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The Rundown on Cannabis Addiction

In recent years, the debate surrounding cannabis addiction has become more prominent. With the continuing legalization of marijuana in several states and countries, concerns about its potentially addictive properties have increased. But as headline articles skyrocket, many in the scientific community and cannabis industry wonder if the growing concern is driven by fear and propaganda rather than scientific facts.  Last…

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Are marijuana seeds legal and available online? [2023]

Are marijuana seeds illegal to ship in the United States? In 2022, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) quietly recognized cannabis seeds as legal in the United States. The DEA’s reasoning behind the affirmation was tied to the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized hemp, subsequently defining and separating it from the marijuana consumed as cannabis sativa as anything containing less than…

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13 Best Dispensaries in Albuquerque and New Mexico State [2023]

To say that cannabis dispensaries in New Mexico are doing well would be a severe understatement. While New Mexico medicinal cannabis has been legal since 2007, cannabis for recreational use wasn’t legally sold until last year, beginning April 1, 2022. Since then, The Land of Enchantment has really embraced the use of the cannabis plant for health and wellness. In…

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The Employee Retention Credit and You: Cannabis Businesses Can Still Receive CARES Act Funds

The Employee Retention Credit and You: Cannabis Businesses Can Still Receive CARES Act Funds Due to significant differences in state and federal law, Cannabis businesses operate under very different and sometimes significantly complicated strictures that other, more traditional businesses don’t need to navigate. But there is a program that we’ve seen serve as a true lifeline to businesses, including cannabis…

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Fun Things to do in Albuquerque

Of all the unique activities and events in Albuquerque happening this spring, surely one of the most anticipated is CannaCon West. Held the weekend of May 19 and 20, CannaCon’s visit to the Land of Enchantment is one not to be missed. As the New Mexico cannabis market expands, CannaCon is an opportunity for anyone interested in being part of…

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15 terpenes in cannabis explained [Updated 2023]

As a cannabis enthusiast, you’re probably well-versed in the world of THC and CBD. But have you ever stopped to appreciate the incredible complexity of cannabis terpenes? These fragrant oils are responsible for each strain’s unique smell and taste, but they also have a range of physiological and therapeutic effects. Whether you’re looking to reduce stress, alleviate pain or simply…

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Pre-Rolls: Types and Technology

Pre-rolls have become a major buzzword in the world of cannabis, but they’re much more than just a hot topic. Pre-roll technology is becoming more and more refined and elevated, thanks to cannabis pioneers and dispensaries across the country. Through the push for cannabis accessibility, the number of unique pre-rolls on the market, including coated cones or pre-rolls infused with…

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Ways to Celebrate 420 on April 20th and Beyond [Updated 2023]

A lot of us have a favorite number, and for a lot of cannabis lovers, that number is 420. It’s more than an easy slang abbreviation to refer to your doobage; it’s an actual date: April 20. Let’s take a brief look at the history of 420 and the best ways and how to celebrate 420! April 20, commonly known…

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History of 420 and Predictions for the Cannabis Industry

Did you know the term “420” is in the Oxford English Dictionary? “People always asked where it came from, and none of the explanations were very good,” says Katherine Connor Martin, product director for Oxford Languages at Oxford University Press. “So it’s very pleasing that the record of the English language now records what seems to be the genuine origin…

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