Must Visit Cannabis Tourist Attractions in the U.S.

cannabis tourist attractions

In 1936, the film Reefer Madness warned of all the inherent dangers of taking so much as one puff of a marijuana cigarette. But this isn’t 1936. This is 2020. And, finally, cannabis is starting to be recognized for the wonder plant that it is. Medical marijuana is now legal in 33 states, and 11 states have legalized marijuana for recreational use by persons over 21 years of age. Oh, the times they are a-changin’. With that said, here’s a guide to some of the best cannabis tourist attractions within some of those fabulous and progressive 11 states that you should definitely check out when you have a chance.

Juneau, Alaska

Alaska is a very large state with a very small population. Breathtaking scenic views and an amazing amount of animal wildlife are some of the reasons that Alaska is a prime stop on many American cruise lines, and why a vacation there should be on everyone’s bucket list. In January of this year, state regulators approved legislation making Alaska one of the first states in the US to allow customers to smoke and consume on retail store site premises. You can also find marijuana-friendly lodging at Juneau’s  Silver Bow Inn as well as Alaska’s Capital Inn Bed & Breakfast, and tour two dispensaries and see part of a grow operation through Juneau Cannabis Tours.

Coachella Valley, California

California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana back in 1996, and is home to the Coachella Valley, a location full of gorgeous terrain with creeks and canyons and various wilderness adventures. It also contains the better known city of Palm Springs – a city where you can find not just dispensaries but a variety of cannabis lounges (such as The Vault, Cathedral City, and the 420 Lounge) where you can purchase product and chill and relax while you consume it in a safe haven designed to uplift your experience. Also found in the Coachella Valley is the very popular O Spa, a cannabis-friendly spa and resort that offers both CBD and THC products as well as a delicious selection of edibles.

Denver, Colorado

Here’s a fun fact: Colorado contains more dispensaries than all of their Starbucks and McDonalds combined! Along with the State of Washington, Colorado was one of the first two states to fully legalize marijuana in 2012. Denver alone has over 300 different dispensaries. While in Denver, you can experience the best field trip ever by visiting Euflora – often referred to as “The Apple Store of cannabis” – where the marijuana for sale is kept in on display tables that allow customers to closely examine and even smell the different buds without touching them. Tablet computers next to them contain detailed and regularly updated information about each of the strains for sale. And if you get hungry from all your sightseeing, you can learn how to roll both sushi and joints or take an Introductory cooking with cannabis class. Once your belly is full and your mind is free, you can always finish your night off with some Cannabis Karaoke.

Chicago, Illinois

Governor JB Pritzker made marijuana legalization a key component in his election campaign, and then passed the legalization bill into law at the first of this year. While in Chicago, you can choose from a large variety of cannabis-themed city tours through Loopr – all held on a luxurious party bus complete with a fully stocked dab bar full of snacks, drinks, and any and all of the smoking paraphernalia you could ever need. You can also get your grub on at Herbal Notes, a social club that serves six courses of cannabis-infused meals with an infused beverage and a take home kit. Afterward, you can dance the night away at the warehouse-style cannabis-friendly night club, Joe’s on Weed St.

Auburn, Maine

Due to state regulations and the only very recent passing of legalized recreational use, there are no official recreational marijuana tours yet – but what Auburn does have is the Maine Greenyards – an eight-room “bud & breakfast” in a mansion on 16 glorious acres of land. It has it’s very own legal, personal adult-use, organic cannabis garden which they offer free of charge to cannabis tourists.  Maine also claims to have dispensaries with exceptionally low cannabis prices, and a specialization in nuanced hybrids – making it a good place to find specialty items that customers haven’t been able to find elsewhere.

Boston, Massachusetts

A plethora of tours of this fine city can be booked through Boston Cannabis Tours. When looking for a cannabis friendly hotel, there is no better choice than Boston’s Courtyard Marriott. Aficionados of the combination of food and cannabis can enjoy a luxury four-course dining experience from Mass Cannabis Chefs, or a customized private 5-8 course meal curated to the season and local ingredients through Eat Sacrilicious. And for a private-club that provides a welcoming space for members to socialize , there is The Summit Lounge.

Cannabis Tourist Attractions

Every day in every way, the world is becoming a little bit more open to the wonders of cannabis. If you are a lover of it, you should definitely incorporate cannabis tourist attractions into your vacations. And…if you want to stay local – why not join us for a CannaCon Expo in your area! Tickets are available now!

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