Oklahoma Cannabis Convention: Welcome to Toke-lahoma

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Since the legalization of medical cannabis in 2018, Oklahoma has become the wild west of legalized cannabis markets, surpassing the rest of the country in medical license carriers and licensed cannabis businesses. And with House Bill 1961 up for a vote in 2022, the legalization of recreational cannabis may not be too far away. All signs are pointing to the continued growth of the Oklahoma cannabis boom. With this boom, Oklahoma cannabis events will become more and more common. Here’s what you need to know about attending the CannaCon in OKC! 

Oklahoma’s Marijuana Market

The success of marijuana in Oklahoma is largely credited to the state’s hands-off approach. Yes, there are rules and laws in place, but entry into the market is reasonably priced, medical cards are easy to come by and cities can’t ban cannabis businesses from operating within them. 

In 2020, the OMMA (Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Association) reported their patient count at almost 10% of the state’s entire population. An individual would be hard-pressed to not know someone with a medical marijuana license in this state. To obtain a license, a patient simply needs a doctor’s recommendation and the $100 fee. Disabled veterans and individuals with proof of Medicaid or Medicare have a reduced fee of $20. And with no list of prescribed conditions to qualify for medical marijuana use, you simply need a desire to toke and a doctor willing to give you a recommendation. 

This ease of entry applies to commercial licensing in Oklahoma as well. There is no limit to the number of approved commercial applications, and the license fee is extremely low: just $2500. Compare this to other states, like New Hampshire, which charges a $3000 application fee and then an annual licensing fee of up to $80,000. The high costs in other states are clearly prohibitive for smaller startups, while Oklahoma has taken an open-market approach. 

With the growing number of medical and commercial licenses being doled out, Oklahoma cannabis events and dispensaries are booming as well – creating a generous income for the state. In 2020, over $56,000,000 was brought in via the SQ788 tax, while state and local taxes brought in another $71,500,000 for the calendar year. While the SQ788 tax income goes back to running the OMMA, any overages go back to the community, including drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. The sales tax on cannabis products also stays local, benefitting the Oklahoma State Department of Health. 

With so many entities benefitting from cannabis – individuals, small businesses and city and state programs, it’s no surprise that Oklahoma cannabis events are a huge draw in the South. 

Join Us for Oklahoma’s Favorite Cannabis Convention: CannaCon South OKC 

Come learn more about the huge (and growing) cannabis market in Oklahoma, with an interactive gathering of industry professionals, entrepreneurs and experts discussing the latest industry developments. This Oklahoma cannabis event is a must-attend for anyone working in the realm of cannabis or thinking of entering it. 

CannaCon will be visiting the Sooner State from May 27 to 28, 2021 at the Oklahoma City Convention Center. 

Dedicated to creating and strengthening lifelong partnerships within the cannabis industry, CannaCon is proud to help grow the cannabis industry by educating cannabis business owners on all things related to cannabis and CBD. This epic Oklahoma cannabis trade show features seminars delivered by industry experts such as: 

  • New Compliance Efforts & Upcoming Changes with Taylor Hartin, OMMA Deputy Director of Compliance & Enforcement
  • Efficient Production of Greenhouse Hemp/Cannabis with Colin Clark, Horticulturist, CropKing Inc. 
  • Logistics, Warehousing and Distribution with Trevor Shanklin, Owner, Tactical Transportation 

View the full CannaCon OKC seminar schedule here

There will also be a huge number of respected vendors and exhibitors vying for industry attention at Oklahoma’s cannabis event. From the newest grow-tech to organic seed producers, to storage and extraction solutions and even cannabis law and financial experts. To name just a few exhibitors:

  • Steep Hill Labs
  • Rocket Seeds
  • Mobius Trimmer/Triminator
  • Lead Funding
  • Boveda 
  • And more! 

View the full CannaCon OKC exhibitor line up here.

CannaCon OKC is the must-attend Oklahoma cannabis event for anyone wanting to make connections and grow their hold in the bustling Big Friendly. 

Don’t forget – you can buy your tickets online up until May 26, 2021 and save money with the early bird price. See you soon at the best cannabis event in Oklahoma. 

Regulatory Considerations 

If you are attending CannaCon OKC and plan to make certain purchases for your cannabis business, be sure that you have the correct licensing to do so. You may be required to provide your ODAFF license and furnish proof that you are able to purchase them. Additionally, if you are an attendee and plan to sell seeds, please make sure you have the appropriate license before doing so at CannaCon.

COVID Safety Precautions

Following local health regulations, this in-person event may include mandatory masks for all, temperature checks upon entry, separate entrances and exits, limited capacities, one-way aisles, social distancing requirements, extended space between exhibitors and hand sanitizing stations throughout. 


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