Nevada Consumption Lounges are Coming!

nevada cannabis consumption lounge

Nevada has been working toward better cannabis consumption opportunities for both residents and visitors. In a state that currently enjoys revenue from both major tourism as well as cannabis sources, there are very few safe and legal options for tourists to consume cannabis. This is a major negative draw to the tourism and cannabis industries in the state. Nevada cannabis lounges would create a place for both residents and tourists to legally enjoy their cannabis products that they have purchased while visiting the state. Having cannabis cafes in Nevada opens up new opportunities for cannabis businesses in the state. 

Currently, there are two types of Nevada cannabis lounge options. Established dispensaries will have an opportunity to apply for an add-on lounge in their business. Additionally, there are opportunities for independent cannabis cafes in the state. Both of these have similar application processes, although established dispensaries may have less red tape to work through to apply as they are already licensed for cannabis. 

Lounges are expected to be available for both residents and out-of-state visitors to Nevada. 

Considerations for Already Established Dispensary Cafes

For established dispensaries to get approved for a cannabis cafe in Nevada, they will need to meet the state’s licensing requirements. After filling out an application and having it approved, dispensary owners will need to meet the guidelines for their dispensary to offer a cafe space for patrons to enjoy their products. The legal guidelines will be similar to what these established dispensaries are already required to adhere to. 

Independent Lounges

The application process and guidelines for independent Nevada cannabis consumption lounges will be similar to the process for applying for a dispensary license. Owner hopefuls will need to include business plans and meet certain guidelines to ensure that their lounge is safe and legal for patrons to enjoy cannabis products. There will also be requirements that govern access to the lounge and help put protections in place to ensure no underage use can happen within the lounge. 

Social Equity Lounges

As Nevada continues to break boundaries in the cannabis community, the state has made even more progress in the war on drugs. Cannabis lounge licensing priority will go to social equity applications. This is being done to help alleviate some of the damage that was caused by the war on drugs – specifically, cannabis. Applicants who meet Nevada’s social equity requirements for licensing will include those who have been directly affected by drug laws as well as members of communities that are overpoliced. 

Social equity applicants will not only receive priority but they may be able to help bolster the industry even further. Because of these opportunities, more people will have the chance to open a business while also vastly improving their financial situations. 

States have slowly begun realizing the importance of social equity applicants when allowing for more cannabis growth. Instead of giving those who have had ample opportunity for success even more chances to profit, they are giving those who have not had the same chances at success an opportunity. States like California and Connecticut have also adopted these new social equity changes. 

Coming Soon to Nevada 

Cannabis legislation can seem like it takes an eternity to pass and in many cases, it does take years. This is not the case with Nevada cannabis consumption lounges! You can expect to see a cannabis cafe in your Nevada neighborhood before the end of the year. The state is pushing to allow for safe and legal cannabis consumption in the coming months. With applications opening up, Nevada could see its first lounges as soon as the end of 2021. 

As the state continues to update its guidelines and requirements, it’s important to note that social equity is helping to push this along. Instead of creating more of a barrier between the law and the implementation of Nevada consumption lounges, social equity is actually helping the state push this further and faster. 

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