10 Best Cannabis Strains of 2023

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It’s hard to believe we are already halfway through the summer, but with more states legalizing cannabis, this year is more exciting than ever to explore the top cannabis strains! There are so many new cultivars and genetics to be discovered, but what makes each one qualified to be called the best? For each of…

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Meet your Higher Self: Our Guide to Combining Cannabis and Spirituality

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The intersection of cannabis and spirituality is a fascinating subject. For ages, this very intersection has captivated countless minds and driven people across the globe to explore it. There is evidence of cannabis spiritual practices dating back to 1500 BCE. Today, while many use cannabis strictly recreationally or to relieve physical pain, others have discovered…

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How to Survive the California Cannabis Industry?

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Even with its progressive approach toward cannabis legalization, the California cannabis market has definitely seen its ups and downs since 2018, when voters legalized the recreational California cannabis industry through Proposition 64. But now, the once-booming industry is seeing licensed cannabis businesses struggling to make ends meet. High taxes and the wholesale price per pound…

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Shop the Best Dispensaries in Long Beach, California!

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A waterfront playground right in the heart of Southern California, Long Beach offers exciting attractions, unique shopping districts, a number of coastal breweries and endless options for foodies. With a big-city feel combined with small-town charm and nearly 345 days of sunshine a year and an average temperature of 74 degrees, Long Beach is the…

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