The Best Cannabis Cultivation Books, Reviewed

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In our current world, where everything is digital and whatever you need can be found online, there is still something to be said for turning off electronics, limiting screen time and getting back to the basics. Cannabis aficionados love papers for rolling — but what about for reading? There are so many great books about cannabis to grace your coffee table, from historical guides to how-to books to gorgeous books full of pictures. There are hardcovers and paperbacks about how to use cannabis, how to grow it and how to cook with it. This series will take a look at the best cannabis cultivation books and guidebooks and our opinions about each one, covering many different genres.

Best Books On Cannabis Cultivation

Getting marijuana to grow, in essence, is not that complicated. It is called “weed” for a reason, after all. High-quality pot is often referred to as “good sinsemilla” — with the definition of sinsemilla being “without seeds.”

Buying a bag full of seeds is usually seen as a poor purchase — but in theory, you could throw those seeds into some dirt and end up with a plant. We’re not sure you’d much enjoy smoking it though. Cannabis cultivation really is an art form. Intervening with the growing process not only produces better results but can actually be a lot of fun. It is the ultimate DIY — producing an end result that you can not only enjoy yourself but share with friends or even use to create a business if you live where that’s legal.

The history of cultivation is a long and fascinating one, and many have put their adventures and tips into print to benefit others. Whether you are a curious novice or an advanced grower looking to up your game, there are any number of cannabis cultivation guidebooks right for you. It would be impossible to list them all, so here are just a few of our faves.

The Cannabis Grow Bible

Self-described as the definitive guide to growing marijuana for recreational and medical use, this is considered by many to be the most comprehensive guide to marijuana gardening ever written. Available in both paperback and spiral bound, this monster contains more than 700 pages full of highly detailed, step-by-step guides for gardeners of all experience levels. It also covers new advances in lighting equipment and highly advanced cannabinoid extraction techniques.

With a handy quick-start guide at the beginning, which allows you to get started right away and learn more as you read on, this may just be the most comprehensive and straightforward guide on marijuana horticulture ever published.

Homegrown Marijuana

This one is all about hydroponics, baby. Indoor, water-based hydroponic systems are great, as they are clean, highly productive, reliable and can be built at a very minimal cost.

This book was written to help those interested in creating, building, operating and harvesting a marijuana garden inside their homes. With plenty of background information on subjects like nutrient solutions, selecting varieties and propagating plants, this is one of the best cannabis cultivation books on hydroponics out there.

Cultivating Exceptional Cannabis

Top of the line when it comes to more advanced cannabis cultivation books, a celebrated breeder who has received international recognition for the premier quality of his seed strains shares all his secrets through essays on the craft of indoor cannabis cultivation. With a style that is both friendly and thoughtful, this can help the serious hobbyist finesse and refine their gardening technique to achieve ultimate mastery.

What’s Wrong With My Marijuana Plant?

Quite possibly the best of the cannabis cultivation guidebooks when it comes to identifying and repairing problems with your pot plants, this book uses easily understandable, non-technical language combined with detailed illustrations and precise photography to help you make a rapid and accurate diagnosis of exactly what is wrong with your plant. Containing all-organic solutions along with growing practices that can help you avoid problems before they start, this is an essential resource guide whether you are a beginner or an experienced grower.

Three A Light

Here is one of the books on cannabis cultivation that has garnered a lot of vitriol due to its whopping price tag. Written by a multimillionaire cannabis entrepreneur who started using weed in his teens to treat his epilepsy, this book is an undeniable work of art. With growing procedures that are straightforward and concise, this lavishly illustrated volume breaks down the methods used to attain what some see as the Holy Grail of cultivation: three pounds of premium cannabis grown using one sodium light. If you want to impress someone by giving them an expensive cannabis-related book as a gift, this would be the one.

Cannabis: A Beginner’s Guide To Growing Marijuana

Considered by many to be the best when it comes to cannabis cultivation books for beginners, this book gives novice pot gardeners the exact information they need to grow successful cannabis crops.

Written by the senior editor of High Times magazine, this pot primer is an attractive and easy-to-use beginner’s guide to producing the most potent buds. With plenty of complex books out there that can be daunting to the newly curious grower, this one uses eloquent and stately language and 144 pages of clear illustrations to welcome the new hobbyist to the game.

Big Book Of Buds Greatest Hits

Number five in the “Big Book of Buds” series, this book selects the best of the best from the previous four volumes — which are not so much books on cannabis cultivation as they are in-depth guides to marijuana strains. Pulled from the dizzying array of more than 400 strains, this tome highlights 95 varieties that are recognized worldwide for their contributions to this new era of legal marijuana. From quintessential kushes to diesels to skunks to sours, this guide will help you to choose and identify the strains that are best suited to your specific taste and growing situation, with stunning close-up photos that will make you feel like you’re right there in the garden.

Marijuana Outdoor Grower’s Guide

While most of the other cannabis cultivation books for beginners focus on indoor growing, this one hones in on growing your bud entirely in the great outdoors. And for those looking for advanced cannabis cultivation books, this is perfect for that as well, as it includes advice on how to push plants to produce top-shelf flower and ensure success with every attempt. When you want your outdoor weed to have the same flavor, potency and aroma that indoor weed does, this is the book you need.

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