Dave Dammit; You Will Be Missed

On 4/20/2024 the CannaCon family lost one of its own. We will miss you Dave.

Dave was a testament to a life lived with kindness, passion, and an unwavering dedication to plant medicine. He will be greatly missed by his friends, family, the CannaCon team, and the entire cannabis community.

Dave was more than a colleague, more than a friend; he was a source of kindness and wisdom that touched everyone he came in contact with.

As we remember Dave, we are reminded of his generosity, always extending a helping hand to those in need without hesitation or expectation of recognition. His legacy of compassion will continue to inspire us all.

We asked some of Dave’s closest friends to share their favorite memories with us. Here are just a few of those cherished memories.

Dave Damit, where do I start. It was always about the plant, the medicine, patients, and his community. It was never about him. He didn’t brag or boast, which in and of itself is notably in an industry full of self-aggrandizing.

I’ve yet to meet someone who dared speak ill of him. I spent time with him the day before he died. He was shocked how many people expressed their love. I literally laughed in his face, “Dave we *all* love you!” He honestly never realized how many lives he touched.

I met Dave and his daughter Shelby while struggling to set up the Project CBD booth at Hempfest. I was given 5 days notice, I shuttiled everything in my tiny SmartCar and found myself at the north parking lot trying to figure out what to do next. Dave suddenly appeared in a golf cart and took me under his wing without missing a beat. From then on, Hempfest, CannaCon, and countless other events, Dave was there being Dave. The plant, the medicine, patients, and the community.

Thanks Dave! I’m doing my best to pay it forward in your honor.

Jerry Whiting
LeBlanc CNE

“There are so many great memories I have of Dave, it is truly hard to pick one to share. We all know how active he was in the cannabis community whether it be at Hempfest or Cannacon or the dozens of other times I would see him throughout the year. But my fondest memory happened during the holidays. Dave would bake homemade Pecan Pies and deliver them to his friends. I remember him meeting me in Seattle a couple of days before Christmas in a light snow storm to bring me one of his amazing pies. He always was so caring and thoughtful, this gesture was just another example of the kind of person he was. I will miss him dearly and will make sure to grab some Pecan Pie each Christmas in memory of him.”

James Zachodni
Farechild Events

David and I met in August 2011 during the launch of Dope Magazine at Hempfest, where he was volunteering and I was just beginning my journey of learning about medical Cannabis. Our connection was immediate, and I looked up to him as one of the stewards of our community. Over the next decade, I was fortunate to spend time with David advocating through countless Cannabis events including his beloved Cannacon. He exemplified genuine kindness in his interactions, and his warmth and sincerity made him a welcoming presence not only to me but to everyone he encountered. David’s legacy will always be remembered as a shining example of how to treat others with compassion.

One of my most treasured memories with David was a road trip to Portland for an Expo. We cruised down I-5 in his massive orange truck, sharing endless dabs and engaging in deep conversations about life. His ability to listen allowed me to open up and his sense of humor kept us cracking up throughout the whole time. I didn’t even realize they I didn’t pick up my phone for texts or internet updates until we arrived at our destination. It felt as though we could have continued driving all the way to Mexico, and I would have enjoyed every moment of it.

I will miss his smile. I will miss the sound of his voice. I will miss the way his beautiful hair would swing back behind his neck when he walked up to you. But I will mostly miss our friendship.

Rest in peace, my brother.

Love and Respect,

David Tran
Farechild Events

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