DaySavers stoner dream job will pay you to smoke weed

Calling all stoners – are you ready to find your dream job?

You’re in luck.

DaySavers recently launched their search for a cannabis content creator who will get paid to light up and
test cannabis accessories.

The job is being dubbed the “Ultimate Stoner Dream Job” and comes with a cool $70,420 annual salary
plus exclusive opportunities to attend cannabis industry events. The selected candidate will represent
the brand at events like CHAMPS, MJBizCon, and Hall of Flowers. They’ll also be flown to Seattle to meet
the team and visit the DaySavers headquarters.

DaySavers is a new direct-to-consumer brand focusing on pre-roll products, including pre-roll cones,blunts, and tubes. They’re known as the most complaint rolling paper brand in the market, consistently testing their products against the strictest standards of the cannabis industry.

Along with the DaySavers brand, the company includes the pre-rolled blunts brand Fill-a Blunts and the
luxury pre-roll brand Smoke Temple. The cannabis content creator will get the opportunity to test their
specialty products like the perfect pack pre-roll filling machine by DaySavers, pre-rolled blunt tubes by Fill-a Blunts, and the pre-rolled cross cone by Smoke Temple.

DaySavers is the consumer-facing side of Custom Cones USA, a leading pre-roll manufacturer since 2017. Custom Cones USA offers a range of solutions for cannabis companies seeking to expand their pre-roll
products. They offer solutions for every stage of pre-roll production, from a range of pre-roll machines to customized packaging and wholesale bulk pre-rolled cones.

Custom Cones USA hopes that the stoner dream job will help spread the word about their DaySavers
brand, while also drawing attention from content creators and influencers who are passionate about
sharing quality cannabis products with the stoner community.

“We are thrilled to be launching our Ultimate Stoner Dream Job campaign in the hopes that we will find
a dedicated and one-of-a-kind content creator and social media manager to help us build engaging
content on our social media platforms,” said Harrison Bard, Co-Founder and CEO of DaySavers and
Custom Cones USA. “If you’re passionate about cannabis and have any kind of creative talent – this may
be the job for you. Many people talk about doing what they love, but few actually have the chance to
make it a reality. This is a dream opportunity for any cannabis lover!”

Cannabis lovers age 21+ are encouraged to apply as long as they have a background in creating content.
The DaySavers team is actively searching for candidates who can assist with creating content for social
media, blogs, videos, and other creative endeavors. Their application page states they are looking for
candidates with a background in marketing, writing, photography, TikTok, graphic design, videography,
and social media.

Sound like someone you know? If you’re on the search for a stoner-friendly gig, head to the DaySaverswebsite to apply by April 20, 2024. DaySavers will select one full time candidate in addition to multiple
candidates open to freelance opportunities. All applicants will receive exclusive discounts to DaySavers products (munchies not included).

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