Weed at Weddings: What’s the Deal?

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Okay, let’s get real: It’s not like weed at weddings is a new, unheard of thing. If you’ve ever attended a wedding reception, or at least one where the bride and groom were a couple in their 20’s or 30’s, you most likely at some point would smell the distinct and pungent scent of marijuana wafting from somewhere far away. If you were into it, you could just follow your nose and make some new friends. And if you weren’t, you could just ignore it. Or giggle and make the “Who brought the skunk?” joke.

Weed at Weddings?

But now, with 11 states having legalized recreational marijuana, pot is no longer something at weddings that you have sneak away to do. Oftentimes, it’s right there out in the open to use. And sometimes, it is even the overall central theme. So if you haven’t already been a guest at a 420 matrimonial shindig, let’s run down some of the things you might see.

Smoking Lounges  

Like a very special VIP section, there may be a designated marijuana smoking area, such as a luxury tent, where guests can partake in privacy and prevent others from having to intake or be affected by any second-hand smoke. While still secluded, it is far more posh than having to sneak off in some dark corner. There may be spaces to lounge about and get comfy, and it’s most definitely where all the cool kids are at.

Weed Bars 

Just like the liquor-filled cocktail bar at a traditional wedding, this is a counter laden with multiple gourmet strains of cannabis. Overseen by a knowledgeable budtender, this can be especially helpful for the non-regular user or even first-timer as the budtender can be a guide through the many varieties, and make educated suggestions so that a personalized and perfect type of desired high can be achieved. 


Whether it is floral centerpieces incorporating cannabis flowers and leaves, or beautifully ornate hookahs or bongs in the middle, couples are often incorporating the marijuana theme at each individual table. From glass pipes to jars of joints to vape pens, brides and grooms may provide guests with ways to partake right there at the table where they are sitting. I must admit, it’s a great way to break the ice and get to know your table-mates.

Gourmet Edibles 

These aren’t the pot brownies from the ’70s. From gummy-bears to cake pops to cotton candy, there are a variety of marijuana-infused treats being created by cannabis chefs that are tasty and delicious which many happy couples are now providing at their weddings. And brownies. Yes, okay, sometimes there are brownies.


While bartenders and budtenders have sometimes been known to work together to make a signature alcohol-cannabis combo drink, there also may be available some alcohol-free beverages consisting of single-servings of THC and/or CBD that are then mixed with juices and garnishes. Whereas edibles can take an hour or two to reach full effect and then last for up to six hours,  these mocktails can be felt in as little as 30 minutes and usually wear off in under an hour.

Goody bags 

Whether it’s a welcome gift for out-of-town guests or reception favors for attendees to take with them after the event, many couples are giving out bags containing baked goods, candies, or even some pre-rolled joints or tiny bud-filled mason jars. That’s quite a step-up from the typical embossed matchbook. 

CBD alternatives 

For those who don’t want to get high, or can’t due to job limitations, but still want to get loose and have a good time, there is often an offering of pure CBD products such as candies and non-THC joints available. A conscientious bride may even provide discreet THC test kits to reassure anyone paranoid with proof that nothing will show up on their drug test so they can just relax and enjoy

If the newlyweds are even more extreme pot aficionados, you could see a hemp-wedding dress, cannabis-leaf bouquets or boutonnieres, and an invitation to join the happy couple for their first toke as man and wife.

The thing to remember as a guest at a pro-weed wedding, especially if you are not a hardcore regular user yourself, is — moderation is key! Edibles especially can really sneak up on you. If the munchies kick in, stick to real food and don’t gobble down more infused snacks or you may slide right over your good time and into a passed-out lump. Also, if you are going to get stoned, don’t overdo it on the alcohol – stick to mixed drinks and stay away from shots. And if you do over-consume and find yourself a little higher than you intended or would like to be (it’s okay, it happens to the best of us), make sure to get hydrated. Drink some water. Maybe even plan ahead and bring a bottle of pure CBD with you as – insider tip – taking CBD will help reverse the effect of THC. 

Learn More at a CannaCon Event Near You

In any case, if you happen to end up at a weed wedding, lucky you. And if you get invited to a self-proclaimed weed wedding, check yes on that RSVP as quick as you can. It’s pretty much guaranteed to be a great time. 

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