Pot Politeness: Stoner Rules in 2022

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Every society has its unspoken rules of order, and the cannabis community is no different. Call it what you like: pot politeness, weed etiquette or stoner rules, any way it is labeled, there are means to ensure steady invitations to a circle of consumption. A refresher guide is always nice, and newbies can benefit too (welcome Rhode Island!). Look over this comprehensive stoner etiquette list and comment if these actions seem on par with a courteous puff-puff-pass experience.

The Official Weed Etiquette

  • Sharing cannabis is a long-established staple of stoner etiquette. Unless consuming alone, always offer and expect to share. On this same vein, if someone does not want to partake, don’t pressure them.
  • If hosting, let others know what they’re smoking. Minimally speaking, whether sativa, indica or hybrid is important but any other info is appreciated. Similarly, when gifting cannabis to someone, clearly indicate the type of product and its potency.
  • Not sure how much to share or how much to consume? Weed etiquette says let the sharing host determine the amount based on need and affordability. It is also a good idea to bring some of your own supply to share. Bonus points if a different variety can be offered.
  • Always remove stems and seeds. They aren’t needed, they cause sparks and pops, and the torched taste interferes with the cannabis flavor.
  • Cornering bowls is often considered a smart cannabis consumption practice.
  • Some say the person who packs the bowl or rolls the joint gets to light it, while others stand by the belief the guest should be first. Regardless of what is practiced, whoever is at the end of the round should ask the group before getting rid of something.
  • If it’s burning, don’t hold onto it. Consume once or twice, ash, then pass. Many people default to always rotating throughout the assembly to the left side.
  • Be mindful of exhaled smoke direction especially in the vicinity of others faces.
  • Clear the chamber of bongs and pipes before passing as stale smoke tastes unpleasant and causes a harsh cough.
  • Always offer a contribution to the experience, whether it be cannabis, snacks or monetary in nature.
  • Honestly communicate your abilities. For example, if you’re uncomfortable or inexperienced with using a pipe or rolling a joint, say so. Poor rolls lead to wasted product.
  • Pot politeness is also about partaking responsibly. Know your perimeters. As with alcohol, the effects of cannabis will reach everyone at varying times. Smart cannabis consumption is just good sense.
  • Avoid contact with saliva, the tongue and all inside parts of your mouth. Lips only please!
  • If sick, stoner rules say don’t share a smoking device with others. If uncertain of wellness levels, consider joint consumption Egyptian style by making a fist and lightly placing the end of the joint between your middle and ring fingers. Then put your mouth into the circle made by the side of your index finger, and inhale from your hand. Egyptian style allows for joint hits without direct contact.
  • Terminology can be important. Some are opposed to the word ‘marijuana’ due to its charged history in the United States, and some growers don’t accept the term “weed,” because by definition it’s an unwanted plant. Further, understanding what European style is could save you from a coughing fit.
  • When uncertain if discussing cannabis is acceptable in a non-consuming crowd, “try starting by sharing a story about your parents’ stance on the power of CBD or how the NFL is reconsidering its views on medical cannabis,” Jonathan Teeters, general manager of the CBD division at Azuca explains. “Centering it on a subject like parents or the NFL doesn’t shine the light right on you and your particular cannabis preferences, but creates a way to start a conversation.” After gauging the reaction, determine the path forward. This stoner etiquette strategy also allows for medical privacy if desired.
  • Similarly, smart cannabis consumption also includes being mindful of your location to avoid upsetting others around you. Generally speaking, schools, hospitals, playgrounds and nursing homes are not ideal spots for assuming consumption is acceptable.
  • And last of the official stoner rules, but certainly not least, don’t pocket the lighter!

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