Cannabis Production: What to See, Do and Learn in Detroit

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Plant a Seed at CannaCon Midwest

If you’ve never attended a cannabis conference, you may wonder what it’s all about. Some imagine big groups of people sitting in a circles, smoking joints and listening to the Grateful Dead, or floral-crown-wearing hippies burning incense and dancing in a drum circle. That’s cool, but that’s not CannaCon.

Your Regional Cannabis B2B Conference

In 2019, CannaCon added the fourth installation of its regional cannabis trade show, now covering all four regions of the United States: Northeast, Northwest, Midwest and the South. No matter where you are, there is a now a dedicated cannabis production conference focused on your region.

With legalization spreading throughout the nation, new markets offer opportunities for industrial hemp and CBD products, medical marijuana and recreational cannabis. If you’re ready to grow your cannabis production business and learn about the best cultivation practices and newest marijuana production technologies, then it’s time to attend a CannaCon near you.

In the past year, CannaCon has held conferences in three new and emerging cannabis markets, and each CannaCon has attracted visitors from surrounding states and throughout the region. CannaCons are all about conducting business in the highly profitable cannabis space. Some people wear business suits and some wear flip flops, but everyone is learning how to start or scale their business.

When you attend a CannaCon, you can expect to find cultivation services, producers, seed and genetics companies, labs, lawyers, marketers and other ancillary businesses. Many exhibitors travel long distances to help guide the new markets. Exhibitors and attendees are all about business, but that’s not to say we don’t have tons of fun too!

Starting a Cannabis Production Business

Let’s take a closer look at the production side of the cannabis industry. Also considered seed-to-shelf, this segment within the recreational and medical marijuana space includes anyone working toward delivery of an end product to be sold to consumers. This can include genetics and seeds companies, growers, producers of edibles, oils, drinks and any other product you might find in a dispensary.

Businesses geared toward cannabis production tend to draw the largest crowds. If you are walking through the aisles and see a crowd forming, often times it’s a cool genetics or seed booth with exciting new strains available. Exhibitors typically bring a large supply of product to introduce and sell, but when they run out, you don’t want to find yourself empty-handed. CannaCon is a great place to find new cannabis products to offer your customers.  

Businesses and services that support cannabis cultivation are another big draw for CannaCon attendees. If you’re new to growing cannabis, CannaCon offers a wealth of resources in your backyard. Are you setting up an indoor or outdoor grow? Do you have questions about lighting, ventilation, nutrients and more? For businesses looking to create cannabis products from the plant, CannaCon is a great place to learn about extraction methods and equipment, terpenes, cannabinoids, and the science of cannabis.

Cannabis Educational Seminars

In addition to the B2B expo, CannaCon also offers educational seminars. Each conference features numerous industry leaders with varying backgrounds and areas of expertise geared toward cultivators and the production side of the cannabis industry.

Cannabis cultivation seminars at CannaCon Detroit include:

  • Sunscape LED President Jin Zhu on “Cultivating Innovation In The Emerging Cannabis Industry”
  • Mammoth Microbes Chief Growth Officer Colin Bell on “Scientifically Driven Solutions to Maximize Plant Yield and Quality”
  • Terry Boboige of Perry Johnson Registrars Food Safety on “The Cannabis Industry and Food Safety Audits”

Click here for the full 2019 CannaCon Detroit Seminar Lineup.

Attend CannaCon Detroit

CannaCon isn’t just a place where stoners come to buy a new bong. Sure, you can probably find one, but CannaCon is a traveling conference dedicated to guiding the development of the cannabis industry. CannaCon provides attendees and businesses a platform for networking.

Don’t pay full price at the door. Make plans to attend Detroit CannaCon and save by registering before the event. Early registration ends June 20.

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