Oklahoma Cannabis Convention: Welcome to Toke-lahoma

cannabis convention oklahoma city

Since medical cannabis became legal in 2018, Oklahoma has become the wild west of legalized cannabis markets, surpassing the rest of the country in medical license carriers and licensed cannabis businesses. Holding the record for most medical dispensaries per capita, with 36 shops for every 100,000 residents, no other state has been as transformed by…

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Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Vending Machines

cannabis vending

Machines dispensing both CBD and THC are popping up around the United States. As CBD is generally more accepted (and not regulated), machines exclusively offering these products are often available in public spaces, such as shopping centers and convenience stores. Vending machines offering THC products are less widely accessible, often being restricted to dispensaries or…

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Oklahoma Boom! The Sooner State Spin On Cannabis

oklahoma cannabis | oklahoma marijuana market | oklahoma recreational weed | cannabis market in oklahoma | oklahoma cannabis laws

When voters rejected Oklahoma recreational weed in 2023, many were surprised. A big part of this surprise was the proof that that precedent does not always guarantee specific outcomes. Although Oklahoma still has a wildly popular, successful medical market with no qualifying conditions, some culling has occurred. One such area is in the number of…

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DaySavers stoner dream job will pay you to smoke weed

Calling all stoners – are you ready to find your dream job? You’re in luck. DaySavers recently launched their search for a cannabis content creator who will get paid to light up and test cannabis accessories. The job is being dubbed the “Ultimate Stoner Dream Job” and comes with a cool $70,420 annual salary plus…

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