Best Dispensaries in Oklahoma City, OK

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When it comes to cannabis, the state of Oklahoma hasn’t quite lived up to its nickname of The Sooner State. As other states legalized its use throughout the 2010s and start of the 2020s, Oklahoma has taken its sweet time to see the benefits of cannabis and all the healing it can provide. Let’s take a brief look at the history of Oklahoma cannabis legalization and some of the best dispensaries in OKC and beyond!

In 1933, cannabis was officially prohibited in Oklahoma. Authorities chose to actively prosecute cannabis users, sellers and growers. It wasn’t until April 2015 that Governor Mary Fallin signed a bill allowing medical trials of CBD oil to see how it could provide relief to children suffering from epileptic seizures. With this bill, Oklahoma legislators began to consider the possibility that cannabis could be used to aid in health and wellness. In June of 2018, marijuana for medicinal purposes was finally legalized, but with some pretty strict restrictions still in place.

While CBD oil is legal to obtain without a license, recreational cannabis is still strictly prohibited. Times are changing, though, even if it’s happening more slowly than some prefer. In March of 2023, things may evolve dramatically after a special election is held, and dispensaries in OKC may finally be allowed to dispense recreational cannabis to adults over 21. Until then, the only licensed dispensaries in OKC are the medicinal kind—so if you happen to have a medical marijuana card, which more than 342,000 patients do, you have more than 2,000 dispensaries in Oklahoma to consider. Here is our list of some of the best dispensaries in Oklahoma.

Fire Leaf Dispensary

Fire Leaf Dispensary has multiple metro locations. This dispensary has made a name for itself as an outstanding Oklahoma City dispensary by not only being one of the first to offer cannabis after State Question 788 went into effect, but by hosting patient drives, having incredibly helpful and knowledgeable staff and by growing their own premium medical marijuana. They have won awards year after year from the Oklahoma Gazette, High Times and The Harvest Fest Cup for their store, their budtenders and their product.

Great Barrier Reefer

Home of the Great Bud Hunters, Great Barrier Reefer dispensary Oklahoma City has made it their mission to make sure everyone in the state gets to smoke the very best weed at the very best price. Their passion is for their patients.

Fun fact: Great Barrier Reefer’s owner is an Aussie and through the business, has raised a significant amount of money to help the wildlife and firefighters of Australia after the bushfire catastrophe.

Mango Cannabis

Mango Cannabis stands out as one of the best dispensaries in OKC by providing clients with a personalized experience tailored to their needs. They provide quality lab-tested OMMA-compliant products for holistic medicine. Offering first-time customer discounts, they want every patient to leave feeling like they’ve had a custom experience.

Space High

Proudly Latino-owned and operated, Space High caters to patients of all budgets and offers a galaxy of deals on concentrates and premium flower. They regularly offer deals for ounces of bud as low as $50 and a free eighth with your first purchase, making them an Oklahoma City dispensary that you should definitely check out.

Urban Wellness Dispensary

Urban Wellness Dispensary, or UWD for short, has locations in both Norman and Edmond. They stand out as one of the best dispensaries in Oklahoma with their own custom capsule and tincture program, ECS Alchemy, where they create a unique formula for each patient based on the patient’s individual needs and responses to different strains.

The Classen Collective

A boutique medical cannabis dispensary with an excellent rewards program, The Classen Collective has garnered exceptional praise as a dispensary Oklahoma City patients can turn to for a large selection. One highlight of this large selection is their phenomenal concentrates collection.

Vertica Dispensary

One of the first aquaponic cannabis grows in Oklahoma, Vertica uses little fishies to give their plants life. They also guarantee that no synthetic chemicals ever go into their flower. Patients can choose from buds that are grown aquaponically, hydroponically or in good ol’ Oklahoma soil—and have a friendly and educated staff to help explain the differences of each process so you can find the very best medication for your individual body.

Project Releaf

Project Releaf is an Oklahoma City dispensary that offers quality, variety and a guarantee that none of their hand-picked flower will ever hit their shelves without the team personally testing it first. They offer unique selections, claiming to have the dankest medicine in the state, and are dedicated to helping patients find exactly what they need.

Likewise Cannabis

With two of the best dispensaries in OKC and four of the best dispensaries in Oklahoma, Likewise Cannabis has gained particular acclaim for the cannabis plants they sell. But those are just part of their menu—Likewise Cannabis also offers housebrand edibles, prerolls, cartridges and concentrates alongside a wide selection of name brands you’ve grown to know and love.


PlantMed is an Oklahoma City dispensary that relies on integrity, loyalty, spirit and skill to keep their patients coming back again and again. As empathic listeners who prioritize patients’ needs, they strive to set a new standard for service and quality among dispensaries in OKC.

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