Regulations on Cannabis Advertising by State [N – Z]

state guide to cannabis advertising regulations

Cannabis advertising regulations change frequently. Below is a state guide to cannabis advertising regulations for states beginning with N through Z. Nevada  Advertising may not appeal to minors, including images of fruit.  No misleading claims, promotion of overconsumption or depiction of consumption or of use by a minor.  Adverts noting cannabis products as “free” or…

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Regulations on Cannabis Advertising by State [A – M]

advertising cannabis strains laws and regulations

US cannabis advertising is changing all the time. Stay up to date and learn about current cannabis advertising laws by state here! Below are regulations for states A through M. Alabama No advertising within 500 perimeter feet of a prohibited facility or any minor-oriented business or organization.  No billboards, radio or television broadcasts, including broadcast,…

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United States Cannabis-Friendly Hotels & Lodging

finding cannabis-friendly hotel | bud and breakfast

As we bounce back from the pandemic and the weather starts to warm as inflation continues to moderate, it’s no surprise that travel is on many people’s minds. A recent survey from Nationwide indicates that 91% of the individuals surveyed intend to travel domestically in 2024, with 40% planning to travel more than they did…

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Must Visit Cannabis Tourist Attractions in the U.S.

cannabis tourist attractions

In 1936, the film Reefer Madness warned of all the inherent dangers of taking even so much as one puff of a marijuana cigarette. But this isn’t 1936. This is 2024, and cannabis is finally starting to be recognized for the wonder plant that it is. Marijuana is now legal for recreational use by persons…

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State-by-State Breakdown: The Intriguing Dynamics of 4/20 Pre-Roll Sales

As the cannabis industry reflects on another 4/20 celebration, it’s clear that the holiday provides a big sales boost across markets. While this 4/20 was anything but record breaking – a comprehensive analysis by data firm Headset revealed that overall cannabis sales slightly dipped from last 4/20 – the pre-roll segment exhibited some of the…

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Dave Dammit; You Will Be Missed

On 4/20/2024 the CannaCon family lost one of its own. We will miss you Dave. Dave was a testament to a life lived with kindness, passion, and an unwavering dedication to plant medicine. He will be greatly missed by his friends, family, the CannaCon team, and the entire cannabis community. Dave was more than a…

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