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Virginia Preps for Legal Cannabis Sales

Hemp and the state of Virginia have a long history. From the beginning, nearly every arriving ship had marijuana seeds for Virginia on board. Jamestown records reflect the popularity of this crop, mainly due to its versatility around a working farm. In 1619, the order to grow hemp was announced there; it became as good as currency and taxes were…

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Are cannabis union formations on the rise?

Unions in the workplace is a trending topic in the news right now, and this does not exclude the cannabis industry. The last CannaCon post on this topic from late December 2020 covered the Cannabis Workers Union and others — a lot has happened since then. An August 2021 Gallup poll revealed support for labor unions is at the highest…

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Missouri Marijuana is on the Ballot in November

Is Missouri marijuana legalization finally here? Legalization in the United States typically comes to fruition two ways: a legislative bill or an initiated ballot measure. Missouri recreational weed is up for legitimacy via the latter, thanks to the efforts of Legal Missouri 2022, who in May submitted roughly 400,000 signatures for a legalization initiative. The state’s November ballot will reflect…

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What to Expect at CannaCon Denver 2022

Colorado and cannabis are synonymous, as Colorado was one of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana. Being one of the biggest homes of cannabis culture, CannaCon is hosting its weed convention Denver this September 2022 at the Convention Center! Join the nation’s leading business-to-business cannabis conference and explore the Denver Colorado weed events network. Be a part of growing…

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Brittney Griner and the Criminalization of Weed

Just a week before the widely publicized invasion of Ukraine, an American basketball player was detained in Russia for having vape cartridges containing cannabis oil in her luggage. Her name is Brittney Griner. Last week Brittney Griner was convicted on a charge of attempting to smuggle narcotics into Russia, based on two vape cartridges containing hashish oil that were found…

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What to Expect at CannaCon Chicago 2022

Chicago is a hotbed of the cannabis world. Its population rank as the third largest city in the nation makes it a lightning rod for exciting new companies, opportunities and the now-popular Chicago weed events. CannaCon Chicago cannabis conference is returning to the Donald E Stephens Convention Center this month to bring the business of cannabis together in one place…

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Four Cannabis Harvesting Tips

As we are approaching the prime season to harvest cannabis, we’re talking about cannabis harvesting tips and best practices. Requiring more than chopping the plant and trimming off the flower, cannabis harvesting has foundational techniques to ensure you get the most out of your grow — when and how to harvest buds and avoid poorly trimmed weed. While there are different…

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federal cannabis legalization bill | federal bill to legalize weed | Cannabis Administration & Opportunity Act, cannabis reform

Is the New Senate Cannabis Legalization Bill a Pipe Dream?

State legalization news breaks daily, however updates on national cannabis reform are not often in the headlines. After a solid amount of time in the doldrums, the federal bill to legalize weed — the Cannabis Administration & Opportunity Act (CAOA) — is making its way back into the forefront. Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), supported by Sen. Finance Committee Chairman…

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Beginners Guide: How to Pick the Best Cannabis

With the many varieties of cannabis and cannabis products on the market, perusing a dispensary’s menu can be overwhelming. Whether you are shopping in person or online, we are here to answer the age-old question — what is the most potent weed? How do you choose the most potent marijuana? Which is better: shake vs nugs? Hand trimmed vs machine…

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