The Business Side of Cannabis: What to See, Do and Learn in Detroit

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Grow Your Company at CannaCon Midwest

We have already taken a look at what CannaCon Midwest attendees can do, see and learn on the production side of the cannabis business. Now let’s examine the business side and the ancillary services you can explore at our Midwest cannabis business conference.

If you have never attended a cannabis expo show, especially one of the traveling CannaCon conferences, you will likely be surprised at the vast array of businesses that have forged a niche for themselves in this burgeoning industry.

Let’s Do Business

Everyone wants to get involved in the cannabis industry, and there are a ton of ways to do that aside from growing the plant. Growers and producers need a wide variety of products and services to make their businesses work and to get their products in the hands of consumers. Dispensaries are one of the most obvious players on the business side of medical or recreational cannabis, but even they need products and services to operate.

If you’re a cannabis entrepreneur, CannaCon is the best place to find B2B cannabis services. CannaCon is also a great place to find inspiration to start your own marijuana-related business. And no matter where you are in your journey, CannaCon is a terrific networking opportunity. We bring the best exhibitors to demonstrate their products and renowned industry leaders to teach you about operating a cannabis company.

Cannabis B2B Solutions

Anyone looking to get into the production side of cannabis needs to attend CannaCon Midwest. Not only can you learn how to grow the best cannabis, but you can also learn how to grow the best cannabis business.

Our midwest cannabis trade show brings together a variety of established and experienced industry professionals to help you get your cannabis grow from the ground and into consumer hands. Beyond growing or extracting cannabis products, growers need security, transportation, legal assistance, compliance and inventory software and much more.


CannaCon Midwest attendees can expect to find the latest technology geared toward businesses in the cannabis field. CannaCon exhibitors include software and equipment for your dispensary inventory and consumer loyalty, lighting and irrigation automation, security systems, compliance assistance and more. Technology is an integral part of any industry today, and you can expect to discover new and exciting technology for the booming marijuana and hemp industry.

Professional Cannabis Consultants

CannaCon Midwest attendees will see some familiar professional services geared toward the cannabis space. Local and regional law firms that focus on cannabis business startup and licensing. Cannabis legislation in the midwest is ever-changing. CannaCon Midwest is an opportunity to speak with specialized attorneys who can answer your questions and guide you through the legal cannabis maze. Protect yourself and your company by consulting with a knowledgeable and up-to-date cannabis attorney.

Not sure which expenses are deductible in your new cannabis company? CannaCon Midwest is an opportunity to vet potential accountants to avoid accounting errors. With a specialized accountant, you can rest assured that you and your business are safe from audits and legal action.

In addition to legal and accounting assistance, CannaCon features other types of cannabis consulting services. Do you have a new company that no one knows about? Get the word out with traditional and digital marketing, public relations, advertising and lead generation services.

Do you want access to someone who has started a successful business in your niche? That’s why CannaCon exhibitors are here, to advise you through each phase of your new cannabis business venture. The CannaCon Expo Midwest is the perfect place to find a consultant to lead you through this new cannabis and hemp terrain.

Cannabis Swag for Your Bag

Don’t leave home without your wallet. CannaCon conference attendees have lots of opportunities to purchase cannabis equipment and other ancillary products. Rolling papers, packaging solutions, and the latest storage containers and other paraphernalia are on full display and available for purchase same day. And don’t forget the free samples! Walking the CannaCon expo aisles feels a little like a green Christmas.

Grow Your Cannabis Business Knowledge

More than just a trade show, CannaCon is known for its educational cannabis seminars and industry leaders. Experts from various backgrounds are scheduled throughout the two-day cannabis business conference to speak on a plethora of subjects.

The CannaCon Midwest 2019 cannabis business seminar agenda includes CPAs and CVAs, attorneys, CEOs and more. These seasoned professionals will share their wealth of knowledge on how to start, grow, scale and maintain your marijuana business in the midwest. Here is just a small sampling of cannabis business seminars available in Detroit:

  • David Rozanski, CEO, Rozbud Consulting will present “Cannabis Business Planning: From Licensing to Exit Strategy. In this session, attendees will learn about the important functional areas any cannabis business owner or entrepreneur will need to master quickly.
  • Scott Roberts, attorney & author, will speak on “Marijuana Microbusinesses: Licensing and Business Models. Scott will provide an overview of state requirements for marijuana microbusiness licenses and will examine different business models used in other states with similar laws, such as California and Nevada.
  • Sandra Edwards, CPA and CVA, will address “Does Your Bookkeeper Understand 280E? Is your company struggling with cash flow even though the industry is booming? Does your accountant “really” understand 280E? Your account should know correct cost accounting, how to structure entities and cost allocations, and how to improve cash flow & margins.
  • Larry Harb, CEO & founder of 420 Friendly Insurance, is presenting “Identifying and Controlling Risk in Cannabis Business Operations. Participants will gain a basic understanding of risks and exposures associated with managing a State-Regulated Cannabis business and learn what questions they need to be asking.

Click here for the full 2019 CannaCon Detroit Seminar Lineup.

Register to Attend CannaCon Midwest

If you live in the Midwest and you’re navigating the cannabis industry alone or you just trying to get involved, register for CannaCon Midwest to make sure you’re on top of your business game. The connections you make can propel your cannabis company into the future. Register in advance and avoid higher at-the-door prices. You know your accountant will approve!

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