Top 10 Reasons to Exhibit at Trade Shows

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When it comes to marketing strategies, every little bit of promotion counts. In an era of digital marketing, sometimes the best thing you can do for your brand is personalize your cannabis product with an exhibit at a trade show. So the question shouldn’t be ‘why a trade show?’ but instead ‘why not a trade show?’

Reasons to Exhibit at Trade Shows

Consider the following top 10 reasons to exhibit at trade shows.

Reason #1: To Personalize Your Product

Putting a face to the company name is a critical part of the cannabis market, as consumers are becoming more conscious of ethics and company ethos. If you exhibit at a trade show, you allow customers to see the face behind the product they’re using, and that face-to-face interaction makes it more likely that they’ll remember you and choose your product over other CBD oils or cannabis products. 

Reason #2: Connect With Other Brands and Trade Show Exhibitors 

Trade shows are as much about networking with other trade show exhibitors as they are about the customer and the product. Don’t view the other exhibits as competition, but instead as opportunities to increase revenue and learn more about the cannabis industry. You never know what a conversation will lead to, or whether you’ll find a new branding idea or a collaboration. 

Reason #3: Debut Your Latest Product

There’s no better place than a trade show to collect data on your latest product or a new brand initiative. Hands-on demonstrations and immediate customer feedback can give you a great opportunity to test potential product success and consumer satisfaction. Plus it may help you focus on future changes or developments. 

Reason #4: Welcome New Customers

Consumers who attend trade shows aren’t just clicking on Facebook advertisements and following fads. Instead, they’re dedicated to the cannabis industry and seeking out the newest and latest products to bolster their experience. Exhibiting at a trade show can give you access to new customers, and even better, loyal customers who believe in you and your product. 

Reason #5: Build Your Reputation

Exhibiting at a trade show can solidify your legitimacy within the cannabis field. Purely being at the trade show can build trust with customers, respect from other vendors, and confidence for you and your brand – presence matters. 

Reason #6: Receive Honest Feedback 

Take your exhibit as an opportunity to really get past the surface reviews left on Google. You’ll have a chance to survey current consumers and potential customers through conversation and even formal written surveys or questionnaires. Ask them all of the questions, and make sure they know you hear them and respect their feedback. This will not only help your future product and evolving brand but also your customers will know that you care.

Reason #7: Recruit New Employees

As your brand expands, finding new employees can become increasingly important. Trade shows often bring out the most knowledgeable and invested attendees. Who knows, maybe a previous consumer loves your product and initiative so much that they join your evolving team – talk about dedication.

Reason #8: Research, Research, Research

Trade shows are the perfect opportunity to research the trends of the cannabis industry. They’re also great places to get some inside information that you might not necessarily be able to find on the internet. Use this as your own cannabis field guide to find out what’s working, what isn’t working and what has the potential to work for you and your brand in the future. Learn from marketing initiatives and sales strategies from fellow vendors, and monitor customers’ reactions towards certain branding, advertisements, and giveaways. Having employees on hand for an event like this will help you gather all of this information while remaining present and engaged with attendees visiting your exhibit. 

Reason #9: Generate Leads

People attend trade shows to remain in-the-know and be aware of the cutting edge developments of the industry. To increase potential sales and generate leads, make sure you develop a brand image for vendors and customers that’s new, exciting and refreshing. Consumers don’t attend these events for more of the same, they want to see who’s evolving and who’s not showing up. Be the former, and leave them curious. 

Reason #10: Seal the Deal

Leads are good, but sales are the best. As much as trade shows are for networking and marketing purposes, don’t forget the potential to actually sell your product or service as well. Attendees want to invest in worthwhile products and services, so make sure they walk away with the information (and hopefully the product) they came for. 

If you are considering exhibiting at a trade show, you won’t want to miss CannaCon. As the largest cannabis business to business expo, you’ll have the opportunity to put a face to your brand, gain credibility, make valuable connections with other trade show exhibitors and learn from the industry best. Contact us for more information.

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