Jim Belushi Takes the Stage at CannaCon OKC

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Jim Belushi is so much more than just a comedian and actor. He is also a strong supporter of the cannabis industry and has recently embraced the industry even further with his own cannabis business. Now, he is combining his love for the cannabis industry with his experience in entertainment through his new show, Growing Belushi. Jim recently made an appearance at CannaCon in Oklahoma City to talk about his passion for the industry, Growing Belushi and more. 

Starting a Cannabis Farm 

The lush valleys of Southern Oregon are the perfect place for successful and sustainable agriculture and cannabis is no exception. The choice was clear when Belushi started his farm and was something that was born from a passion for the plant as well as agriculture in general. The Belushi Farm founder knew that it would be a long process filled with legal red tape, but was up for the challenge of starting his own farm. Once the cannabis farm began seeing success, he again broke through legal ceilings to start his own reality show chronicling the growing process.

Growing and the Industry

While there has always been a stigma associated with cannabis, the tides are changing for the plant. With more states legalizing and more people than ever recognizing the benefits that come from consuming cannabis, more people gain access to the positive impact of the plant. While Belushi understood that there would still be many hurdles associated with the growing process, he also was ready to break barriers and help bring more mainstream attention to cannabis and its powerful impact on not only individuals but entire communities. By bringing an insider look into a legal cannabis farm, the new show has the potential to give those who are on the fence about cannabis the chance to see its “real life” angle. 

Challenges to Overcome 

Among the many legal challenges that Jim has had and continues to face, there are many other challenges that are associated with the farm. Belushi Farm is near enough to the border of California that it’s affected by climate issues similar to the most famous state with them. The area has been plagued with droughts, wildfires and a host of other issues. While the wildfires have not had a devastating impact on this farm (unlike so many others), they continue to be a risk as climate change impact becomes more evident and fire seasons get longer and longer. 

Big Names in the Cannabis Industry 

Jim Belushi isn’t the only big name in the cannabis industry. Other celebs like Jay-Z, Whoopi Goldberg and Miley Cyrus have not only expressed their support for the plant but have also dove into business ventures in the cannabis industry. These names, along with more obvious ones like Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogan, are helping to smash the stigma and normalize the use of cannabis. As more celebs and everyday people embrace the cannabis culture, there will be more opportunities for people to see the lasting positive impact cannabis has on our culture. 

What to Look Forward To

Despite challenges related to the ongoing COVID pandemic, expect Growing Belushi to continue on while helping to bring awareness to what the growing industry is really like and how cannabis businesses are just like every other small business. 

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