | cannabis b2b expo

The COBO Center is all abuzz with cannabis businesses and the next crop of people looking to enter this booming industry. Check out some photos from Day 1 Live from CannaCon Midwest 2019 in Detroit. But not to worry! If you missed it this year, we will be back in 2020. CannaCon is THE cannabis…

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Why CannaCon is Essential to Michigan’s Cannabis Industry

michigan's cannabis industry | cannabis industry in michigan

Life changing opportunities as significant as Michigan is currently laying the groundwork for are not something people see come along very often. Cannabis might be the last new major agricultural commodity introduced to economies worldwide. Whether we are talking about medical marijuana, adult-use marijuana or industrial hemp, the market in Michigan is expected to grow…

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The Business Side of Cannabis: What to See, Do and Learn in Detroit

cannabis business conference | cannacon midwest

We have already taken a look at what CannaCon Midwest attendees can do, see and learn on the production side of the cannabis business. Now let’s examine the business side and the ancillary services you can explore at our Midwest cannabis business conference. If you have never attended a cannabis expo show, especially one of the traveling CannaCon conferences, you will likely be surprised at the vast array of businesses that have forged a niche for themselves in this burgeoning industry.

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The State of Cannabis Legislation & Licensing: Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota

cannabis business licensing Wisconsin Iowa Missouri Minnesota

If you are starting a cannabis cultivation or marijuana-related business, then it’s wise to pay attention to the latest cannabis news. Cannabis legislation is consistently developing throughout the United States, creating opportunities for business owners everywhere. But every state is different, especially when it comes to cannabis business licensing. CannaCon is heading to the Midwest…

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Cannabis Production: What to See, Do and Learn in Detroit

cannabis production | midwest cannabis conference detroit

Plant a Seed at CannaCon Midwest If you’ve never attended a cannabis conference, you may wonder what it’s all about. Some imagine big groups of people sitting in a circles, smoking joints and listening to the Grateful Dead, or floral-crown-wearing hippies burning incense and dancing in a drum circle. That’s cool, but that’s not CannaCon.…

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Oklahoma: The Pioneering Wild West of Weed

Oklahoma cannabis market | OK cannabis market

Learn more about the Oklahoma Cannabis Market — the Wild West of Weed. What comes to mind when you think of Oklahoma? Cows? Buffalo? The Pioneer Woman? The musical Oklahoma? Choctaw Native Americans? For me, it’s a broad expanse of freeway that seemingly stretches into oblivion, guarded by some of the cruelest Highway Patrolmen I’ve…

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How the Cannabis Industry is Re-Imagining Child-Resistant Packaging Design

child-resistant cannabis packaging

Child-resistant packaging using push-and-twist caps has remained the same for about fifty years. With the legalization of cannabis for recreational use in some states and medical use in others, a new wave of creativity and innovation has been unleashed in child-resistant cannabis packaging. Child-resistant packaging is receiving a makeover. The need for specific types of…

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Tips to Reduce Anxiety and Get Some Sleep | Try Cannabis for Anxiety

cannabis for anxiety

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, anxiety is the number one mental health condition plaguing Americans today. It affects some 18% of adults, which equates to about 40 million Americans. That number may even be higher due to people either not knowing that they have the condition or not seeking treatment. Anxiety can…

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10 Absolutely Surprising Reasons to Visit Oklahoma City

reasons to visit oklahoma city | cannacon

Many destinations come up often when U.S. travelers are looking for somewhere to go that’s different, offers a lot to do and has a tasty culinary scene. My bet is that Oklahoma City doesn’t come up very often in those conversations or reviews. In fact, when we mentioned to friends that we were going to…

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CannaCon Oklahoma City to be Largest Cannabis Expo State Has Ever Seen

cannacon oklahoma city 2019

CannaCon Oklahoma City to be Largest Cannabis Expo State Has Ever Seen March 25, 2019 OKLAHOMA CITY: Oklahoma’s medical marijuana industry is proving to be one of the fastest growing in the nation with The Marijuana Business Factbook projecting that Oklahoma’s medical marijuana market has the potential to generate $150 – $250 million a year…

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The Unique Challenges Cannabis Beverages Present the Industry

canna-beverages | cannabis beverages

New Cannabis Markets Mean New Users Imagine walking into your local supermarket and picking up a six pack, but instead of beer or hard cider, you’re holding cannabis infused drinks, complete with THC content labels and highlights of specific terpenes listed on the packaging. This cannabis beverages reality may not be as far off as…

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6 Common Cannabis Packaging Issues – and How to Avoid Them

cannabis packaging issues

Cannabis Packaging Issues Today The cannabis packaging industry, as a whole, is facing unprecedented packaging demands. Rarely before has a product had so many uses or come in so many packaging formats. This creates several roadblocks when it comes to developing child-resistant packaging, catering to consumer needs and creating a safer market as the industry…

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Terpene Profiles in Chocolates

terpene profiles in chocolates

The 2019 CannaCon Seattle is coming soon! CannaCon and True Terpenes are partnering to share a recent study on altering terpene profiles in chocolates using new techniques. A group of researchers were reviewing and developing new techniques to process chocolate. They explain that chocolate production is a complicated process that is primarily done on industrial…

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How Can A Cannabis Track and Trace System Impact the Cannabis Industry?

unexpected ways to use cannabis

What is a Cannabis Track and Trace System? The relative novelty of the medical and recreational cannabis sectors has enabled regulators and companies within these spaces to harness new and effective product oversight and distribution strategies. States that have already legalized recreational sales have become great incubators for fresh thinking and concepts that could have…

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Effective branding is one of the most valuable parts of any business

cannabis branding | cannabis socia media

Without a doubt, effective branding is one of the most valuable parts of any business; cannabis or otherwise. Your brand represents not only how you see your company, but how others do as well. Your customers, your competition, and everyone in between knows and understands your company through the lens of your brand. You may…

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Public Perception of Marijuana: Then vs Now

public perception of marijuana

A Then vs. Now look at the public perception of marijuana: When Ralph W. Emerson went on to describe it as “a plant whose virtues have never been discovered”, marijuana was “nature’s worst mistake” and its use second only to blasphemy. The 1960s witnessed raging altercations on the use/abuse of weed between the cantankerous older…

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Seattle City Guide: Stuff Around Town

seattle city guide | seattle cannacon 2019

Seattle City Guide: Stuff Around Town On a sunny day, the view West from the zenith of Melrose Avenue on Capitol Hill is majestic: sunlight reflections glitter in windows of high-rises, the Space Needle complements the skyline of buildings and cranes dotting downtown to Denny Triangle, and the dome of the sky opens to meet…

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Seattle City Guide: Pubs, Grub & Caffeine

seattle pubs | seattle grub

Seattle City Guide: Food & Coffee Whether you’re seeking late-night indulgent gut bombs, a sampling of fine Pacific Northwest seafood, Spanish tapas, Hawaiian poke, Japanese umami, or Mexican cuisine inspired from numerous regions, Seattle is a rich culinary destination with resplendent choices for every palate. Here is our guide for Seattle pubs, grub, and the…

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Seattle City Guide: Most Lit Dispensaries

seattle cannabis dispensaries

Seattle City Guide: Cannabis Dispensaries In the seven years following Washington’s I-502 marijuana ballot, world-renowned strains have emerged on the legal market—just as dispensaries have flourished throughout Seattle and greater Washington. Washington’s cannabis industry now includes some of the most innovative brands, strains, companies, and products in the United States. CannaCon was founded to connect…

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5 Unexpected Ways to Use Cannabis in Your Everyday Life

unexpected ways to use cannabis

Unexpected Ways to Use Cannabis in Your Everyday Life History of Cannabis The history of the use of marijuana for medical purposes is much more ancient than the legislation of those countries where it is prohibited. Healers of India and the Middle East in the 18th century BC used cannabis as an anesthetic, anticonvulsant, and…

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7 Types of Cannabis Buyers That Will Dominate the World

cannabis trade show | cannabis buyers

Think All Cannabis Consumers Are Alike? You couldn’t be more wrong… Each cannabis consumer has a different purpose for using cannabis. If some use cannabis for recreational purposes, some others use it for medicinal purposes and many others are first-timers. Whether the customers come back to the dispensary to purchase cannabis will depend on the…

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Which Cannabis Vaporizer is Right For You?

Cannabis Vaporizer | Cannabis Vapes

Viva la Cannabis Vapes! The vaping revolution is in full swing, and shows no signs of slowing. More and more people are jumping onto the vaping bandwagon every day. But, all these new recruits are not always aware of the different options available to them. As the demand for vaping has increased, so has the…

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Benefits of Cannabis for Mental Health

Cannabis for Mental Health | mental health benefits of cannabis | marijuana law

A look at the mental health benefits of cannabis related to depression, anxiety, PTSD, stress & more. A Cannabis State of Mind The well-being of the mind is as important in today’s world as physical fitness. There was a time when mental health was quite ignored and not given much emphasis. However, there has been…

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Where to Stash Your Cannabis Business Cash

cannabis business cash | Cannabis Banking

Cannabis Business Banking Restrictions The demand for secure banking services for cannabis businesses has risen drastically since recreational use became legal in Washington State in 2012. FDIC insured banks are obligated to obey federal laws making it impossible for these canna-businesses to obtain basic checking accounts from more traditional financial institutions. When canna-businesses tried opening…

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How To ‘Treat’ My Pet with CBD in 7 Easy Steps

CBD Oil for Pets | cbd dog treats

CBD Oil for Pets… Not Just for People Anymore You may be wondering how anyone in their right mind can give cannabis to an animal? Well, in this special CannaCon edition of #FarmsNotPharms, we swan dive with a twist into the rabbit hole known as the wonderful world of cannabis as it pertains to the…

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Getting the Most Out of an Organic Soil

organic potting soil | the good earth organics supply

You’ve been pricing different potting soils, trying to decide which one to invest in; how do you choose? Let’s look at important factors to consider when choosing an organic soil. Our first piece of advice is not to buy high-priced soils that “contain mycorrhizae.” Beneficial fungi are great, but they can’t live in a bag…

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The Importance of Soil Biology

healthy soils | soil biology

Soil is much more than “dirt.” Healthy soils can be seen as a living entity. It contains a diverse, living, ecosystem composed of organic (living) and inorganic (non-living) matter. The importance of soil biology is often overlooked, but it is extremely important to ensure your soil has all the components it requires so it can…

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How an Integrated POS Can Save Your Cannabis Dispensary

integrated POS | cannabis point of sale

Have you ever wondered how governments quickly pinpoint the exact batch of spinach causing the recent E. Coli outbreak? It’s all thanks to strict food safety and traceability requirements enforced by the Food & Drug Administration and other government entities. Traceability is a necessary piece of many industries, cannabis included. But its necessity doesn’t diminish…

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The Terpene Profile of the Apple

terpene profile of apple

The weather is beginning to cool off and the first day of Fall is this weekend. That means the leaves will be turning and apples season is here. In honor of the occasion True Terpenes is presenting a look at the terpene profile of the apple. To begin with apples, just as many plants like basil…

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How to Grow the Best Marijuana Yield

best marijuana yield

Every marijuana grower wants to know how they can get the best marijuana yield possible. After all, we grow not only for the love of growing but also for that sweet bud at the end of the grow season. It’s also in many people’s best interests to be able to weigh the cost and return…

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Dispelling The Myths: The Importance Of Flushing Your Plants Before Harvest

plant flushing

Within the world of cultivation, there seems to be debate over the topic of plant flushing. Opponents of the technique believe that flushing plants prior to harvest will rob them of vital nutrients — an obviously bad idea. On the other side of the divide, advocates proclaim that flushing frees the plants of excess nutrients…

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We have come a long way

bob smart | cannacon founder

We have come a long way as an industry. Our founder and CEO Bob Smart started out as a grower. Here is a very comprehensive blog he posted way back in 2004 detailing the progression of his grow under the alias Agent 86. “It’s kind of interesting that online journals and guys like me…

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Optimize Google My Business: Drive Local Customers To Your Dispensary

Google My Business

As legal marijuana steps ever closer into the national limelight, cannabis entrepreneurs will do well to harness the marketing power of Google My Business, a free and user-friendly tool that helps businesses and organizations manage their internet presence across all of Google’s offerings, including Maps and Search.   There are an estimated 450,000 local dispensary…

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Branding Your Cannabis – How to make your cannabis product stand out in 2018

cannabis branding | cannabis packaging

In the world of retail, marketing is king – to make your product stand out above the rest and to stay competitive. However, as is the case with cannabis, without TV commercials and printed advertisements, you are left with your packaging as your primary marketing medium. Market research has shown that packaging greatly influences a…

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Med vs Rec: Whose side are you on?

med vs rec | medical vs recreational | medical marijuana

Med vs Rec Cannabis: Whose side are you on? Anyone involved in the cannabis community has been asked this question. This question has turned friends against each other, ripped businesses apart, destroyed reputations, and divided a community. In states like Washington where there once was a booming medical marketplace, with farmers markets, ample patient co-ops…

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What It Really Takes to Grow A Brand in the Cannabis Industry

cannabis brand

We’ll give you a hint, it rhymes with calls. Cannabis branding, you know it’s a “real” thing when Adweek starts writing about it. Snarky sarcasm aside, there is something to be said when one of the most influential publishing platforms in advertising starts posting articles on best practices to brand your bud. And while this…

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Grow Room CO2 Enrichment

co2 | carbon dioxide

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is in the air we breathe, typically around 300-400 ppm (0.03-0.04%). In an enclosed grow room cannabis plants can use all of this within just a few short hours. Without CO2, photosynthesis slows to a snail-like pace, photosynthesis is the process that plants use to synthesize foods from carbon dioxide and water…

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Accelerating Cannabis Root Growth With Beneficial Microbes

cannabis root growth

Here’s how you can stimulate expansive root growth in your cannabis plants — which means bigger crops — by utilizing the power of beneficial microbes. As cannabis growers, it’s easy to get so focused on our crop’s vegetation and flower growth that we lose sight of what we can’t see: Our plants’ roots. But the…

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How Social Media Marketing Can Help Your Cannabis Business

organic social media

At Paris Marketing, we think cannabis is pretty dope (insert picture of a pot leaf with a smiley face and sunglasses, here.), but more specifically, we think successfully marketed canna-businesses are. So, let’s talk about how you can market your cannabis business on social media. Sponsored Social Media Updates are a No-No: For other industries,…

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Is Organic Farming Sustainable?

As more people express concerns about GMO foods, many are turning to organic fruits, vegetables, and medicinal plants. The organic food market continues to rise in popularity among Americans of all backgrounds. As such, many farmers are transitioning to organic farming. While many American farms are still controlled by corporations or semi-government organizations, there is…

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A Tipping Point for Cannabis in the United States?

cannacon south directions | how to get to cannacon in okc | oklahoma

Early last Wednesday morning, my phone lit up with calls from Oklahoma attorneys, accountants, and other interested parties who wanted to speak me about the results of Tuesday’s Oklahoma primary elections. A very liberal medical marijuana bill had passed in the state primary election. Not only was this the first cannabis referendum to be included…

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Four Ways a Dry Trim Machine will Help You Out

dry trim machine

The debate over machine trimming your weed versus hand trimming has been around since machine trimmers came on the market. Hand trimmers have long argued that machines will destroy the trichomes and terpenes. With some of the machines on the market, that’s true. However, if you carefully select your dry trim machine, you can increase…

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How Does Your Packaging Effect Cannabis Shelf Life?

cannabis shelf life

So, you have opened a new dispensary, and you wish to provide the best quality cannabis available, or you like to stockpile and buy some variety. The problem that you face now is that you don’t necessarily know best practices regarding packaging. Keeping all your packaging branded correctly is one thing, but choosing the correct…

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Preventing Powdery Mildew

preventing powdery mildew

Cannabis crops are susceptible to a variety of potential issues in regards to molds and fungus. Powdery mildew is spread by airborne transmission, making the need for a continuous disinfection of the air systems necessary in order to prevent potential contamination. Mold and bacteria are microorganisms that attack and destroy crops and there are over…

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Breathe Easy | Stop Indoor Air Pollution

indoor air pollution

Most people are aware of the harmful emissions and fumes we are exposed to as soon as we step out the door to live our day-to-day life. Frankly, while we may want to pause and take a deep breath – the air we breathe leaves a lot to be desired. Air quality varies from location…

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Beneficial Microbial Compost Tea

microbial compost tea

Bring your soil back to life with microbial compost tea. The soil-food-web refers to a series of conversions of energy as organisms live and consume one another within the underground soil environment. When organisms decompose complex materials, or consume other organisms, the nutrients are converted and are made available to plants and other soil organisms.…

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Americans for Safe Access (ASA)

Americans for Safe Access (ASA)

The medical cannabis advocacy organization Americans for Safe Access (ASA), recently released its annual report entitled “Medical Marijuana Access in the United States: A Patient-Focused Analysis of the Patchwork of State Laws.” Its conclusions are worth noting. The report examines the status of states that have passed medical marijuana laws, and grades them on a…

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The Total Cost of Cannabis Lighting Ownership

cannabis lighting

Lighting is a critical piece of cannabis industry, and LED lighting is revolutionizing bloom room lighting. Based on AEssenseGrows research, the US bloom light market opportunity (new installation + replacement) looks like this: $41M in 2017 $76M in 2018 $112M in 2023 As expenditures on grow lights mushrooms, cannabis entrepreneurs would fare well to do…

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Letter from a Drug War Soldier: Part Three

drug war letter

The Gathering of “The Tribe” On a sunny Seattle Saturday, in the middle of Westlake Park, a group of fifty or so people greeting each other with hugs and I miss you, the smell of essential oils and marijuana in the air. Business men and women, mothers, fathers, farmers, producers, bud tenders, patients who can’t…

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Standardized Inventory & Client Management in the Cannabis Industry

cannabis management software

Standardized Cannabis Management Software is Essential to Your Long-Term Success. One big area of opportunity for cannabis producers is the standardization of their inventory, order and client management. Often times you’ll see cultivators and extractors sending their inventory or receiving orders from buyers in various formats such as PDFs, Excel and Google docs, emails, texts,…

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Flip Your Grow

flip your grow | cannabis industry

According to, if you flip something you make a profit out if it. The same could be said in our industry for the term “flip your grow.” There are a several good reasons for operating on a “flip.” This basically means to never run all your grow rooms on the same schedule. Why is…

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Letter from a Drug War Soldier: Part Two

drug war letter

When we think about the “victims’ of the war on drugs I’m sure what comes to mind for most people is drug cartels hastily smuggling hundreds of pounds of drugs, through a rusty hole on a battered fence line, with nothing but a shiv, a semi-automatic weapon, , and the look out. Or maybe a…

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Boston City Guide

CannaCon Boston | Boston City Guide

Attending CannaCon Boston? Check out our Boston City Guide. Walking Boston’s cobblestone-lined streets of historic colonial-era Beacon Hill with its 17th and 18th century Federal rowhouses is an inspiring trip through the history of the American Revolution. Brick buildings, narrow sidewalks, and gas-lit lamps provide a serene backdrop for reminiscing on the intentions of our…

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A Letter from a Drug War Soldier: Part One

drug war letter

This isn’t the letter you’re probably expecting to read, but let’s be honest, I don’t think anyone expects to become a soldier in the war on drugs. No one plans or prepares to have to wake up everyday, lace up theoretical combat boots, and fight. It is doubtful, five and six year olds are playing…

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Detroit City Guide

cannacon midwest cannabis expo | midwest cannacon trade show | CannaCon Detroit City Guide

Attending CannaCon Northeast? Check out our Detroit City Guide. The Motor City of Detroit was birthed in the gritty automobile industry. The metropolis weathered a trajectory of boom and bust cycles, from the original Ford Motor Company regime, to the Great Depression, to the burst of the Internet bubble. The city is now poised to…

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Out of the Box: A Comparison of Child-Resistant Cannabis Boxes

child-resistant cannabis boxes

A few companies are “thinking outside of the box” and have come to market with child-resistant cannabis box offerings. Close federal and media attention, alongside evolving state regulations, have made child-resistant packaging the focus of every forward-thinking cannabis producer.  Cannabis brands understand that their product is being held up to a higher level of scrutiny. …

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Packaging Your Potential: Custom Cannabis Packaging Options

cannabis products | CannaCon FAQs | custom cannabis packaging

Custom cannabis packaging can be the most powerful tool in your arsenal. A good packaging strategy is essential to any marijuana brand.  It can help distinguish your brand, and make or break your success. The cannabis industry faces a tricky balancing act in regards to marketing, as legalization and mass consumption loom in many states.…

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What is all that talk about crop steering?

crop steering | cannacon privacy policy

Like all living being, plants go through life cycle where their growth is determined by their age and how they have been growing to that point. Plants have hormonal systems that regulate their growth to respond to external conditions such as drought, wind and even wild animal nibbling on their leaves. In all these three…

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Research of Medical Properties of Cannabis

therapeutic properties of terpenes | legal weed

Research is teaching us more everyday about the therapeutic properties of terpenes. Some terpenes are very effective in relieving stress, others are great when you need to relax, while there are some that boost focus. There are many options here, as you’ll have chance to see. For example, myrcene induces sleep, while limonene uplifts our…

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Water Quality: It Matters More Than You May Think

water quality cannabis cultivation

Cannabis is a sturdy, resilient plant that, at the risk of sounding cliché, “grows like a weed.” There are many places in the world where wild cannabis thrives without any help from humans and cultivators have known for a long time that decent product can be grown from any reasonable water quality source. But what…

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Cannabis Plant Patent Application: What is Unique about this Strain?

cannabis plant patent

The time to start preparing to obtain plant patent protection is now; cannabis plant patent applications must be filed within one year after the first time the strain is offered for sale or sold in the market. It is important to document and collect relevant information throughout a strain’s growth season to support the requirements…

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What are Terpenes and How Do You Use them?

CannaCon Seattle

You might have noticed that not all strains smell the same. Pine, berry, mint…There’s more than a few distinctive fragrances in cannabis. Cannabis has a unique smell. Some people find it unpleasant and overwhelming, while most marijuana enthusiasts find it very calming and enjoyable. Just like any other plant, pot has components which are responsible…

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How Terpenes Affect Cannabinoids

the entourage effect

Terpenes and the “Entourage Effect” explained. What we usually consume from cannabis is the flower. And just like any other flower, cannabis flower has its own recognizable smell. There are about 120 known terpenes found in cannabis. They coexist in the herb with cannabinoids like THC and CBD (sometimes even working with them for our…

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GMP: What Licensed Cannabis Producers Need to Know

good manufacturing practices

Have you been hearing about Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), but you’re not sure what it is? Or perhaps you know what GMP is, but aren’t sure if it’s something you need to follow. No problem! Here’s a quick primer to get you started.   What is GMP? GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. In other…

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15 terpenes in cannabis explained

cannabis curing | cannabis terpenes

As mentioned in our earlier Terpene series, there are more than 100 terpenes in just one cannabis flower. Here are some of the most well known cannabis terpenes right now, most of which you’ll find in legal cannabis products in your area. Myrcene Myrcene is the most abundant terpene in cannabis, which is where it’s…

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Cannabis Traceability Trouble | I502 Seed to Sale Tracking

cannabis traceability

In Washington’s legal cannabis system, every plant must be tracked from seed to sale. With thousands of businesses involved in the cannabis industry in Washington, cannabis traceability becomes a monumental systemic task. For the first 3 years of legalization in Washington, the services were provided by BioTrackTHC. There were considerable logistics issues in creating the…

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5 Questions to Ask Before Making a Vape Cart Purchase

vape carts | vape cartridge

Common mistakes while starting your vape business simply start from the beginning, your first vape cartridge purchase. It is extremely important to choose the right cart that fits your oil, as it demonstrates the reliability and consistency of your product. These are the five common questions to ask your sales rep before making a vape…

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About the Numbers: Cannabis Quality Assurance Testing

cannabis quality assurance testing

One of the most controversial components of the implementation of recreational, adult-use cannabis in Washington and other states is mandatory cannabis quality assurance testing. Inconsistencies in methodologies of implementation, value of required reported information, and even inherent conflicts in the marketplace have all added to the controversy around the process. The Washington State Liquor and…

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Washington Cannabis: Then and Now

washington cannabis

Legalization is a semantic due to the fact people will do it anyways but its an important one because nobody wants to go to jail. Whether Washington cannabis is medical or recreational, there needs to be a process that people are abiding by to be good neighbours. The difference between buying cannabis as a patient…

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Cannabis Social Media: Tips To Avoid Getting Your Pages Shut Down

cannabis branding | cannabis socia media

It’s an exciting new world we live in with cannabis prohibition slowly ending at the state level. However, the battle continues federally, creating obstacles to cannabusinesses who are trying to market themselves online with cannabis social media. According to Marijuana Business Daily , Social Media is the most effective Marketing/Advertising Method for your cannabis company.…

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Medical Cannabis Protection: The Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment

Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment | medical marijuana

First introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2001, the Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment is legislation intended to prohibit the U.S. Justice Department from spending any funds on actions designed to interfere with implementation of state level medical cannabis laws. It was not until May 2014 that the law passed the House and was passed in…

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What is Hydronic Cooling and Why Should I Care?

hydronic cooling

Hydronic cooling is ideal for creating precise cultivation environments. Choosing the right climate control system for an indoor cultivation facility is a big decision as it is usually the single largest capital expenditure a cultivator will make besides real estate (and sometimes not even that). More importantly, the success of a cultivation operation depends greatly…

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6 Growers’ Tips for Light Dep

light dep tips

Use these light dep tips to supercharge your grow with the sun. Light dep techniques are gaining in popularity, especially among new cannabis growers looking to maximize yield and get the most out of their allotted plants. With new cannabis markets opening up and marijuana law reform paving the way for personal home cultivation, there’s…

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Why Advanced Nutrients Is So Excited About The Future Of Organic Cannabis

organic cannabis

Advanced Nutrients was founded in 1999 by BigMike Straumietis when he saw an opportunity to create plant foods designed specifically for organic cannabis. Today, nearly 20 years later, the company brings in more than $105 million a year in sales in 97 countries, and employs 25 Ph.D.’s who design and test cutting-edge cannabis-growing technologies under…

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Cannabis Prohibition in Washington: The Good Old Days

cannabis prohibition

Washington state lead the way in medical marijuana laws, with original legalization for medical use in 1998. In 2012, Washington became the first U.S. state to legalize recreational use of cannabis for all adults 21 and over. The history of cannabis prohibition and legalization in Washington, however, is long and convoluted. The Washington State Legislature…

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Cole Memo Rescinded

cole memo

On January 4, 2018, Attorney General of the United States Jeff Sessions rescinded the 2013 Cole Memo, which provided protections from federal prosecution for states in which cannabis is legalized. Under the Cole Memo, federal prosecutors were disallowed from using any resources to enforce federal laws prohibiting marijuana. Now, they have been given full oversight…

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Cannabis as an International Commodity

cannabis industry | cannabis exports

Cannabis legalization is a global movement.  Currently, 29 nations have some form of medical cannabis laws in place. An equal number of American States have legalized cannabis to some degree. What may be most interesting is that nearly 10 nations have some Treaty or Agreement that allows for the international import and export of cannabis.…

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What does the California child-resistant bag legislation mean for the cannabis industry?

What does the California child-resistant bag legislation mean for the cannabis industry? When it comes to the new California child-resistant bag legislation regarding cannabis sales, much dust has arisen around the subject. Confusion and misunderstandings have started to rule the cannabis industry, seemingly without anyone to clarify the problematic and purge the panic once and…

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Inventory Management for Cannabis Business

cannabis inventory management

Cannabis Inventory Management Retail inventory management systems have existed for a long time. They facilitate the complex interchange of supply and demand for an increasingly consumptive society. For traditional markets, there exist several industry-standard companies with shared or similar processes and procedures, proven over time to work. In a nascent industry like cannabis, however, there…

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The Amazing Endocannabinoid System

endocannabinoid system

The Amazing Endocannabinoid System The Endocannabinoid system (ECS) was discovered by Dr Raphael Mechoulam, considered to be the father of cannabis based medicines. What’s most amazing is that the ECS is now considered to be the largest network of receptors in the human body. The discovery of the Endocannabinoid system (ECS) is arguably the greatest…

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280E – the Complexity of Cannabis Taxation

cannabis taxation

The 280E and the Complexity of Cannabis Taxation. Federal tax law as it regards the cannabis industry typically hinges on one relatively simple, extremely simplistic Internal Revenue Code (IRC) – 280E. This law effectively removes from cannabis businesses the standard tax deductions and credits that are the foundation of small business success in the United…

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Terpenes: The Molecules Behind the Magic

undiluted terpenes

For cannabis enthusiasts, sharing and comparing favorite strains is nearly as central to enjoying the lifestyle as discovering a new path to an idyllic cognitive or physical high. Many know their favorite strain by its colorful name, a preferred grower and/or simple terms like indica or sativa, but few understand the true science behind what…

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Facts About Legal Weed We Did Not Know

therapeutic properties of terpenes | legal weed

It turns out smoking trees is more profitable than cutting them down. The first government report on employment in our state’s legal weed economy found that more than twice as many people work in the legal pot industry than work in the lumber industry. The report, conducted by the Washington State Institute for Public Policy…

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Massachusetts Lawmakers Reach Marijuana Law Deal

Cannabis for Mental Health | mental health benefits of cannabis | marijuana law

BOSTON (AP) — An agreement between House and Senate negotiators on changes to the state’s voter-approved marijuana law will allow for a tax of up to 20 percent on retail pot sales. Highlights of the deal were released Monday by the office of Sen. Patricia Jehlen, co-chair of a conference committee that spent several weeks…

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Reasons to Attend Boston Cannabis Expo

boston cannabis expo

For those who are not sleeping under a rock, you know we have been running our Five Reasons to Attend Boston Cannabis Expo (aka CannaCon) contest all week. Throughout the week we have been giving John Q public a chance to win some great prizes/giveaways just for purchasing a general admission ticket to CannaCon, the…

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Why Attend CannaCon Boston?

CannaCon Boston | Boston City Guide

If there are any lingering doubts about the emergence of cannabis into the mainstream, it’s time to put them to rest, forever. CannaCon—the nation’s preeminent cannabis industry convention—is gearing up for its biggest, brightest and best event to date, settling in Boston’s historic Back Bay district for three days beginning July 13, 2017. No doubt,…

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Cashing In On Cannabis: CannaCon’s Banking Panel

cannabis business cash | Cannabis Banking

Since Washington state legalized recreational marijuana in 2014, recreational cannabis sales have totaled over $1 billion, translating to more than $250 million collected in new taxes. Such substantial sales, however, have also brought problems for licensees in the form of cash. Because of marijuana’s federal status as a Schedule I substance, financial institutions continue to deny cannabis…

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A Cannabis Event Worth Its Weight In Weed

cannabis event

The most common question asked about a cannabis event is “Is it worth it?”, and I have to reply with a resounding “Yes!” for so many reasons, and some aren’t what you would think. Cannabis is society’s great equalizer; the seed doesn’t care if you’re a man, woman, gay, straight, or everything in between; it…

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The Making of a Cannabis Industry Event Without the Cannabis

cannabis industry event

The way Bob Smart dreamed up a cannabis convention is anything but conventional. “I was watching a TV show called Toy Hunter, and the main guy took some of the toys he had found to a Comic-Con, and for some reason, the word CannaCon floated into my head,” says CannaCon founder Smart. While most would…

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