Budding CBD and Hemp Businesses Leverage Food Grade Stainless Steel 

food grade stainless steel

Industrial containers are designed and certified for specific uses. A food grade stainless steel drum, for example, is made of steel that met the quality, durability, temperature resistance, and other criteria to be deemed safe for food preparation, storage and dining. However, food grade drums are not only used to process or contain traditional foodstuffs.…

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The New Normal: Cannabis After Coronavirus

cannabis after coronavirus

April 28, 2020 Regulatory News Tyler Elder We’re living through stressful and confusing times. Everything is closed, the news is changing every hour, and we’re all stuck at home bored out of our minds. This era of uncertainty could lead to a new normal for cannabis after coronavirus. Luckily, most jurisdictions across the U.S. have…

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The Importance of Building a Consistent Cannabis Brand

consistent cannabis brand

The Apex Trading team has been in the B2B cannabis industry since 2014. That was when the first recreational cannabis market came online in Colorado. Today, there are now 11 states with adult use or recreational cannabis and 33 states with medical marijuana. We’ve had a front row seat to watch the expansion and maturation…

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Social Distancing Sales: Delivery, Drive-thru, and Pickup

cannabis sales

As you may have heard in the news, governments whose stay-at-home orders shuttered millions of businesses nationwide have largely exempted cannabis operators from suffering a similar fate. While some people have expressed skepticism, cannabis is an essential need for millions of patients, whether they have a card or have to rely on recreational/adult-use sources to…

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3 Groups Changing the Conversation About Cannabis and Mental Health

mental health and cannabis use

Across borders and cultures, mental health and cannabis use top the list of topics we just don’t talk about. At least historically, that is. Highly stigmatized for a variety of social and cultural reasons, the negativity attached to discussing one’s mental health struggles or cannabis consumption seems to finally be coming to an end. Thankfully…

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Automated Cannabis Cultivation Systems are Essential During a Crisis

automated cannabis cultivation

By Aaron Mullins, Systems Coordinator, Next Big Crop The coronavirus crisis is, among many things, a stark reminder that you always need a plan B. It is also proof that you can have a perfectly solid cultivation business upended by factors completely out of your control, such as public health crises, global supply-chain disruptions and…

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Prepared for Crisis and Resilience

pandemic plan

During this challenging time, keeping up an open, honest dialogue is key. It’s this dialog that is an opportunity for organizations to share what they know, the impact to their staff members, and the impact to their customers / clients. We are co-developing a shared experience that seeks to connect us. As the COVID-19 situation…

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5 Reasons Why Your Architect Needs Help Designing Your Cultivation Facility

next big crop

Good architects are worth their weight in gold, but that doesn’t mean they know everything—particularly when it comes to growing cannabis. And now we’re looking at business operations in cannabis and beyond that could be forever changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. There’s a new appreciation of the need for physical space among workers, containment and…

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Cannabis Networking Groups: How to Get and Stay Connected

cannabis networking groups

As the first quarter of 2020 rounds closed thirty-three U.S. states currently have regulated medicinal cannabis programs of varying standards, while just 13, plus DC, have adult-use or recreational laws in place for those 21-years-old and older. With the sweep that is the legalization of cannabis, amongst a plethora of other things, has come engaging…

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Making Health and Safety Central to Your Cultivation Facility Maintenance

cultivation facility maintenance

By Jon Jirikovec, Cultivation Superintendent at Next Big Crop Cultivation facility maintenance health and safety SOPs that protect your team, your customers and anyone involved with your operation are critical, now more so than ever as we collectively handle the spread and fallout of the new coronavirus. Taking care of your workers means more than…

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Marijuana Businesses Thrive Despite Coronavirus Crisis

marijuana businesses thrive during coronavirus

Michigan marijuana shops will remain open during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, according to the Marijuana Regulatory Agency. While Michigan is ordering medical and recreational marijuana retail outlets to close, they are still able to make curbside and home delivery sales.   “In-person transactions within the licensed facility or establishment are prohibited.…

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How to differentiate your pre-rolls from competitors?

differentiate your pre-rolls

More and more the cannabis space is becoming crowded with new brands offering the same product on the dispensary shelves. This decreases the pricing power and leverage with the retailer and so growers will start to hear that dispensaries aren’t interested in your pre-roll unless it hits a certain price point where the store can…

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