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Ep. 28 – News, Climate Control, Favorite Strains Mixdown

Nick and John from CannaCon are sitting down to take on the news: cannabis & anesthetics, Cresco’s expansion and the NFL’s cannabis study. Plus they’re discussing climate control and their favorite strains of weed!

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Ep. 27 – News, Seed Vendors, Trends We Like Mixdown

The boys are back with a bang! We’re talking social media, Texas, Colorado, Louisiana, Seed Vendors and a few trends we love!

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Ep. 26 – News, Extraction & Bad Trends

Nick and John are back after a brief boat-related hiatus and they have lots to talk about: luxury pot brands, banking in cannabis, lawsuits, a brief history of extraction, and some trends that have them seeing red. Light up!

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CCR Ep. 25 Colin Gordon – Ethos Genetics

One of our favorite interviews from this past April, Colin Gordon of Ethos Genetics is one of the most entertaining folks we’ve had on, and his background in poker, entrepreneurship and cannabis cultivation have given him an interesting perspective on things. Check out how he’s planning on taking a seed company from -$1,100 to $150 million!

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Ep. 24 – Cannabis & Mental Wellness + CannaCon Founder Bob Smart

Nick and John are talking mental sharpness and recent study that showed that rats actually had their memory improved by cannabis, and what that means for the rest of us. Plus a conversation with Bob Smart the founder of CannaCon on how CannaCon started because somebody was kind of rude, along with all the struggles and challenges they’ve faced since…

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Ep. 23 – From Seed to Plant The CannaCon Way

Nick and John sit down to give you the best 40 minute seed-to-smoke growing plan you can find along with their suggestions on suppliers and techniques. It’s a first time grower’s can’t miss episode!

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Ep. 22 – Benefits Of Shows!

We’re breaking down why exactly conferences like CannaCon are so important to business owners and players in the cannabis industry. What are the benefits to your business? What benefits can we show you that you might not have even considered yet? We’ll answer all of that!

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Ep. 21 – Detroit Recap and the CBD Shenanigans in Massachusetts

Nick and John are back recapping our recent, and successful Detroit show, as well as digging into the inexplicable in Massachusetts, where things have gone sideways for CBD. Very confusing, and not at all logical.

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Ep. 20 – Celebrities, Smoking Champs, No More NV Pee!

Mike Tyson is getting into the weed business and we have some thoughts on that. Also guess who smokes the most marijuana in the world? And finally, Nevada puts an end to silly drug tests. Spark one and dig in!

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