Guidelines to Essential Supplies for a Successful Marijuana Dispensary


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If you are planning on starting your own dispensary or already own one, there are a number of supplies you will need to ensure that your business runs smoothly and is the most efficient operation possible. While the quality of your stash determines the success of your dispensary, without the supplies you need to support it, your business will not be successful and efficient. To help guide you through the confusing world of dispensary supplies, here is a list to help you understand the basics of what you need to run your business.



There are a number of different packaging options for cannabis products. Your choice of which packaging products to go with generally boils down to customer preferences and the type of products you are planning on stocking up. You may also need to take into account local laws regarding child proof containers. The basic dispensary supplies wholesale products you will need include:

BUDS – In order to package cannabis buds, you will need items like pop top containers, like containers with squeeze tops or joint tubes. Edibles and smell-proof containers are also popular choices.

EDIBLES – For edibles, you can go for simple plastic containers or child-proof containers that are more durable, depending on the type of edible you have.

MEDICAL MARIJUANA – These generally come in shrink bands which are a standard for the industry and help ensure that the medication is fresh and have not been tampered with or contaminated in any way.


Not only do you need labels for legal reasons, but labels can also be a great way to brand your products and market your dispensary. Get your brand out there placing logos on a variety
of customizable dispensary supplies.

  • Ensure that the labels comply with state regulations for recreational or medical marijuana.
  • POS System Printing
  • Using labels that your POS system can print can help improve the efficiency and be more professional.



Another area where compliance and customer satisfaction play a big role is in the cannabis safety equipment you keep on hand. Proper handling and safety procedures are critical to running a high quality, reputable marijuana dispensary that is in compliance with state regulations. Here are a few marijuana safety supplies you should have:

GLOVES – Ensure that workers use nitrile gloves or disposable synthetic gloves while handling products or serving customers. You will also need cut, chemical and heat resistant gloves individually for making edibles or processing marijuana.

APRONS – In order to comply with FFDCA guidelines, you need aprons while serving customers or handling products.

COVERS FOR PROBABLE CONTAMINANTS – Ensure that your employees are covered with sleeve covers, bear covers, eye protection, hairnets and shoe covers to ensure that there is no contamination of the cannabis.

WASHING HANDS – Ensure that hand washing is put into strict practice to avoid contamination of the product.

RESPIRATORS – The levels of processing or manufacturing you are engaging in at the dispensary determines the levels of marijuana vapors or any other harmful chemicals. You will need to ensure that your employees stay safe with the help of respirators when needed.

cannabis products


In order for your shop to be a one-stop solution, you can also opt to keep some smoking accessories like rolling papers, water pipes or bongs or wholesale glass smoking pipes Denver Colorado. Buying these accessories wholesale can help you get a better margin on the sales and can actually sell like hot cakes as the people who are buying stash are generally likely to also buy the accessories required to smoke it.

From packaging to labeling, safety to accessories like wholesale glass smoking pipes Denver Colorado, with the right dispensary supplies wholesale products, you can ensure that your business runs as smooth and efficiently as possible.

Operating a successful Dispensary should incorporate these key positions with carefully selected staff members, to insure a smooth running and profitable operation.




The general manager’s duties are to be a representative of ownership at all times throughout the day to day operations of the business. They ultimately have the responsibility to run the retail dispensary business on a day to day basis. The GM reports to ownership only.


The store manager’s responsibilities include the overall management of the store, staff, inventory, schedules, and performance of the store in general. They report to the GM and Ownership only.


The Bookkeeper/Controller position is responsible for all things accounting and human resources. This position is expected to maintain all financial records, employee files, data entry, cash flow, PL, Balance sheet, projections, purchasing and the prevention of leakage. This position answers to Ownership only with a strong working relationship with the GM.


Assistance Store managers are responsible for the overall performance of the store and are stand in’s in the event that either the Store manager or GM are unavailable during any particular period of time. They report to the Store Manager and GM only.


Budtenders are charged with the responsibility of welcoming, qualifying, and selling products the many clients the business has. They are not to be order takers but have the ability and salesmanship to attain and retain control over each and every transaction, assure customer satisfaction and improve overall average tickets. Bud Tenders answer to the acting manager, whether it be the Store manager or assistant manager on duty at any given time. The job description below is narrow and all bud tenders must be willing to follow instruction by the acting manager at any given time.


The Head bud tender in this business is charged with creating the appropriate scripts for bud tenders, providing training, critiquing and improving average transaction, and overall supervision of the bud tender, improvements in each sales associates performance, continued education, testing, and reporting to the Store manager and GM.


The security personnel or reception staff is the initial client contact in the building. They are charged with assuring MED compliance, security, friendliness, cleanliness and overall initial customer satisfaction. They are charged with maintaining the safety and peace of the facility in total as well as doing what can be done to prepare clientele and get them in and out of the facility without issue.

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