Cannabis and Tarot: Which Strain is Right for Your Journey?

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They say tarot can unlock the mysteries of the universe. We believe cannabis can too, and that cannabis and tarot are as inseparable as The Lovers. But as you plan your next cannabis tarot sesh, think about what you want to get out of the cards. Tarot isn’t just for telling the future — many…

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Top LGBTQ-Owned Cannabis Companies to Celebrate This Pride Month (And Always)

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Cannabis and LGBTQ culture have a deep-rooted history of solidarity and mutual support. They have stood together through challenging times, such as the devastating impact of the AIDS crisis on the community, as well as during the early days of cannabis legalization when the pioneers we hear of today emerged. While people like Dennis Peron…

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The Rise of Pre-Rolls in Emerging Cannabis Markets

There is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to opening a new business, let alone starting a new business in a new industry. Experience and data are hard to find, let alone experience and data you can trust to be relevant to your situation. In recent years, pre-rolls have exploded in popularity—growing at 12%…

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Edibles Cookbooks: The Best Cannabis Books about Edibles

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In a world where everything is digital and whatever you need can be found online, there is something to be said for turning off electronics, limiting screen time and getting back to the basics. We know cannabis aficionados love papers for rolling — but what about for reading? There are so many great books about…

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