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california cbd market

The California CBD Market is Opening to Global Operators

AB45, or Assembly Bill 45, has officially been signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom of California last week, opening the state to producers of hemp-derived CBD products worldwide. With California’s estimated $3.2 trillion gross state product, this change has garnered attention from the CBD industry’s largest operators. CBD companies in California could see some changes to the size of…

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state guide to cannabis advertising regulations

Regulations on Cannabis Advertising by State

Welcome to part two of a two-part series about US cannabis advertising regulations. This state guide to cannabis advertising regulations provides concise information in alphabetical order. Click here for Part One of the state guide to cannabis advertising regulations! Nevada: here, advertising within the cannabis industry may not appeal to children, including without limitation, advertising using images of a cartoon character,…

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advertising cannabis strains laws and regulations

Regulations on Cannabis Advertising by State [A – M]

Looking for concise information about recreational cannabis advertising regulations and laws in a state-by-state format? Here is part one of a two-part series about advertising cannabis strains and cannabis in general, in alphabetical order. Alabama: currently no recreational cannabis advertising regulations in place. Alaska: pending finalized regulations. Arizona: currently no advertising regulations in place. Arkansas: currently no advertising regulations in…

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u-pick hemp agritourism

The Latest in Agritourism: U-Pick Hemp

If you’ve ever wanted to pick your own hemp field, now is the time! “U-Pick” activities abound during Autumn when folks venture to their nearest farmlands to participate in harvesting apples and pumpkins and milling their way through complex corn mazes. This year, the newest addition to the U-Pick fall frenzy is, in fact, industrial hemp. Hemp farmers are opening…

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effects of cannabis on mental health

Federal Agency Moves to Acknowledge Medicinal Cannabis for Mental Health and Substance

There is a change to how the effects of cannabis on mental health are being defined. This past summer, the State Department issued a statement warning mental health and substance abuse grant applicants and recipients that they are still at risk of losing funding after the federal oversight and funding agency, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) removed…

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oklahoma cannabis marketing

Tips to Market Your Oklahoma Cannabis Business

Marketing a cannabis business is not an easy job. With regulations on advertising, restrictions on social media and a myriad of other roadblocks, some businesses may choose not to market at all rather than face the obstacles – but that’s not the best method for growing a business. Cannabis is a rapidly expanding marketplace, with some states, like Oklahoma, completely…

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cannabis expungement | illinois and more

Cannabis Expungements Status in U.S.

It is essential the legalization of cannabis in the United States not only reshapes the future of the industry, but amends past offenses in the legal and penal systems. Due to the inordinately high number of people serving jail time and probation periods solely for cannabis convictions, expediting expungement must be kept in the limelight. As an insight, over 6…

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virginia cannabis expo | marijuana, weed

5 Reasons to Attend a Cannabis Expo in Virginia

Virginia possesses a rich history – from its early days as a colonial settlement and a strategic location during the Civil War, this capital city has an ever-changing landscape. Today, it’s a thriving hub for culture, shopping, outdoor adventures and…cannabis. Virginia passed adult-use cannabis legalization earlier this year and with this legislation, flocks of cannabis connoisseurs and the cannabis curious…

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california compassionate cannabis

Compassionate Cannabis is Back in California, Finally.

Compassionate care programs flourished for decades in the historically green state of California, but recreational use laws enacted in 2016 all but buried the long standing tradition. Thankfully activists and a few legislators rallied long enough to pass another version of compassionate care in California, Senate Bill 34, in late 2019. This post explores the origins and hurdles to compassionate…

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