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the cannabis coach bradley king

The Cannabis Coach is a Tik Tok influencer and life coach who is able to help people in many areas of life. We sat down with him to talk about Tik Tok, cannabis, parenting, mental health and more! 

What was your inspiration behind becoming The Cannabis Coach and a Tik Tok influencer? 

When I first started social media, I wanted to only entertain people. I was not aware at the time of how little Cannabis education was being thrown out there online. After about 2 months, I realized this was the case and I was in a unique situation of being a life coach and a parent utilizing the plant… so I decided to change it up! I wanted to be that person that could show the world you can be a successful adult and use Cannabis the right way! Also, I’m a Life Coach, so it seemed fitting!

Who is someone you look up to in the cannabis, mental health or parenting space?

When I am feeling unsure of myself, I seem to always turn to my good friend Jessica Gonzales’s page, @themommyjane on Instagram. She has been advocating for the mothers for over 2 years now and we share very similar views on life. We both believe in letting the world watch us live our “day to day” lives. This way people can see that you can have a career, be married, have a child and utilize plant medicine. I adore her so much and she inspires me quite a bit.

What was your life like before you became a life coach and influencer? 

When I was 18 years old, I fell into working in the call-center industry and did that for about 11 years! It took me until the beginning of 2020 to really push life coaching and social media full-time.  I actually started Cannabis Coach in early 2018 and it took quite a while to get to this spot! I was working 50 hours a week, plus taking on five client sessions and trying to be a good husband and father on the side… it was tough!! luckily though I’m a big believer and having to work really hard to get what you want, so I’m super grateful to be able to pursue everything today!

During the pandemic, tons of people started using Tik Tok or using Tik Tok more, did that have an impact on your ability to reach more people as a Tik Tok influencer? 

TikTok was totally the next level I needed as silly as that sounds in 2020! As you can tell, it’s an incredible platform with a lot of engagement! I believe it definitely gave me the ability to reach more people. I grew faster than Instagram in the beginning, and I was able to get more clients and sell more merchandise that way! The reason I love TikTok so much is because it’s more personal than any other platform, and it’s allowed me to have a great mix of education, comedy, and personal content. You can make a video talking about your day and what you went through, and people will love it! I’m actually more active on there than I am on Instagram. I post about 1 to 2 times a day, so please make sure to check me out on there! 

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Remember: Life is not about performing for people, it’s about following your passions and dreams. No matter what kind of feedback you receive from others, continue to do what makes you feel happy and fulfilled.

Has your experience as a life coach helped you with those who are closed-minded? 

I definitely believe becoming a life coach has allowed me to be way more empathetic towards others. When I am speaking with somebody that’s close-minded about coaching or plant medicine, I look at it differently nowadays.  I always remind myself that I cannot control others, or the way they think, all I can do is educate and tell my truth. What they do with it after that it’s up to them.

Without giving away too much, what are some of the things your clients can expect during a session? 

Honestly, I’ve been told I’m a tough coach. I just believe it’s really important to push ourselves to the max and not sit around for life to happen. It takes action! If you’re interested in a session with me, just be ready to work. If you can come into it being open and honest, we can achieve some amazing things! 

What has been your biggest challenge when relating to breaking stigmas in cannabis, mental health and parenting (or all three)?

I’ve actually found that all three go very much hand-in-hand. The reason I use cannabis is because of my mental health, and it also contributes to me staying calm and collected with my kiddo… it’s a full package. I don’t find it challenging whatsoever, if anything I find it easier to talk about because it gives me multiples topics to make content with! 

The only thing I actually “struggled” with per se was when starting to be open about my mental health, I shared my PTSD story on my YouTube. That was definitely one of the scariest things I’ve ever done! I’ve talked about it multiple times in therapy but never made a public video like that before. It was such a rush but an incredible fear to walk through and has helped me continue to be extremely open publicly.

Do you have any upcoming Tik Tok cannabis influencer or other projects or collaborations we can be looking out for? 

Right now I’m in the process of starting group coaching sessions! I’ve never done this before, but I’m super excited for this opportunity with so many people! Group coaching can be very beneficial because it gives you more people than just myself to be accountable with!

I also have a few collaborations coming out within the next 2 to 6 months! They will be product collaborations, and I will be announcing more on my social media platforms, so please go follow me and keep an eye out! 

Find out more about The Cannabis Coach on his website or follow along on Tik Tok @bradleyking_. For more information, news, influencers and more, be sure to check out an upcoming CannaCon show


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