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cannabis partnerships | cannabis-centric business

More Than Weed: How Cannabis-Centric Companies Partner for Success

Cannabis is not a stand-alone industry. Aside from the manufacturing support needed to grow and sell cannabis in its purest form, partnerships are also essential for expanding the market and reaching buyers who are hesitant or not interested in consuming in the traditional ways. The year 2018 ended with cannabis-centric businesses beginning to test the waters of partnerships. These range, for example,…

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cannabis business leadership | cannabis business owner

7 Leadership Tips for Cannabis Business Owners

When you think of the terms “leader” or “leadership” you may immediately think of the CEO, President of a company, or a superior of some sort. We always hope people carrying these titles can also live up to the term “leader”, but that’s certainly not always the case. In fact, many people who are not in leadership positions have the traits…

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indoor cannabis cultivation | technology for cannabis cultivation

Top Technology for Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

Advancements in indoor cannabis cultivation occur seemingly every day, especially as new markets open and the range of need increases. For example, the recent winner of the 2019 Cannabis Startup Competition was Trella Technologies, LLC for developing an indoor farming technology that aims to train plants to grow horizontally. Or consider the highly demanded Seedo, which is an app-controlled, automated home grow device…

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common cannabis business struggles

The 5 Most Common Struggles of New Cannabis Businesses

Many entrepreneurs are excited to profit from the budding multi-billion-dollar cannabis industry. One way entrepreneurs can avoid the most common struggles in new cannabis businesses is to ask those who have gone ahead of them. These cannabis insiders not only know the challenges, but they have also overcome them. Save time, money, and energy in your own new business by…

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make your cannabis brand stand out, ideal cannabis customer, cannabis branding

How to Make Your Cannabis Brand Stand Out Among the Crowd

It’s a fact: Cannabis is one of the hottest industries out there and it’s only getting hotter. Sales of legal cannabis in the U.S. amounted to $10 billion dollars in 2018.  That’s billion, with a “B”. And, according to Grand View Research, the global legal marijuana market is expected to reach over $66 billion by the year 2025. With recreational…

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female cannabis industry leaders | cannabis female leaders | cannabis female leadership | women in cannabis

Highlighting Female Leaders in the Cannabis Industry

It’s no secret that the legal cannabis and CBD market is booming in 2019. As the plant gains more attention for its healing properties, and the industry pushes for Federal legalization it’s no surprise to learn that there are some powerful women in cannabis behind the scenes ensuring that we have access to safe, beneficial products. Advocacy, research, and marketing…

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cannabis business financial plan, cannabis business finances

How to Build a Financial Plan for Your Cannabis Business

When starting and evolving a cannabis business creating and continuously revising a business plan is a proven key to success. At the basic level, your business plan should include your business goals, methods of attaining those goals, and a timeframe to achieve them. In reality, business plans are typically much more detailed and include financial plans as well. A cannabis…

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cannabis social media influencers

How to Leverage Social Media Influencers for Your Cannabis Business

Cannabis users and businesses are on the rise, so one would expect the markets to become quickly saturated with ads, promos and deals, right? Wrong. Government regulations have a stronghold on what is and is not acceptable for cannabis businesses to reach out to their potential clientele. It can be difficult to navigate the advertising market without the fear of being…

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indoor cannabis harvest | harvesting cannabis

11 Steps for a Successful Indoor Cannabis Harvest

Producing a successful indoor cannabis harvest requires knowledge, patience, and resources. Although tips may vary depending on strains and geography, below are eleven universal steps to aid in the process. Step 1: Plan ahead. Consider the site and create an optimal layout that accommodates worker flow and cleanliness protocols, as well as how plants, products and supplies are moved through the…

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