“The Total Cost of Lighting Ownership”


“The Total Cost of Lighting Ownership”

By: Phil Gibson, VP of Marketing at AEssenseGrows

Lighting is a critical piece of cannabis industry, and LED lighting is revolutionizing bloom room
lighting. Based on AEssenseGrows research, the US bloom light market opportunity (new
installation + replacement) looks like this:
• $41M in 2017
• $76M in 2018
• $112M in 2023

As expenditures on grow lights mushrooms, cannabis entrepreneurs would fare well to do their
homework before investing in a lighting selection (LED or HPS). They’ll find that, in many
cases, buying pricier lights now will save money in the long run through energy savings. Or that
they can save money by investing in a lighting system with automation integrated, rather than
installing automation at a later date.
They’ll need to brush up on their science to understand the specific needs of their plant (PPFD),
and they’ll want to refresh their math skills to understand the impact of the lighting on their
bottom line (total cost of ownership). Their bloom light investment and operating cost will
depend on:
Investment (capex)
• Grow lights
• Electrical wiring
• Air conditioning (to remove heat)
• Automation accessories
Operating Cost (opex)
• Energy consumption by grow lights
• Energy consumption by air conditioning
Maintenance Cost (opex)
• Consumables (e.g. bulbs)
• Labor (e.g. replacing bulbs)

In short, lighting is an important ingredient for both your investment and your ongoing
profitability in your cannabis enterprise. You can get a handle on what all these variables
ultimately mean to your pocketbook by using a cost calculator, like the one at AEssenseGrows.com.
And you can download a white paper here on “The Total Cost of Lighting Ownership.”

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  1. Jessica Stewart on July 17, 2018 at 11:30 pm

    At first thanks a lot to Phil Gibson for sharing such an informative article and I have pleased to get this blog page. I am new at this and I love to garden. I have read your page and gotten much information. But I have a little question that Can any LED light be used as a grow light for indoor plants? Could you please suggest me? I will await your valuable response with great interest.

    Anyway, I will save your website and I will share it with my friends. I hope they will be benefited by this article.

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