5 Questions to Ask Before Making a Vape Cart Purchase

5 Questions to Ask Before Making a Vape Cart Purchase

By: Corey Kleinsasser, Marketing Communications Specialist and Mary Bumatai, VP of Vape Business Development

Common mistakes while starting your vape business simply start from the beginning,
your first vape cartridge purchase. It is extremely important to choose the right cart that
fits your oil, as it demonstrates reliability and consistency of your product. These are the
five common questions to ask your sales rep before making a vape cartridge purchase:

1. Is your oil finalized?
Before you even think about choosing a vape cart, you need to determine
if your oils are finished and ready for customer purchase. Once that is decided, you can
move onto the next step.

2. Did you use a filler or add terpenes to your oil?

If so, what is the percentage?
The ratio of extract to a filler and or terpenes will be needed to determine a vape cart.
This affects the viscosity of your end product, which affects the aperture size needed.

3. What is the look or feel you’re going for with your product?
Vape carts are oil specific. Mid to low viscosity (thin) works best in plastic carts. Medium
to high works best in glass. Once you determine what your oil will work best in, then you
can start selecting your carts.Don’t forget to customize it further and brand your carts
and packaging to make them stand out for brand recognition. This will have a first
impression and long- lasting effect on consumers.

4. Have you tried seeking outside advice from a product expert?
Remember, you only get one chance at a first impression. Choosing incorrectly could
result in loss of sales or accounts. When in doubt, contact a sales rep who is
experienced in this field to save you wasted time and money.If you’ve ever
second-guessed yourself, it is important to seek advice on what the right direction is.
This goes without saying when trying to figure out what will be best for your product and
the future of your brand.
5. Have you tested your product in a cartridge?

Testing, testing, and more testing is recommended prior to purchasing vast amounts of
vape carts. Quality control is key to determining what is best for your oils. Fill a small
batch of cartridges (about 3-5 units) to confirm the cartridges you purchased, or are planning to use, are compatible with your oil.

The Only Stupid Question is the One You Do Not Ask

All in all, if you have questions or concerns regarding vape cart purchasing, it is
better to ask before pulling the trigger on a large-scale purchase. Never try to guess the
answer. If you’re new to the cannabis space, don’t be afraid to ask to be steered in the
right direction and help yourself out in the long run. If you have any questions in regards
to this or are ready to grab or re-up on some carts, then let’s have a conversation.

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