Frequently Asked Questions

Who started Cannacon?
CannaCon, both the name and the show format, were the brainchild of Robert Smart.
Why should I attend Cannacon?
Whether you have an interest in the cannabis industry or simply an interest in cannabis, CannaCon is the one show that truly offers something for everyone. From the open marketplace of products and services that can be purchased directly from manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers, to the spectrum of educational seminars, many CE accredited, CannaCon truly is the show you don’t want to miss! 
What’s the difference between the three shows? (and who can attend?)
The difference in the three shows that CannaCon is currently producing reflects the differences in policy, implementation and market maturity state by state where we produce each show. CannaCon strives for local relevance in its educational programming as well as with the professional services providers and retailers that are invited to exhibit in the expo. CannaCon is open to the public 21 and over unless otherwise stated on the official show ticket page.
Cannabis consumption policy
CannaCon does not allow the consumption of alcohol or cannabis on the expo floor at any of our shows. Consumption of cannabis in designated areas, as dictated by local jurisdiction will be considered on a show-by-show basis.
What does the ticket price cover? (seminars? Food?)
Our tickets are titled so you know what you’re getting. Want to check out some of the speakers, maybe the breeders panel? Make sure you buy a “Seminar & Expo” ticket. 1-Day, 2-Day & 3-Day tickets are available, make sure you check the schedule here. Just want to walk the expo and see what all the excitement is about? Grab an Expo Only” ticket. 1-Day, 2-Day & 3-Day tickets are available. 
What’s the ticket refund policy?
Tickets are NOT refundable. Had tickets to the Superbowl and couldn’t make it? They didn’t give you a refund either.
What if I lose my badge?
Your badge can be replaced for a $5 fee as long as you have your original ticket, either printed or on your mobile device and valid proof of ID.
What should I wear?
Business casual to casual seems to be the norm at CannaCon, with a few suits and even fewer ties seen, you might not guess that tens of millions of dollars are changing hands in the conversations you see taking place as you walk the floor of this very unassuming business event.
What should I bring? (and what isn’t allowed. Water, bag for swag, etc)
If you pre-register you’ll be handed a swag bag on the way in! Please don’t bring anything you wouldn’t bring to a major sporting event. Water bottles are usually an item venues don’t allow in, mostly because the want you to buy theirs.
Will tickets be on sale at the door? (and can I prepay?)
Ticket prices go up at the door, so be sure to pre-register here to skip the main line and save a few bucks for doing it!
What’s the best way to get to the show? (parking lots/public transport, etc?)
We recommend using Lyft, Uber or public transportation to get to CannaCon.
Can I take photos? Videos?
Photos and short video clips for personal use, taken with non-commercial devices are perfectly fine, please share what you like! Are you a DSLR or mirrorless shooter? Please apply for media credentials here.

Content being created for commercial use is allowed only by pre-registered press and media. Please contact us / apply here.