Top LGBTQ-Owned Cannabis Companies to Celebrate This Pride Month (And Always)

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Cannabis and LGBTQ culture have a deep-rooted history of solidarity and mutual support. They have stood together through challenging times, such as the devastating impact of the AIDS crisis on the community, as well as during the early days of cannabis legalization when the pioneers we hear of today emerged. While people like Dennis Peron are widely recognized as influential figures behind medical cannabis, it is crucial to acknowledge the ongoing dedication of present-day LGBTQ advocates, too.

These brands, organizations, and communities tirelessly strive for destigmatization, improved accessibility and crucial support for both medical and recreational cannabis usage. Unfortunately, their voices often go unheard. In celebration of Pride Month, we aim to cast a well-deserved spotlight on LGBTQ cannabis brands that are currently making a significant impact.

Interested in supporting ways to celebrate Pride Month in the cannabis industry? We’ve compiled a list of impact-driven LGBTQ-owned cannabis businesses to support this June and year-round!

LGBTQ-Owned Cannabis Businesses to Support During Pride Month

Xula Herbs

Founded by Karina Primelles (she/they), Xula is an LGBTQ-owned cannabis company with the purpose of supporting those who menstruate. “Painful and difficult cycles are not normal. Solutions exist,” says their website. Xula is an LGBTQ cannabis brand setting out to change the “widespread belief in our society that we can not experience symptom-free cycles.” When asked their advice on how non-lgbtqi+ folks can be better allies in the cannabis space, they said, “I feel that the key is to actually check who is behind the brands you buy products from and try to support smaller brands that are a part of our community.”

Stone Road Farms

Founded by Lex Corwin (he/him), Stone Road Farms is an LGBTQ-owned cannabis company that believes cannabis is one of the planet’s great natural gifts to humans and that all people should have access to the best of it. Known for giving back to the community through their product donations to California-based nonprofit This is Jane Project, Stone Road is committed to community impact and supporting fellow LGBTQ-owned cannabis businesses.

MD Numbers Inc.

Co-founded by Marie Montmarquet (she/they), MD Numbers Inc. is a family of vertically integrated cannabis brands: MD Farms, Marie’s Deliverables, and Legacy Coterie. These brands provide a range of goods and services to the California supply chain, retail customers and equity community. When asked how non-LGBTQ folks can be better allies in the cannabis space, Montmarquet said, “Amplify LGBTQ+ voices in the space. With visibility, collaborative experiences, and financial support. Give credit where credit is due and call out false actors.”


Founded by Claudia Mercado, Calibueno is a Latinx and LGBTQ-owned, transparent, inclusive, community-oriented company. Of their many promises, Calibueno promises to “foster a diverse and inclusive cannabis industry by supporting social equity and providing opportunities for underrepresented groups,” according to their website.

MAKR House

Founded by Amber Senter (she/her) in 2021, MAKR House is an LGBTQ-owned house of brands meeting the rising demand for unique, accessible, high-quality cannabis products created by knowledgeable and culturally diverse individuals with the goal of building inclusive supply chains and ensuring participation in the cannabis industry from underrepresented groups. ”We don’t need allies, we need accomplices,” said Senter when asked how non-LGBTQ individuals can be better allies in the cannabis space.

Drew Martin Co.

Drew Martin is an LGBTQ cannabis brand that makes low-dose, botanically blended pre-rolls. Named after its founder, Drew Martin (he/him), Drew has made it his mission to produce top-notch products and revive the ritual of smoking cannabis in the community.

When asked how consumers can support Drew Martin beyond just buying products, Drew told CannaCon, “Supporting queer cannabis requires understanding the advocacy that our queer forebearers worked for during the AIDS crisis to bring essential medicine to a deeply marginalized community literally fighting for their lives. Support queer and trans advocacy groups. Share knowledge. Give back not just with your dollars but also by educating others.”


Founded by Jake Bullock and Luke Anderson, both of whom identify as queer, CANN is the leading cannabis-infused beverage company in the market. This LGBTQ-owned cannabis company made a significant impact in the beverage market when it emerged in June 2019 and today, it continues to thrive. Of the many ways to celebrate Pride month, in 2022, they launched a thought-provoking Pride music media campaign in collaboration with Weedmaps. The promotional music video featured renowned personalities such as Patricia Arquette, Kesha and RuPaul’s Drag Race stars Kornbread and Willow Pill.

LGBTQ-Founded Cannabis Non-Profits to Support This Pride Month

Social Impact Center

Co-founded by Executive Director, Felicia Carbajal (they/them), The Social Impact Center (SIC) is an LGBTQ+-run hub for organizers and serves as a bridge between government, grass-roots organizations and people. The Social Impact Center also supports the needs of the community through expungement services for those with cannabis convictions.

Interested in supporting SIC? “Donate your time, talents, resources, and insight. Sign up to volunteer for one of SIC’s expungement clinics or Coming out Green sessions, and get educated about SB731, the new expungement law in California,” said Carbajal.

This is Jane Project

Co-founded by Executive Director Shannon DeGrooms (she/her), This is Jane Project (TIJP) is a 501(c)3 healing-centered community of women and non-binary trauma survivors. With inclusive and trauma-informed programming, TIJP aims to shed light, build community and uplift the lives of Janes everywhere. Ways to celebrate pride month for TIJP include hosting multiple LGBTQI+ events across CA, CO and online this June. Sign up to attend one today!

Supernova Women

Supernova Women is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 2015 by Black and Brown women that work to empower Black and Brown people to become self-sufficient shareholders in the cannabis and natural plant medicine space through education, advocacy and network building. With several LGBTQ+ folks in leadership, such as Amber Senter, it is only right to include this organization for Pride Month. “Heed the calls to action via Supernova Women and our advocacy partners,” said Senter when asked how cannabis consumers can support their work.

LGBTQ+ Freedom Fund

This organization focuses on bailing out individuals incarcerated for cannabis-related offenses, including those from marginalized communities within the LGBTQ+ spectrum. The LGBTQ Freedom Fund pays bail to secure the safety and liberty of individuals in jail and immigration detention. Additionally, they strive to address the disproportionately high rate of jailing LGBTQ+ individuals and the associated harm.

LGBTQ-founded Communities to Support This Pride Month

Copper House Detroit

Co-founded by Jess Jackson (she/they) and Cara Jackson (she/they), Copper House Detroit is an inclusive and community-focused home space for consumption-friendly events & cozy accommodations. Their vision for cannabis is one that is just and equitable both socially and financially. Looking for an inclusive space to host an event or stay at their lovely bud and breakfast? Book a trip to Copper House Detroit today!


Co-founded by Lisa Snyder, (she/her), Tokeativity is a global community of plant medicine advocates rooted in feminism. They work as a collective to modernize consumption culture through interactive experiences.

Looking for ways to celebrate Pride Month and engage with the Tokeativity community? Become a member on their website, help spread the word about upcoming community events, and embrace the efforts in their Womanifesto. When asked how non-LGBTQ folks can be better allies in the space, Lisa told CannaCon, “If someone has a pronoun or a name change, practice and embrace it. If you notice someone not able to quite get it, help them by correcting them gently each time until they get it.”

Support LGBTQ Owned Businesses All Year Long

We hope this inclusive list of LGBTQ-owned businesses will help not only educate you but inspire you to support LGBTQ cannabis brands year-round. LGBTQ cannabis brands deserve recognition all year, not just every June. Let us all commit to uplifting LGBTQ-owned businesses beyond Pride Month, and, as conscious cannabis consumers, commit to supporting ethical cannabis brands, organizations and communities with our dollars and time.

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