6 Tips to Get Noticed at a Cannabis Business Conference

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CannaCon is the nation’s leading business-to-business cannabis conference, making it the perfect place for you to meet others in the industry, make connections, and get your products noticed. Whether this is your first cannabis business event, or you are a trade show veteran, we’ve compiled the top tips for standing out among the crowd.

6 Tips to Get Noticed at a Cannabis Business Event

Tip 1: Start Planning Early

You want to start planning well before the event to ensure you have everything you need. If possible, hit up other cannabis business events to get ideas for your booth, see what is popular with attendees, and check out your “competition.” If that’s not possible, browse photos on convention websites for inspiration. Make sure you have plenty of lead time to get signs and brochures printed, freebies ordered, and your display materials ready.

Remember to talk yourself up beforehand! Keep your email list informed about cannabis business events you are attending, why they should go, and other teasers, like giveaways or freebies you might be handing out.

Tip 2: Make Your Booth Stand Out

CannaCon is a massive event, with hundreds of exhibitors and over ten thousand visitors. Think about how you can capture someone’s attention from a distance and stand out in their memory. Using height is a great way to do this: hang something from the ceiling (if this is allowed at your venue), have a large vertical banner, or even a tall prop to get you noticed above the sea of people. You can also consider a floor graphic just outside of your booth, creative lighting, or ribbons attached to a fan (blowing UP) for a bit of fun at the marijuana business event.

Tip 3: Give Attendees a Reason to Stay

Once you get people to your booth, you need to give them a reason to stay! Attending a marijuana business event can be fun, but it can still be exhausting! Your booth visitors have been walking all day, are likely hungry, and any comfort will be welcomed.

Comfortable seats, a water station, or small snacks are sure to get people to hang out long enough for you to start up a conversation. Keep them even longer with a phone charging station and product sampling or demonstrations. They get to recharge their batteries (literally and figuratively), and you get a few extra minutes to create connections.

Tip 4: Give Away The Good Stuff

The best swag is something people want, is creative, and has some lasting power. Another pen? Meh. But a huge reusable bag that they can drop the 23 lame pens, 37 pamphlets and 2 keychains into? Now that is useful.

If you want to give away an item, think creatively and draw from your research for ideas. What about an edibles recipe on a magnet, a bong-shaped car air-freshener, or a creative pack of matches?

Tip 5: People Love to Win (and a Discount)

Did you know that the serious tradeshow attendees actually print out sticker-labels with their contact information on them? It’s true. That’s because the smart exhibitors have a giveaway box to capture people’s email addresses. So, if everyone has a giveaway box, you are going to need to stand out! Have a spinning-wheel game to get more entries or display a large visual of the prize.

As much as people love to win, getting a discount is just as exciting. Offer a tradeshow-only deal to make more sales. People at a marijuana event are expecting to be sold to, and they are there to buy – so even a slight discount is often motivating enough to pique people’s interest.

Tip 6: How Will People Remember YOU?

You are exhibiting at a marijuana business event because you want to sell your product or service – whatever that is. To do that, you have to focus on selling YOURSELF just as much as your product or service. Be an attention seeker! Cannabis might be known for assisting with relaxation, but no one is going to be impressed by the tired, boring guy at booth 8B. Rather, they will remember the funny, quirky, passionate and knowledgeable person at booth 420 – who treated them like a person, not a potential sale.

CannaCon Cannabis Business Event

These tips are going to help you attract, keep, and engage attendees at your next cannabis business conference. We can’t wait to see you rocking it at one of the five CannaCon events in 2020. Check out our event schedule today.


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