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marketing cannabis business on linkedin

How to Marketing Your Cannabis Business on LinkedIn (And Why You Should!)

When asked about the LinkedIn platform, many would answer that it’s a medium for career seekers looking to connect with businesses about open positions. That’s true, but LinkedIn has also become a major hub for professionals looking for valuable content in addition to making personal social connections. In fact, Business Insider’s Digital Trust Report determined that LinkedIn users find the platform…

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daily cannabis use | terpene profile and effects

Daytime vs. Nighttime Cannabis Use – Things to Consider

Daily cannabis use differs from person to person. Unwind with a perfectly packed bowl after a long day’s work? Maybe you reach for a yummy edible or the methodically placed bedside vape pen as the day winds closed? Perhaps you’re more of the start the day off elevated, wake-and-bake, cannabis for breakfast type? With the massive wave that is post-prohibition…

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cannabis legalization | expungement of cannabis records

Cannabis Record Expungement, A Step Towards Social Equity In Days of Legalization 

Like cannabis legalization, conversations around the expungement of cannabis records are happening in most places across the US, and if not, they should be. Said to be a significant start towards social equity by many drug-reform advocates and equity organizers, expungement is the process by which a record of a criminal cannabis conviction is destroyed or sealed.  At the close…

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cannabis tourist attractions

Must Visit Cannabis Tourist Attractions in the U.S.

In 1936, the film Reefer Madness warned of all the inherent dangers of taking so much as one puff of a marijuana cigarette. But this isn’t 1936. This is 2020. And, finally, cannabis is starting to be recognized for the wonder plant that it is. Medical marijuana is now legal in 33 states, and 11 states have legalized marijuana for recreational use…

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cannabis women's organizations

Cannabis Forward Women’s Organizations: Connecting in the Days of Legalization

It’s been nearly a decade since Beyonce released her 2011 hit, “Run the World”. Suffice it to say that today, in 2020, women and “girls” may be the closest-ever to running anything, let alone the world, in all of American history. You may be wondering what that has to do with cannabis women’s organizations?  To that we say, everything.  Helping…

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common cannabis growing mistakes | grow cannabis

The 5 Most Common Cannabis Growing Mistakes

Cannabis farmers of today have perfected the art of creating gorgeous, large, healthy plants. Follow the precedents they set and avoid these common cannabis growing mistakes. Mistake #1: Too Much Water One of the common mistakes new growers make is to give the plants too much water. With farming, everything comes down to finding the right balance. This is especially…

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cannabis and wine | cannabis agriculture

Cannabis and Wine: Agricultural Match or Not?

Accounting for 89% of all American-made wine, Napa and Sonoma County help to make California the long-standing wine capital of the US. And there hasn’t been much competition for a mood-enhancing, psycho-active commodity in the great state of grapes either. That is until now. Today, 21st-Century winemakers find themselves at a new agricultural and economic crossroads, especially in the era…

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face-to-face communication | cannabis expo for vendors

Why Face-To-Face Communication is Critical for Cannabis Brands

When you are establishing yourself in the cannabis industry, you may wonder the best way to communicate with customers and start to gain a steady and faithful following. You see many industry leaders on YouTube or Facebook preaching the importance of their strains and cannabis in general and you want to get to that level. Studies have shown that face-to-face…

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market cannabis to women

How to Market Cannabis to Women

Marketing cannabis to women entails more than just marketing to women. More specifically, marketing to women means marketing to different kinds of women, and not pigeonholing almost half of cannabis consumers. A March 2019 report called “What Women Want in Cannabis” from Headset, found women make up 1/3 of the cannabis market (around 31%); previous reporting found a much wider gap between…

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