Why Vaping Wins

weed vaping

The Evolution of vaping – In the past 7 years the weed vaping market has changed considerably. For strong performance you were pretty much stuck with a desktop unit. From Storz and Bickel’s Volcano, 7th Floor’s SSV & Da Buddha, or Arizer’s Extreme Q. All varying wildly in price and performance. The portable market was dominated by much weaker competition at that time with very few budget friendly options and performance nowhere even close to a desktop unit. Today the desktop vaporizer market is all but relegated to the enthusiast market. You are no longer seeing new desktop vapes at an affordable price. It has now been overtaken by the portable market that has seen measurable improvements.  No longer do you need to spend 250+ on a satisfying vaporizer experience. The Dynavap lineup has performance that can hold its own against vaporizers more than 6 times the cost.

A healthier option –  From no longer inhaling harmful compounds that are only extracted at higher temperatures, to not having to inhale smoke the benefits are profound. You get a more complete cannabinoid extraction  with weed vaping in addition to not burning off helpful compounds and terpenes with their own medicinal benefits. The DynaVap lines up is less harmful to the environment, less offensive, smell of vapor disappears quickly after use, material utilization is much less , ability to micro dose, improve flavor profile, discrete, cleaner controlled affect and a variety of heating methods including induction heat (no fuel and combustion).

The future of vaping continues to develop and the consumer continues to explore more options, searching for the right vape, on demand versus session style, ability to consume both flour and oil, optimal heating choices.
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