Budding CBD and Hemp Businesses Leverage Food Grade Stainless Steel 

food grade stainless steel

Industrial containers are designed and certified for specific uses. A food grade stainless steel drum, for example, is made of steel that met the quality, durability, temperature resistance, and other criteria to be deemed safe for food preparation, storage and dining. However, food grade drums are not only used to process or contain traditional foodstuffs. Skolnik food grade drums are also used to store/transport other consumables. They are employed in distilling operations, breweries, wineries, and, most recently, are being utilized in the cannabis and hemp industry for the processing, storing and transporting of CBD and hemp oil.

Food grade stainless and carbon steel drums are a safe, efficient and reliable means to contain a whole range of food-related and consumable goods. To be considered food grade, the drums themselves need to be made, top-to-bottom, with food safe steel. That means everything from the fittings to the gaskets can safely make contact with the contents without contamination. At Skolnik, we offer food grade stainless steel containers in a variety of configurations, including conventional, seamless, open head, tight head and more. And every surface of those drums meets food grade sanitary standards to help maintain the purity of the CBD, hemp oil or other product it serves.

Our customizable food grade stainless drums are excellent vessels for the safe, reliable containment and transportation of extracted oils and trimmed leaves, buds and flowers. As they are, they are completely food safe, no additional linings needed.

Furthermore, food grade steel is easy to clean and disinfect, so our winery, distillery, and CBD industry partners can sanitize and reuse containers as needed as their businesses grow and evolve.

From kitchen utensils to appliances, stainless steel has long been a friend to the food industry, but we’re always excited to see how food grade steels’ usefulness continues to evolve and serve emerging industries, and to do our part to support businesses in need of exceptional, food grade containers.

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