Is Cannabis Legal in Oklahoma Yet?

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News pertaining to the Oklahoma cannabis industry has been relatively slow after voters rejected adult-use legalization in March 2023. However, some updates to Oklahoma cannabis law have occurred since then. 

Moratorium Extension and Fewer Active Licenses

The state officially extended its moratorium on new medical cannabis licenses until 2026 in an effort to work through pending licensing reviews, inspections and investigations. Per state data outlined by Tulsa World, 5,905 cultivation licenses were active in November 2020, then 9,178 by November 2021. In August 2022, when the moratorium originally went into effect, the number of active cultivation licenses had dropped to 7,167, the report states. It is important to note the moratorium does not prohibit current licensees from renewing or selling their licenses.

OMMA Credentials

As of 2024, Oklahoma cannabis employees can now apply for the new credential issued by the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA), which is required by state law. Current employees must apply for their credentials on or before January 31. This new state law requires employees of licensed medical cannabis businesses to receive credentials from OMMA. Licensed businesses are also responsible for ensuring their employees have valid credentials or pending applications. Credentials will be valid until January 31 of the following year, and they cost $30 plus any associated processing fees. Applicants must submit proof of identity, including a state and national background check.

Cannabis laws in Oklahoma saw a new system go into effect on January 1, 2024: a cannabis secret shopper system. The OMMA will be required to send secret shoppers into at least fifty dispensaries per year to buy cannabis products and then test them in labs. One of the sponsors of HB3971, Rep. Josh West, said while he thinks lawmakers could be running bills on cannabis regulations for the next 30 years, this new law is specifically aimed at keeping Oklahomans safer based on the cannabis products they consume. The bill was passed and signed in 2022 but went into effect in early 2024 in order to give OMMA time to complete program implementation. 

“Consumer safety is the biggest part of it,” Rep. West said. “And we want to ensure that we are keeping the bad actors out. And so it’s no different than what ABLE does when ABLE goes into a liquor store and ensures that they’re following the law.”

Voluntary Validation for Oklahoma Cannabis Labs

Another new Oklahoma cannabis law, which became effective in January 2024, allows licensed cannabis labs to validate their testing process formally. This is a voluntary step aimed at demonstrating strict compliance with various rules and objectives for labs. Also, a separate law now further promotes the development of additional industry standards for labs. Finally, by newly active law, regulators must develop a process to provide for the certification of laborers at licensed medical cannabis businesses, ensuring minimum standards are met in order to maintain industry employment.

Oklahoma Cannabis Operators Need to be Proactive

Currently involved in cannabis in Oklahoma? State regulators are seeking to revoke the licenses of 165 medical cannabis cultivators for failing to post signage on their property as required under a bill passed in 2023. Make sure your business is compliant if you want to keep your license. 

The OMMA is currently seeking to enact a law that requires licensed medical cannabis growers in the state to have a sign indicating their business name, phone number, address and business license number. The wording of the law permits immediate revocation of a license if signage is not up within 60 days after license renewal. In a statement, OMMA Executive Director Adria Berry said, “As a regulatory body, it’s our job to ensure the licensed medical marijuana industry is in compliance with state laws and regulations. Consistent regulation is essential for shaping a balanced and well-regulated cannabis market in our state. Kudos to the thousands of businesses out there that took the time to put up proper signage.”

The agency notes that during 2023, OMMA inspectors completed almost 7,000 inspections and 4,600 operational status visits, which led to the seizure of nearly five tons of illicit Oklahoma cannabis and an entire dispensary, as well as the embargo of around 3,000 pounds of cannabis and nearly 71,200 plants. The agency said it has also assisted law enforcement partners more than 114 times, including aiding 13 search warrants, which led to one arrest, and 65 location visits to investigate complaints.

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This article was originally published on Feb. 28, 2023, and was updated on June 29, 2023, and January 22, 2024.


  1. W.Zorn on April 27, 2023 at 4:28 pm

    I noticed on-line ads for edible cannabis gummies.but if it’s only for medical use legally,how can a person from another state purchase it?

  2. Tommie on May 28, 2023 at 10:43 am

    the fact that marijuana is still a crime if you don’t have a medical marijuana card is completely bullshit honestly who ever voted against it being decriminalized y’all really need to get your head’s out of your ass’s and let it happen honestly because I will tell you it’s not anymore dangerous then cigarettes or alcohol I should know I’ve been smoking it for years and never once acted out or anything it really just depends on the person oh and by the way it’s not a drug it’s a motherfucking plant it’s God medicine so this shit needs to stop prognosticateing on this and grow up people my age are in chronic pain 24/7 and shouldn’t have to jump through hoops just to get what we need .

  3. Kenneth Zink on April 10, 2024 at 2:33 pm

    Cannabis is legal in Oregon and that includes edibles and for people like myself with chronic pain. It helps with pain when nothing else will.

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