10 Reasons to Attend a CannaCon Event in Your Area

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As Cannabis grows in popularity, so does the need for information about the industry, its products, technology and legalities. And let’s not forget about the business of producing, marketing, selling, and operations. But what happens at cannabis events? Check out these 10 reasons you should attend a CannaCon event in your area. (Why not register for our Oklahoma cannabis convention right now?)

Reason 1: One Event That Has It All 

CannaCon is THE ONE EVENT that can provide you with all the information you need about cannabis in ONE location. While we can’t tell you what happens at ALL cannabis events, CannaCon events provide a wide range of different vendors, product and service information booths, retail opportunities (sell-sell-sell), seminars, panel discussions, education, networking, marketing information, sales, legal support and more all under one roof. If you have questions about your cannabis business, a CannaCon event is the place to get those answers.

Reason 2: An Event for Everyone

The purpose of our event is to educate, network and learn from each other …and to have fun while doing it! Our events are designed for everyone in mind – from inquirers, beginners, experimenters, sellers, farmers, politicians, industry leaders or followers, and the skeptics. 

We know that as the cannabis industry grows so does curiosity. CannaCon is a safe and judgment-free zone to explore your interest in cannabis and the business behind it. There is something for everyone at CannaCon. 

Reason 3: Networking

If you are a business owner or are considering exploring the industry for business purposes, walking through the many booths or attending the seminars will give you a range of different insights. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from some of the top cannabis leaders in the industry. 

For more information about networking at CannaCon check out our blog on ‘How to Use Networking Events to Your Advantage’

The best networking opportunity in the industry – by leaps and bounds.” – Thomas W. Mobius

“Best business to business networking platform in the industry. – Jonah S, Dab Star

Reason 4: Vendor Friendly

Are you looking to break into the market, or maybe just want to keep getting your name out there? Showcase your product/brand at a booth, host or participate in a Panel Discussion or put on a Seminar – all great ways to promote your product and your brand.

The guys at CannaCon were easy to work with and very accommodating…. The show was so good for us that we had to upgrade our manufacturing Facility to a 15,000 square foot building and bring in all new equipment to handle the influx of business. I can’t say enough good things about the show and the people running it. One of the best trade shows we have ever done thank you for everything!” – Chris, Red Bud Soil Company

Reason 5: Connections

Find out how ‘others’ are doing it by making strong connections at CannaCon events. Sharing information regarding human resources, operations, production, legal implications and marketing will help you and your peers build stronger businesses. Sharing is caring – and in our industry, we need to help each other out to grow.

Reason 6: Retail (aka Shopping!) 

Why shop online when you can check out ALL products in one location. Go old school and actually touch, feel and ask questions from knowledgeable vendors. Shop the hundreds of booths to learn about your options and ask the questions Google can’t answer.

If you are a vendor this a great opportunity to set up shop and let your community know about your brand and your product. It is also a great time for you to check out your competition in a safe and nonjudgemental environment.

As an event professional, I can truthfully say CannaCon is hands down one of the best run shows in the cannabis industry! – Amy A, Attendee

Reason 7: Marketing 

CannaCon Events provide a variety of opportunities to learn about the cannabis industry and the behind the scenes of how to target your cannabis market. Marketing professionals experienced in the cannabis industry are always in attendance to provide support with regard to how to market to your industry. Check out our Podcast on the ‘Benefits of Shows’ which breaks down exactly why conferences like CannaCon are so important to cannabis business owners.

“The consistent traffic and ability to speak with decision-makers will fundamentally change our path going forward. – Cameron B, Director of Marketing 

Reason 8: Opportunities for Education

CannaCon is an immersive expo that hosts numerous vendors from all facets of the cannabis industry from coast to coast. We have made it our mission to share knowledge acquired through decades of experience in the business of marijuana. That’s why when you show up at a CannaCon event, you’ll find education with regard to every facet of your cannabis business. Sign up for seminars, engage with other knowledgeable experts in your field, and leave with a greater understanding as to how to run a successful cannabis business.

Reason 9: It’s Fun

At any CannaCon event, you can expect non-stop fun! The parties at the event and vendor-hosted events will provide you a constant stream of opportunities to meet new friends in the industry. Networking, friendships and good times are a guarantee.

“The most fun you can have at a cannabis event…. – Thomas W, Mobius

Reason 10: Why Not? Come Join Us!

Now that you know what happens at cannabis events, it’s time to make plans to attend. Whether you are new to the industry or a full-fledged cannabis business owner, don’t let these events pass you by. Early bird pricing is available for most events and registration is now open for CannaCon South, the premier Oklahoma Cannabis Convention, in Oklahoma City, Sept. 27-28, 2019. You won’t want to miss it!


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