Danksgiving Recipes to Elevate Your Holiday

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The season of giving is here, and it’s time to start creating that ideal experience for the inevitable holiday congregation. We live in a beautiful time of weed legalization and acceptance in many states throughout the country, and with that comes the opportunity for a true Danksgiving feast! Check out some cannabis Thanksgiving recipes to help you curate exactly the weed Thanksgiving dinner you won’t forget.

Sometimes we need to lighten the load during the holiday season. There are many possible stresses to experience from hosting and cooking, to traveling, to dealing with problematic family members. It’s no wonder the tradition of taking a “walk around the block” before or after dinner has gained popularity among families everywhere. But what if you could alleviate any awkwardness at the table just by eating the food itself? By simple methods using canna-butter or canna-oil, you could turn just about any dish into a weed recipe everyone will enjoy.

But first some ground rules. Make sure you are in a state where weed is either fully recreationally legal or you are a resident in a state with an active medical card to purchase medicinal weed for your cooking endeavors. If you are hosting guests, make sure all dishes are clearly labeled and only served to adults.

Next, consider the strains you’d like to infuse into your weed Thanksgiving dishes. Ideally, you want to identify a few strains whose terpenes and flavonoids match the flavors of the dish — tangy, sweet, musky, earthy, woodsy, etc. This will add to the complexity of your food and overall dining experience, as you can play around with utilizing Sativa-dominant strains at the beginning, then transfer to Indica-dominant for desserts.

Additionally, keep in mind that digesting your weed has stronger, longer lasting, and longer onset effects than smoking it. Being mindful while dosing each dish will help to keep the energy just airy and light enough to prevent your guests from succumbing to the couch-lock by dessert.

Lastly, be sure you decarboxylate your flower or concentrates before cooking with them. An easy way to do this is to grind up some fresh buds into a baking dish or tray, cover it with foil, and bake for 25 minutes at 220 degrees. Now you are ready to add them to your butter or oil of choice. 

“Green” Bean Casserole

Starting with a side dish to prep for the main course, this one is often an undeservingly overlooked option on the table. Green bean casserole is a great dish to infuse for your Danksgiving feast. This cannabis Thanksgiving recipe from Cannabis.Wiki has a great kick with rich, nutty flavors that are perfect for utilizing canna-butter. Take your time, “start low and go slow” to ensure your recipe has the proper dosage for all guests.

Kush Infused Turkey

The star of the show deserves an enhanced preparation to provide complex flavors and soothing effects that will be hard for your guests to forget (but perhaps a bit difficult to remember). This classic cannabis Thanksgiving recipe from CannabisNow uses Hindu Kush to add earthy pine notes and bright hints of lemon to pair with the other herbs and spices, creating a truly delicious and relaxing main dish for any take on weed Thanksgiving.

Kiva Gravy and MaryJane Mashed Potatoes 

The bird has arrived on the table with its crispy golden brown skin and beautiful warm aromas filling the air. Preparing a turkey is time-consuming already. We suggest keeping things simple with Kiva Confections’ delicious cannabis-infused gravy. With 10mg THC and hints of rosemary, thyme and oregano, this is a perfect way to top off any weed recipe for turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and rolls.

No weed Thanksgiving is complete without a hearty bowl of creamy mashed potatoes with a pool of savory gravy to wash it down. Mashed potatoes are a fan favorite, and this cannabis Thanksgiving recipe from CannabisCheri adds roasted garlic, sour cream and chives to really elevate the flavor profile. Using a strain with savory terpenes, like Blue Cheese, would be an excellent choice for this popular weed recipe.

Southern Style Weed Pecan Pie

When the main course, classic dishes and accouterments have been devoured, it’s time to unbuckle your belt and relax on the couch with a warm slice of weed pecan pie. This recipe from OrginialWeedRecipes.com is sure to please. The creator recommends using Purple Kush for the infused canna-butter. An Indica strain with flavor-enhancing sweet and earthy terpenes makes it a perfect ending to your Danksgiving. Until next year!

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