OKLAHOMA / 04.18.2019 - 04.19.2019 / COX CONVENTION CENTER 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

CannaCon is one of the world’s largest cannabis industry expo events

Some may call you an innovator. Some may call you an entrepreneur, a risk-taker, a progressive, or a professional. Whatever they may call you, you are an expert on growth—you coax fledgling buds of business into bountiful blooms. Just as forging into new enterprise may be fraught with unknowns, the shifting landscape of cannabis regulations may inspire anxiety. CannaCon will help you plan for contingencies and drive success through nuanced understanding of today’s most important issues, from cultivation and compliance to regulations, business and legal advice, retail insights, extraction technology, scientific and financial trends, marketing, and branding. Network with like-minded entrepreneurs who also brave the unknowns of a new industry—and grow their businesses exponentially. Whether you are a cannabis impresario or newcomer, join the ranks who move the industry forward.


Oklahoma City

CannaCon is coming to Oklahoma City. Join CannaCon in Oklahoma for an interactive gathering of like minded cannabis professionals. CannaCon will unite leading pioneers and entrepreneurs with investors and experts discussing the latest industry developments. Access the next generation of cannabis technology and products while discovering what trends will influence the marketplace of 2019 and beyond.

Oklahoma City
April 18th - April 19th, 2019
Detroit, MI
June 21-22, 2019

Detroit, MI

CannaCon Detroit 2018 was a massive success! Thank you to all business owners, politicians, scientists, news anchors, influencers, farmers, cultivators, nutritionists, manufacturers, and countless others who joined us in Detroit to unlock the potential of the emerging marijuana marketplace in the Great Lakes region. With historic brick buildings in stark contrast to modern skyscrapers and automobile factories adjacent to tech companies, new industries emerge from the wreckage of former financial ruin in the Motor City. Just as 19th century palatial homes belie the prosperity of the past and foretell that of the future, a wealth of opportunities await Michigan—one of the largest cannabis marketplaces in the United States. We are proud to have provided Detroit’s first landmark cannabis business expo, and we are excited to announce our 2019 dates.

Springfield, MA

CannaCon is coming to Springfield, MA.

Massachusetts flourished as a cannabis cultivation powerhouse after first legal sales of marijuana began in 2018. Cannabis entrepreneurs from Boston to Chatham and Martha’s Vineyard to Springfield are nurturing business in a robust industry poised for growth.

CannaCon is the nation’s premier cannabis business industry convention with successful expos in Washington, California, Colorado, Alaska, Michigan, and Massachusetts. Our goal is to share knowledge acquired through decades of experience in the business of cannabis.

Our immersive expo hosts numerous vendors from all facets of the cannabis industry from coast to coast uniting buyers with exhibitors. At CannaCon, your business innovations will spark sales as you meet farmers, cultivation leaders, agricultural equipment specialists, soil experts, nutrient producers, accounting wizards, legal virtuosos, security experts, extraction technicians, payroll processors, display producers, investors, influencers, and customers. Join us in Springfield to gain insight from business pioneers, forge strategic alliances, network, and grow your business.

Springfield, MA
August 23-24 2019

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