5 Fun Things to Do While High at Home

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Consuming cannabis at home with no agenda is perfection. But sometimes we want to be productive or creative. Sometimes we need to change things up and let loose. Are you looking for fun things to do while high but lacking high ideas? You found the right place! We’re all about getting stoned with these five fun things to do while high at home.

Before Partaking in All High Ideas

Before we dive into fun things to do while high, let’s explore a common myth about “sativa” versus “indica” especially since most people rely on this difference for a desired effect. For decades folks have used sativa and indica terms as a way to describe the effects one can expect to feel with the common misunderstanding that sativa energizes and indica relaxes (with hybrid as a combination of the two). But the terms “sativa” and “indica” actually pertain to the plant’s biology, not the effects consumers can expect. This is key when engaging in fun things to do when high.

When seeking a specific effect from cannabis, it is more paramount to understand cannabinoid composition (CBD, CBG, THC, etc.) and the terpene profile (limonene, myrcene and more than 100 other distinct terpenes that more reliably influence effects). It’s important to understand cannabinoids and terpenes and your unique biology and Endocannabinoid System (ECS) when seeking a desired effect from cannabis. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s dive into 5 fun things to do while high at home, or what we call “high ideas”.   

5 Fun High Ideas for At-Home Elevated Experiences

  1. Stoner Art Activities

One cool (and fun) high idea is getting stoned and creating art. Whether you’re going solo or trying group stoner painting ideas, making a vision board or working with other materials like clay, using cannabis to help curate your experience can be helpful with creativity and focus. It makes sense since cannabis can help improve brain function in the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain central to creativity! Some cool stoner painting ideas can include: painting a cannabis leaf, free painting whatever you feel, or maybe creating a galaxy painting like the examples given on Stoner’s Rotation website, which walks you through galaxy paintings and other easy stoner painting ideas.

  1. Stoned Fitness

Working out doesn’t have to be so grueling, especially when we get a lift from our favorite cannabis product or strain. And, with so many of our activities still happening at-home due to COVID-19, another fun high idea is getting stoned and toned at home! Tongue-twister intended. According to Insider Magazine, there is even something called a “stoner-ciser,” describing a growing community of people who exercise while high. For stoner-cisers, exercising while high helps boost mood, lose weight and become more mindful overall. For cool guided at-home workouts, definitely check out Stoned + Toned, a fun and energetic online workout built by cannabis users, for cannabis users. According to Stoned + Toned, 82% of cannabis users smoke before or after they work out!

  1. Get Organized!

Maybe this high idea isn’t considered “fun” for everyone, but more mundane tasks like finally organizing that closet or garage can surely take on a new level of fun while stoned. Although some report getting easily distracted when cleaning or organizing while stoned, many people find they actually clean or organize more efficiently after consuming their favorite cannabis strain. If organizing sounds dreadful but you know it’s necessary, perhaps a smoke sesh before (and after) is the right high idea for you!

  1. Just Chill

Many of us are overwhelmed with work, family, the economy and getting through this pandemic that we have lost the ability to just chill. Cannabis can be clutch during these times, helping us to relax, meditate or listen to our favorite music without distraction. Sound like you? Allow yourself the privilege to chill, enjoy your alone time and tap into whatever relaxing activities help soothe you. There are lots of elevated playlists and guided meditations available to channel the chill.

  1. Play Video Games

While the decades old couch-locked stoner stereotype has finally been debunked, sometimes the best high idea for you is to do just that: pop a squat on the couch and enjoy your favorite video game! Playing video games at home can be a ton of fun and something many deprive themselves of due to “adulting” responsibilities. Not to be confused with Problem Video Game Playing (PVP), which is disordered behavior and addictions to video games, we are talking about allowing yourself the privilege to enjoy the reprieve from reality by engaging in a childhood pastime.

Getting Stoned

From stoner painting ideas to working out while high, dosage control is important for any fun activities while getting stoned. The goal is to know our bodies well enough to consume within our comfort level to ensure the best elevated experience possible. Next time you’re home alone with time and weed to enjoy, try one or all and share your experiences below. Or if you want to share ideas with industry peers face to face, register to attend a CannaCon cannabis business expo near you!


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