High Fashion for High People: Latest Cannabis Fashion & Accessories

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Cannabis has infiltrated many industries in its years of legalization, from science to medicine, business, technology, events and even food. It was only a matter of time until the fashion industry started seeing green — and we are loving it. This widely growing subculture of high fashion for high people is increasing the exposure of cannabis culture in everyday streetwear. Check out some of the weed fashion brands making waves in the fashion industry today, and shop canna style in the name of cannabis.

High Fashion for High People

Cannabis lovers come in all shapes and sizes, from young and elderly, to CEOs, and average Joes. Leaving room in the producer’s market to appeal to each of these masses, here are a couple of high fashion for high people brands you don’t want to miss.

Sundae School

A Korean-American brand started by siblings Dae and Cindy Lim through their shared interest in all things cannabis. Sundae School has stylish clothes for a variety of looks, including shiny green corset crops for a modern look, or collared fleece sweaters for a more cozy, vintage look — some items even come with double front pockets “for dem spliffs”. The brand aims to raise awareness of the systemic drug war issue plaguing the United States by donating 1 percent of its sales revenue to charities that support the fight for justice among those incarcerated for petty weed crimes and for the AAPI community.


HUF has been a huge name in weed fashion since the mid 2010s, with their iconic weed leaf socks truly setting the trend ahead of the ball. HUF released a collection in 2021 akin to 1970s fashion, including a Green Buddy, a new comic book-inspired character shaped like a cannabis leaf. Green Buddy appears on apparel, keychains and even a plush doll — taking the brand further than just clothing.

Edie Parker Flower

A deluxe brand on its own, the Flower line is truly high fashion for high people with its collection of ornate glass pieces, rolling papers, trays, storage cases and wearable weed fashion. Luxury comes in many forms, and a cute one-hitter necklace is perfect for any canna style fashionista.

Organic Collaborations

Some rappers’ names are synonymous with weed, giving them an organic entryway into the weed fashion space. Wiz Khalifa partnered with Diamond Clothing Co and WeedMaps through their clothing line for cannabis fashion, designed to close the gap between the rap and weed industries. This collaboration also donates purchase proceeds to the Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit group working to change drug laws and criminal justice in the United States. Waka Flocka joined forces with weed clothing brand DRO in 2019 to also further align the industries of music and cannabis.

Women in cannabis are another force that has entered the weed fashion scene, as the industry and subsequent niche market is ripe for getting ahead of male-dominated norms. WEiC (Women Employed in Cannabis) has collaborated with Cannacity, a high-end 420 clothing brand with products made from hemp, to highlight female embodiment in cannabis fashion.

Likewise, in September 2021 the CEO of Fourtwenty Collections Marvina Thomas and NYC fashion designer Korto Momolu teamed up to curate Arizona’s first weed-themed runway show Queen of the Nile. The weed fashion line was designed for women, with the goal to inspire and empower women of all ages, sizes and demographics.

Weed Nails

Nail art is a fashion aesthetic dating back decades, as adorning our nails with seasonal colors, sparkles and intricate miniature designs is one of the most creative ways to express ourselves. Naturally, cannabis users have started incorporating their love of the plant into weed nails. 

Stoner manicures are making a huge splash, as they can be as traditional as utilizing different shades of green for a more conceptual approach, or going all out by using real bits of the leaf, nugs, or kief directly on the nails. Some nail artists have used real concentrate oils for designs, or have integrated the honey-amber colors into the manicure for emphasis on the golden nectar.

If more explicit messaging is up your alley, adding stickers to the nails such as “420”, “710”, and “W33D” are more common ways to express your high fashion tastes. Likewise, little reusable nail charms in the shape of the leaf, nugs, joints and puffs of smoke can be added to any manicure for a flare of canna style.

Shop Canna Style

As consumers and weed-lovers, it’s important to put our money where our interests are to shift the market towards the best interest of cannabis as a whole (psst, we even have a gift guide that’s a great resource for supporting the industry). Support these 420 clothing brands and cannabis fashion companies by picking out a treat for yourself or a gift for the marijuana enthusiast in your life. High fashion for high people is the new trend.

Mixing Canna Culture and Business

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Photo: Michelle Corvino, Sundae School.

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