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Flip Your Grow

By: Brandy Keen Co Founder, Sr. Technical Advisor Surna Inc. According to, if you flip something you make a profit out if it. The same could be said in our industry for the term flip. There are a several good reasons to operate your grow on a “flip.” This basically means to never run…

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A letter from a drug war soldier: Part Two

When we think about the “victims’ of the war on drugs I’m sure what comes to mind for most people is drug cartels hastily smuggling hundreds of pounds of drugs, through a rusty hole on a battered fence line, with nothing but a shiv, a semi-automatic weapon, , and the look out. Or maybe a…

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Boston City Guide

Boston City Guide Walking Boston’s cobblestone-lined streets of historic colonial-era Beacon Hill with its 17th and 18th century Federal rowhouses is an inspiring trip through the history of the American Revolution. Brick buildings, narrow sidewalks, and gas-lit lamps provide a serene backdrop for reminiscing on the intentions of our Founding Fathers in this time of…

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