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Ep. 40 – Kirk Evans of Sherpa on SEO and Web Design for Cannabis

This week John is on the line with Kirk Evans of Sherpa SEO & Web Design out of Portland Oregon talking about the importance of SEO and design for Cannabis companies, particularly those early stage start ups. It’s all about how you as an entrepreneur separate yourself from the competition.

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Ep. 39 – News Bits & the CannaCon 2019 Gift Guide Revue

Nick and John are back in the studio talking smack about California’s legal market, slagging the media for overhyping the FDA’s recent announcement, discussing pets and cannabis and more! Plus the guys give their opinions on some cannabis themed gift guides, and offer a few helpful suggestions as to what you might buy and some things they’d like to see!

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Ep. 38 – Chris Beals, CEO Of Weed Maps on Markets, The Future & Making Life Easier for the Industry

Nick and John are joined by Chris Beals, the CEO of Weed Maps to talk about how Weed Maps isn’t just about finding products, it’s about helping the industry stay in compliance; the state of the market in California, state-to-state transactions, the future of legalization and a ton more!

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Ep. 36 – The Small Business Apocalypse w. Sean Mafi Of Top Shelf

Returning guest Sean Mafi of Top Shelf Cannabis joins us in studio to talk about the changes the cannabis industry is facing as it goes mainstream. From corporate money, to small business survival to boutique brands and the people who aren’t going to make it, it’s an in depth conversation about the state of the industry!

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CannaCon OKC! Vol. 3 – with Scissor Tail Labs, GrowLite, Red River Pharms

We’re bringing you our interviews from CannaCon OKC! This week we talk testing challenges, lighting solutions and we speak with one of OKC’s new growers about how industrial cannabis cultivation looks in the State of Oklahoma!

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Ep. 35 – Death Threats, Bogus Prosecutions & More!

Nick and John are sitting down with a boatload of news to digest, including a silly lady from Oklahoma who thought she could do dumb stuff on her phone and nobody would know, the cops in South Dakota being a little prickly, and a few other items of note. Light up and dig in!

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Ep. 34 – PA’s New Law and Pot Stocks Drop Like Hot Rocks

It’s a busy news week in cannabis land! Pennsylvania introduced the most progressive, forward thinking cannabis bill to date, including a ton of great policies. Somebody has to destroy $65 million in product, and the cannabis stocks are taking a beating.

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CannaCon OKC! Vol. 2 – w. Dauntless, Gnu Pharm, Operations & Foliogrow

Clark and Brady from Dauntless drop in to talk their cannabis industry software suite GIANT, Chip Paul talks the growing understanding of the endo-cannabinoid system and how cannabis can be used in conjunction with other natural medicines, and Brett Strauss of Foliogrow explains how his software can introduce consistency and margin maximization in your day to day operations!

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Ep. 33 – Chicago, WeedMaps, Cannabis Lounges & TJ From Shield & Seal

Nick and John are back in the saddle with news about Illinois’ legalization process, Snoop Dogg, cannabis cafes and Weedmaps, plus a great interview with TJ from Shield & Seal about how they’re helping the Cannabis Industry keep their product as fresh and streamlined as possible! Light us up!

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