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Ep. 47 – Detroit vs. Corona, Best Raffle Ever, Illinois $ and More…

We’re back early! There’s a lot going on we wanted to address with cannabis and the CoronaVirus, our shows and more, so here we are! We’re breaking down where things stand at the moment in regards to our upcoming shows, talking a little lighter news, and of course, reminding you to wash your damn hands.

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Ep. 46 – Detroit, Cannabis News, & Consumer Tip of the Week

The boys are in studio talking about our special guests for CannaCon Detroit: Entrepreneur Berner and the icon, Tommy Chong! They get into a discussion on their fondest memories of Tommy Chong including John’s first introduction to him via eight track tapes by his older cousin when he was just 10 years old, Nick learning of Tommy’s time in jail…

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Ep. 45 – The NFL, Banks, Detroit, Home Grow & More

Nick and John are rolling solo this week, but there’s a ton of cannabis industry news, including the NFL’s move to relax it’s cannabis policy, Michigan’s money, our Detroit show, Washington homegrow laws and a very exciting exhibitor who will be at the show!

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solar cannabis growing

Ep. 44 – The Boys From Solar Theraputics Talk Sun & Sensimilla + Consumer Tip Of The Week

Nick and John are talking with the CEO of Solar Therapeutics to talk about solar cannabis growing, the state of the industry and their plans for expansion. Plus the boys have a consumer tip of the week about pre-rolls!

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Ep. 43 – The Cannabis Biz in Michigan w. Jamie Cooper of Sensi Magazine

The boys are on the line with Jamie Cooper of Sensi Magazine and Cannabiz Connection, who has been working hard in Michigan for legal cannabis and rights of recreational users and medical patients. Get a behind the curtain look at what’s going down for the cannabusiness in the midwest.

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Ep. 42 – Michigan Legalization w. Brad Forrester of NORML + News

With Cannacon Detroit around the corner, we catch up with Brad Forrester of Michigan NORML to get the temp on recreational cannabis legalization in Michigan, plus a bunch of interesting news stories from around the Cannabis world!

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cannabis predictions for 2020

Ep. 41 – Jonah Tacoma Of DabStars & CannaLife Talks the Future of Events & The Industry

This week we’ve the founder of cannabis lifestyle brand DabStars in studio! Nick calls in for a great interview about the state of the event industry and what’s coming up with Cannalife, and John quizzes Jonah on his cannabis predictions for 2020!

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best choices in cannabis equipment

CannaCon OKC Live! Vol. 4 – with New Leaf Medicinal, OK Gazette, HAL Extractions Mixdown

More of our vendor interviews from our OKC show! We spoke with Chelsea Alexander of New Leaf Medicinals about life as a start up medical provider in OKC, we spoke to the OKC Gazette about how CannaCon sets itself apart from the competition, and finally, we got the inside scoop on what makes HAL Extractions one of your best choices…

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web design for cannabis companies

Ep. 40 – Kirk Evans of Sherpa on SEO and Web Design for Cannabis

This week John is on the line with Kirk Evans of Sherpa SEO & Web Design out of Portland Oregon talking about the importance of SEO and web design for Cannabis companies, particularly those early stage start ups. It’s all about how you as an entrepreneur separate yourself from the competition.

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