The 5 Most Common Cannabis Growing Mistakes

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Cannabis farmers of today have perfected the art of creating gorgeous, large, healthy plants. Follow the precedents they set and avoid these common cannabis growing mistakes.

Mistake #1: Too Much Water

One of the common mistakes new growers make is to give the plants too much water. With farming, everything comes down to finding the right balance. This is especially true when it comes to watering your cannabis plants.

Too much water results in roots that cannot breathe. Eventually, that excess water will result in plant death if the roots if it happens consistently. If your plants start showing symptoms of root rot, such as yellowing leaves, you may be overwatering them.

To find the right balance of water for your plants and conditions, pay close attention to your plants’ appearance over time. Don’t water them for a few days. When the leaves begin to show a little wilt, your plants are thirsty. That timeframe is how long you should wait between watering in the future.

Mistake #2: Too Many Nutrients

In an effort to give the plants the most nutrition possible, many first-time growers make the mistake of providing too much food and nutrients for their plants. It may seem like giving your plants more food will result in them being healthier, but in fact, overfeeding can be devastating to your cannabis plants’ health.

Organic nutrients, including compost, release nutrients slowly, making it more difficult to overfeed. Non-organic nutrients, such as synthetic fertilizers, are engineered to release a large amount of nutrients quickly. If you choose to use them, make sure to follow the specific measuring guidelines on the packaging for the best results.

Overfeeding cannabis plants can result in unhealthy plants, reduced yields at harvest time, and even the death of the plant. Always begin by giving your plants less of the product than you think they need. Talk to experts and ask questions of other farmers until you find the correct balance of food and nutrients for your plants.

Mistake #3: Poor Climate

One of the elements of growing cannabis that can be controlled by today’s farmers is climate. This is important because the right climate can be the difference between a quality, healthy harvest.

Cannabis plants have a sweet spot when it comes to temperature and humidity. Temperatures that are too cool or hot can cause stunted growth or weak buds. Aim for more moderate temperatures, ideally around 75 degrees.

Another thing to consider related to climate is the humidity of your area. As a cannabis farmer, you can regulate humidity with humidifiers, vents, and dehumidifiers. Depending on what grow stage the cannabis plants are in, each will require different levels of humidity. Keep in mind that too much humidity can cause mold.

Mistake #4: Poor Water Quality

All water is not created equally. Experienced cannabis farmers check the pH balance of their water to make sure of the acidity level. Watering your plants with the correctly balanced water means the cannabis plants will be able to absorb all those quality nutrients in the soil. Gardening stores sell products for testing the pH level of water. They also sell products to change the pH level of water. Quality water and quality nutrients work together. Don’t skimp on one or the other.

Mistake #5: Poor Infrastructure

Many of today’s cannabis farmers grow indoors, which often involves handcrafted systems for lighting, humidity, heat, and air filtration. As a result, one of the common cannabis growing mistakes occurs in electrical systems. Unfortunately, this oversight can cause devastating results if your grow operation catches fire.

Make sure to take proper precautions when designing your grow systems. If possible, hire a licensed electrician to make sure your set up is safe for long-term use.

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