Commercial Cannabis Grinders for Consistent Flower

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Many cannabis businesses find that the growing popularity of packaged marijuana products like pre-rolls, tinctures and vape oils requires a steady stream of commercially ground weed that is tough to supply without a big weed grinder. The market for “pre-processed” weed products, like vape cartridges, edibles and pre-ground flower that are ready to use, has grown faster than the overall cannabis industry over the past year. Many cannabis businesses are investing in industrial herb grinders to keep up with the anticipated growth.

Why do people want ground flower?

  • Ground weed burns more evenly than buds.
  • Some grinders are made to collect kief — the cream of the cannabis crop. This powder-like substance is made up of the crystals that you can see when you look at cannabis under a microscope. It’s packed with CBD, THC and lots of terpenes and a powerful punch. Some users like to collect it for later use.
  • People who use flower medicinally often look for streamlined systems for preparing their medicine in a consistent way.
  • Chefs report that cooking with cannabis requires consistency as well. Commercial grinders that can deliver are a kitchen requirement.

The growth of the U.S. cannabis industry has led to some major improvements to commercial cannabis grinders over the past few years. Consistently ground flower is an important staple for many entrepreneurs, and the response is a slew of new cannabis grinder machines meant to take weed-grinding to a new level.

What makes a high-quality big weed grinder?

They last. A big weed grinder that gets a lot of use needs to be made from strong materials made to withstand sticky resins, human error and a host of other challenges. Food-grade stainless steel is the material of choice. 

The blades are the best part. Don’t skimp on the blades. These blades will do most of the shredding work, so they need to be high-quality but also replaceable. Don’t forget to check the cost of replacement blades.

They save time. The purpose of an industrial herb grinder is to simplify the harvesting of cannabis flower into an ideal texture. A quality grinder means less time spent grinding and less money paid to others to grind.

There is some debate between hand-cranking devices and automated ones. This really depends on your personal needs and how much you want to invest. Currently, the least-expensive commercial grinders are about $2,000, with higher capacity models reaching into the $40K range.

They are built to stay cool during use. High heat can damage the quality of cannabis. The best industrial weed grinders stay cool to preserve the integrity of the flower.

They are built by a reputable company. As with any investment, do your homework on the company that produced the commercial grinder. Read reviews and research whether the product comes with customer service if you need it in the future. Reliable companies generally offer a warranty of some sort showing that they stand behind their product.

They collect kief. Many of these industrial weed grinders come with several different sized screens between 75-125 microns, allowing for a super-precise curation of kiefs. Dispensaries are using kief to create moon rocks, rosin, hash and other popular cannabis treats. 

They are customizable. The more you spend, the more features you can play with, and that includes changing just about everything about the way the machine shreds flower and collects kief.

Keep in mind that commercial cannabis grinders are industrial machinery and should be OSHA certified to keep you and all of your employees safe. Safety should be the number one priority when choosing a piece of heavy machinery to invest in for your business. However, there is always an element of danger when operating a machine that contains blades meant to shred materials. The less users have to interact with the blades, the better.

Features of the industrial weed grinders

A quick review of the newest features of an industrial herb grinder shows where the cannabis industry is heading. The most complicated commercial cannabis grinders claim to efficiently grind flower so that more terpenes are kept intact. Users can customize the ground size for different batches to accommodate customers’ preferences. As marijuana businesses spread across the country, the same rules of expected consistency apply. Automated grinders ensure that every location has similar-looking flower regardless of who operated the grinder. 

The future of the cannabis industry is bright, and the new crop of commercial cannabis grinders are built for growth. Finding the right commercial cannabis grinder is all about aligning your business’ goals with a grinder’s unique features. Decide exactly what kind of products you want to create, and choose the industrial herb grinder that fits best.

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