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search warrant criteria for cannabis

Raw Cannabis Odor No Longer Cause for Vehicle Searches, Warrants

The odor of cannabis from a vehicle, dwelling or person has historically landed pot smokers in serious hot water. Due to long-standing search warrant criteria for cannabis, law enforcement officers have relied upon the smell of marijuana as probable cause for searching and often arresting citizens — even when the cannabis was in raw, unburnt form. However the smell of…

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legal cannabis in oregon

Oregon State of Emergency Over Illegal Cannabis Grow

Sometimes the best way to hide is in plain sight, however, hemp farmers in Oregon who are also illegally growing cannabis may have to find another avenue of concealment. According to The Oregon Health Authority and the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission, as well as other sources within the state, over half of hemp fields (54%) in Jackson County alone,…

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cannabis business expenses

Deductible Cannabis Business Expenses by State

A new year means a new round of The Tax Man Cometh. To those who are seasoned in this aspect of the cannabis industry, here is the latest published information. Those who are new to the industry, welcome and buckle up! The list of tax-deductible cannabis business expenses is much more prohibitive than not and should be considered when tallying…

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new york drug test

New York’s New Marijuana Drug Testing Rules

A workplace drug test in New York may never look the same again. Per the state’s Department of Labor (DOL), employers there are not allowed any longer to test most workers, with limited exceptions, for cannabis THC. This is a bold step in the United States, as the legality of cannabis ranges from fully illegal, to instated laws against penalization…

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cannabis vending

Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Vending Machines

Ah, vending machines. Throughout our childhoods, they’ve provided us with soda pop and chocolate, crunchy granola bars and potato chips. Nowadays, the good old, rickety, loud vending machine has transformed into a stand-alone consumerist vessel of the future. We can buy things like iPhones, underwear and extremely fancy champagne in vending machines. As of 2020, we can add weed to…

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alabama medical cannabis

Alabama Legalized Medical Marijuana, But What Does That Mean?

The South is no longer a desert for those seeking relief from ailments; recently, medical cannabis advocates of Alabama experienced hard-earned success when Governor Kay Ivey signed a bill into law that allows a medical marijuana market, albeit a restrictive one. Under the law, rules are to be adopted in time to allow business license applications to start by September…

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b2b cannabis conference

What Sets CannaCon Apart from Other Cannabis Conferences

Here at CannaCon, we’ve positioned ourselves as the nation’s best B2B cannabis conference. Our premier goal is to expand the cannabis industry by educating cannabis business owners on all things cannabis and CBD. We’ve developed a trade show that spans 6 locations, hosts over 800 exhibitors and more than 25,000 attendees, effectively covering most regions in the US. CannaCon produces…

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california cbd market

The California CBD Market is Opening to Global Operators

AB45, or Assembly Bill 45, has officially been signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom of California last week, opening the state to producers of hemp-derived CBD products worldwide. With California’s estimated $3.2 trillion gross state product, this change has garnered attention from the CBD industry’s largest operators. CBD companies in California could see some changes to the size of…

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state guide to cannabis advertising regulations

Regulations on Cannabis Advertising by State [N – Z]

Welcome to part two of a two-part series about US cannabis advertising regulations. This state guide to cannabis advertising regulations provides concise information in alphabetical order. Click here for Part One of the state guide to cannabis advertising regulations! Nevada: here, advertising within the cannabis industry may not appeal to children, including without limitation, advertising using images of a cartoon character,…

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