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market cannabis to women

How to Market Cannabis to Women

Marketing cannabis to women entails more than just marketing to women. More specifically, marketing to women means marketing to different kinds of women, and not pigeonholing almost half of cannabis consumers. A March 2019 report called “What Women Want in Cannabis” from Headset, found women make up 1/3 of the cannabis market (around 31%); previous reporting found a much wider gap between…

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experiential cannabis marketing | dispensary design

Why Experiential Marketing Matters for Your Dispensary Design

Learn How Experiential Cannabis Marketing Can Translate to Brand Loyalty and Increased Sales It seems everyone is trying to keep up with the momentum of cannabis legalization lately. State by state, government officials find themselves penning laws designed to legalize and regulate medicinal and recreational cannabis sales. The close of 2019 even brought legalization to the federal stage with the…

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hemp and cannabis testing

The Benefits of Hemp and Cannabis Testing

With the legalization of cannabis spreading across the globe, and scientific studies of its medicinal and other benefits multiplying, it is becoming clear to all involved parties that hemp and cannabis testing is an important part of the equation. Testing is getting so much attention in fact, that ASTM International is developing standards for safety and quality within the industry. With…

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protect your cannabis business from theft

How to Protect Your Cannabis Business from Theft

As you start your cannabis business, it’s important to take into account how you are going to ensure the safety of your product and employees. Regardless of the type of business or product, preventing theft is paramount to a successful and thriving business. The probability of theft is exponentially higher in the cannabis industry, so we’ve put together a few things…

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environmentally friendly cannabis businesses

Strategies to Maintain an Environmentally Friendly Cannabis Business

Cannabis is big business. As legislation around cannabis begins to loosen, the economic impact begins to grow – and the use of medical marijuana, CBD, and hemp is no longer a hush-hush dirty little secret. It is a publicly recognized business that is projected to be a $22 billion industry by 2022. And while it’s fantastic that multitudes of products…

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cannabis traceability | eliminate weed stigma

Simple Ways to Eliminate the Stigma of Weed

Whether you’ve used cannabis for a while or new to the game, chances are you know and have dealt with weed stigma. It might have come from a family member, friend, boss or even just the public in general. It can be frustrating to deal with judgment from those around you when you know the effects of this natural plant.…

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vape cartridges

Newest Product Innovations for Vape Devices and How You Can Tell the Good Ones

The most awful days of the vaping dilemma are likely behind the state-legal cannabis market, however many MJ firms are looking to innovate and enhance cannabis consumer confidence and combat the sales dip of vape cartridges from the recent wellness scare. Instances of tech-based services available to marijuana firms consist of: Supplying certificates of evaluation (COA), consisting of extensive screening…

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cannabis stocks | marijuana stocks

Cannabis Stocks are Trendy – Are They Worth It?

Cannabis stocks have been all over the proverbial map since their introduction in the market in 2018. At first, the buzz was unavoidable and hopes were high for great things to happen, more specifically in the soon-to-be legal Canadian cannabis market and with state by state buzz in the United States. Then in 2019, due to small and unpredictable global cannabis…

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cannabis and hemp cross-contamination

An Unintended Consequence of Marijuana and Hemp Legislation

Since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, finally removing hemp-derived products from their schedule 1 status under the Controlled Substances Act, and with more-and-more states following the likes of Colorado, Vermont, and California by legalizing cannabis for medicinal and/or recreational consumption, hemp and cannabis farmers across the country are becoming increasingly more frustrated by cross-contamination, or “pollen drift”. The…

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