Cannabis Museums Display History and Educate the Masses

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Cannabis and its effect on cultures worldwide are worthy of display, celebration and adoration. Throughout the world, hemp and weed museums are highlighting the positive history and prominence of the plant, while further educating the masses on the current turbulent state of weed in America over the last few decades. From the east coast to the west coast, find the museum of weed closest to you, and make plans to visit a cannabis museum in the near future!

Visit a Weed Museum

Core Empowerment: Cannabis Museum & Education Center

A cannabis museum with a purpose settled in Boston right between Jamaica Plain and Mission Hill, Core Empowerment welcomes guests to learn about the true depths of inequity among American drug laws through educational exhibits. With their mission to dismantle division by enforcing positivity around cannabis and its true unifying nature, you can find many powerful showcases of the true unification of cannabis.

Current exhibits are American Warden, Graffiti Wall, Plain View, Seed Your Garden: Illicit Cultivation, Seed Your Soul, Seed Your Senses: Terpene Wall, Seed Your Head: Jail Cell, Paraphernalia, Raids & Rage.

Marijuana Mansion Denver

This one-of-a-kind weed museum takes home inside a historic mansion in downtown Denver. The Marijuana Mansion, aka the Creswell House, was designed by Denver’s finest architect at the turn of the 20th century and has been the birthsite of the iconic Amendment 64 recreational marijuana bill, as well as the Marijuana Policy Project, creating the original Colorado legalization laws in 2012. Your experience is your choice — take a self-guided tour, host a private event or photoshoot, purchase tickets ahead of time online, or walk right in! 

Cannabis Museum

Established in October 2018, the Cannabis Museum in Athens, Ohio, is a non-profit museum dedicated to the education and research of all things cannabis. Perusing the fine collections of more than 10,000 artifacts can be done either in person or from the comfort of your home, as the museum features digitized collections portraying the history of cannabis that has previously been erased from our culture’s past.

The museum is run by Don E. Wirtshafter, Liz Crow, and Joe Brumfield, who describe it as being “dedicated to revealing the history of mainstream cannabis use in the United States and around the world. It collects, preserves, and shares the history of cannabis use, culture, prohibition, and politics.”

Cannabition Cannabis Museum

Just past the desert in Las Vegas, you are soon to find the immersive cannabis art museum Cannabition. Opening its doors soon, this funky weed museum will feature sensory experiences of weed-themed installations from global artists, where you can play, explore and create like never before.

Aiming not only to educate on the more serious matters of cannabis in America but to inspire and awe through their interactive cannabis-centered exhibits, the opening of the Cannabition Cannabis Museum will be an exciting day for weed lovers everywhere. 

The Emerald City Counter Culture Museum

If vintage weed products are your thing, look no further than the Counter Culture Museum of Emerald City in sunny Willits, Calif. Richard Jergenson has run the historic hemp museum for 50 years, which houses an array of unique memorabilia for all to enjoy, from 80-year-old books on paraphernalia, to counter-culture music, magazines and much more

In their own words, this hemp museum’s focus is “education over elimination is our best way forward for community economics, protecting and educating our youth”. The Counter Culture Museum hosts other domestic locations in Seattle, Detroit, and Denver, as well as a few international locations in Amsterdam, Oaksterdam, Barcelona and Vancouver. 

Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum

Let’s take a trip overseas to our friends in Amsterdam and Barcelona at the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum. This international museum of weed has had more than 2.1 million visitors since 1987, making the Hash Marijuana & Hemp Museum one of the most distinguished in the world.

There are two main exhibits that house separate displays in Europe — The Canal House in central Amsterdam and the Modernista Palace in Barcelona. Some of the current exhibits are Reefer Madness, Hemp for Shipping, Golden Age of Medicinal Cannabis Historic Hemp Culture, Cannabis Counterculture, and others highlighting the many applications and benefits of the plant. 

Cannabis Museum Zagreb

Located in the center of Zagreb, Croatia, the Cannabis Museum is led by Tvrtko Kracun, the owner of Hemps.HR, to showcase the immense impact and benefits of cannabis on Southeast Europe. The museum features an outdoor garden that holds cannabis-related workshops, panel discussions and events, in addition to a variety of exhibits that may be ordinary to many westerners, but are inspiring and novel to the Croatian republic. 

Traveling in 2023?

If you’re traveling in 2023, we suggest adding a cannabis conference to your itinerary. CannaCon is the nation’s leading business-to-business cannabis trade show and conference, growing the industry one cannabis event at a time. CannaCon features a large exhibition hall with exhibitors from around the country and seminars delivered by industry experts. Choose a destination near a CannaCon cannabis conference! We’ll see you there!

Photo courtesy of Core Empowerment.

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