13 Best Dispensaries in Albuquerque and New Mexico State [2024]

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To say that the cannabis industry is flourishing in New Mexico would be an understatement. While medicinal cannabis has been legal since 2007, cannabis for recreational use wasn’t available for purchase until April 1st, 2022. Since then, The Land of Enchantment has really embraced the use of the cannabis plant for health and wellness, with Albuquerque now having more pot shops than it does liquor stores. The Cannabis Reporting Online Portal showed cannabis sales in New Mexico for March of 2024 totaling well over $52 million dollars, with adult-use sales accounting for more than $39 million of that. On March 5, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham announced that in less than two year’s time, cannabis in New Mexico is now officially a billion-dollar industry. With well over a thousand licensed dispensaries operating in New Mexico, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. But never fear. We’ve eliminated the guesswork and compiled this list of the best dispensaries in New Mexico to make your decision-making easy!


Out of the 19  best dispensaries in New Mexico, 7 of which are dispensaries in Albuquerque, R.Greenleaf consistently receives rave reviews for an overall positive experience, including high-quality products and knowledgeable, patient, and kind budtenders. Since 2010, R. Greenleaf has been dedicated to providing communities with reliable access to various local, organically-grown, and fair-priced cannabis products.

Pecos Valley Production

From a dairy farm in the idyllic pastures of Pecos Valley to a leader in the frontier of cannabis cultivation and retail — Pecos Valley Production (PVP) has 23 locations across the state, five in Albuquerque alone. Led by the Greathouse family on a journey from dairy to dank, each location of the New Mexico dispensary prides itself in carrying a menu with a wide selection from various manufacturers and is dedicated to serving their communities with friendship and good vibes.

Best Daze Cannabis

Offering the finest cannabis to medical patients since 2018, this family-owned and operated small business is proud to now offer the same quality products to recreational users. With 2 Albuquerque locations and nine statewide, the Best Daze father and son, Len and Eli, have as much passion for the industry as they do for the cannabis plant itself. The duo brings a lot to the party by offering a curated selection of New Mexico’s highest-quality flower, prerolls, edibles, concentrates and vapes.

Verdes Cannabis

This family-owned and operated dispensary Albuquerque offers Cottonwood, Heights, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe and Nob Hill locations. In business since 2010 with a “Farmers first” approach, Verdes Cannabis is one of the oldest and best dispensaries in New Mexico. Their ongoing dedication and holistic approach offer locals and out-of-state visitors a diverse menu of flower, concentrate, vape, pre-rolls, edibles, tinctures and more.

High Horse Cannabis Co.

A newer arrival to the cannabis game, this New Mexico dispensary has been garnering attention for having two Las Cruces locations open 24/7 all year around. More than just a place to buy weed, High Horse aims to create positive change by offering education and empowerment in every aspect of the cannabis experience. They also offer Bikini Budtenders for limited hours at their North Main location.

Carver Family Farm

Carvery Family Farm is the best family-run boutique dispensary Albuquerque has to offer. Established in 2021, Carver Family Farm is New Mexico’s first integrated cannabis microbusiness specializing in the organic production of cannabis. They offer no-till hand-trimmed high-quality flower grown in organic living soil in a warm and inclusive space for a unique customer experience.

Enchanted Botanicals

Winner of Weedmaps’ Best New Mexico Dispensary 2022, Enchanted Botanicals provides their founder’s home state with premium specially curated cannabis flower, edibles, pre-rolls, concentrates, tinctures and vape cartridges, making them one of New Mexico’s favorite family-owned and operated cannabis dispensaries. They have two dispensaries in Albuquerque, and their thoughtfully designed spaces offer something both for longtime enthusiasts and the newly canna-curious.

Prohibition 37

This New Mexico dispensary is a physician-led, nationally recognized, award-winning vertical cannabis company. With eight locations, three of which are in Albuquerque, Prohibition 37 is focused on the science of its products’ medical and recreational effects. P37 offers a customer experience that is second to none. Additionally, their daily deals, weekly specials, and loyalty program make it clear that P37’s mission is to provide unsurpassed quality at outstanding pricing.

Flowers & Herb Market

Located steps from Historic Old Town and touted as Albuquerque’s most beautiful cannabis dispensary, F&H Markets is one of the most unique boutiques around.  Their shop features an in-house florist, various gifts, and sustainably grown cannabis in an effort to inspire joy and wellness. F&H offers a finely curated menu that caters to diverse needs and infuses the act of shopping for cannabis with both excitement and ease.

Urban Wellness

Urban Wellness has made a name for itself as a premium New Mexico dispensary offering next-level medicinal and recreational cannabis at 6 Albuquerque locations and three more statewide. They produce high-quality, single-source New Mexico cannabis products that are hydroponically grown, carefully cured, and pesticide-free. And let’s not forget their connoisseur quality that routinely tests over 31% THC.

Dreamz Dispensary

With 20 different locations statewide and 5 brand new dispensaries in Albuquerque just opened, Dreamz prides itself on hand-picking products and brands for every experience level, preference and budget. Their Cannabinerds know that every individual is different so they work diligently to help customize an experience to suit your needs and ensure you leave with whichever product works best for you so you can find your sweet spot.

The Bad Company Cannabis Apothecary

A one-of-a-kind experience with a single location, Bad Company is an immersive Albuquerque, New Mexico dispensary styled like a Victorian apothecary. With friendly budtenders and strain matchmakers who keep it a lively, transparent and generally cool place–you’re sure to find whatever you’re looking for and have all your questions answered. The Bad Company Cannabis Apothecary gives discounts to firefighters, police, EMTs, veterans and teachers. They also offer daily 10%-off promotions that include Misty Mondays, Tasty Tuesdays, Waxy Wednesdays, Tools-of-the-Trade Thursdays and Flower Fridays. This is a company that appreciates the people and chooses to give back to those keeping their community strong.

Whether you are a Burqueño or Burqueña who knows the 505 like the back of your hand or just a visitor rolling up to The Q and likes to roll up in more ways than one — make a plan to check out at least one, if not more on this list of the best dispensaries in Albuquerque. And if you haven’t already, get your tickets right now for CannaCon Albuquerque.

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This article was originally published on May 11, 2023, and was updated on April 24, 2024.


  1. Bob on February 15, 2023 at 10:38 am

    Minerva is not the best it is actually very bad… taste like miracle grow or something nasty😳😝 been there many times hoping it will be better but nope. I did find BEST DAYZ (opening soon in Bernalillo)they are up there as the best. along side urban Wellness!!! Very good… but minerva is absolutely disgusting. Do more research as the top 10. minerva shouldn’t be here. just an opinion shared. thanks 😉

  2. Adria Mooney on February 22, 2023 at 11:52 am

    Flowers and Herb Markets should be on this list! They have locally grown organic cannabis, fresh flowers and gifts. This dispensary is super friendly and truly unique. Their prices are reasonable, and they even give free flower bouquets Sundays!

  3. BlackBeauty on March 11, 2023 at 7:05 am

    Really…Minerva has to be the worst…flower taste like it wasn’t cured properly

    • Dagggonpeter on May 2, 2024 at 3:26 pm

      what about hdr high desert relief is it overtated

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