This is How I Roll: Tips and Tricks to Roll the Perfect Joint

roll the perfect cannabis joint

The cannabis industry is on the rise, with states like Alaska, California, Colorado, D.C., Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington all already having fully legalized marijuana. Many other states have legalized medicinal marijuana, or have at the very least decriminalized it. The only states where cannabis remains fully illegal as of February…

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How to Market Your Cannabis Business on LinkedIn (And Why You Should!)

marketing cannabis business on linkedin

When asked about the LinkedIn platform, many would answer that it’s a medium for career seekers looking to connect with businesses about open positions. That’s true, but LinkedIn has also become a major hub for professionals looking for valuable content in addition to making personal social connections. In fact, Business Insider’s Digital Trust Report determined that…

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Daytime vs. Nighttime Cannabis Use – Things to Consider

daily cannabis use | terpene profile and effects

Daily cannabis use differs from person to person. Unwind with a perfectly packed bowl after a long day’s work? Maybe you reach for a yummy edible or the methodically placed bedside vape pen as the day winds closed? Perhaps you’re more of the start the day off elevated, wake-and-bake, cannabis for breakfast type? With the…

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The 5 Most Common Cannabis Growing Mistakes

common cannabis growing mistakes | grow cannabis

Cannabis farmers of today have perfected the art of creating gorgeous, large, healthy plants. Follow the precedents they set and avoid these common cannabis growing mistakes. Mistake #1: Too Much Water One of the common mistakes new growers make is to give the plants too much water. With farming, everything comes down to finding the…

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