Best Cities for Weed Experiences [2023]

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The best time of year to vacate your usual surroundings and enjoy some travel is whenever you can get away! Whether you are the type to chase adventure or seek out rest and relaxation, this is the season when most folks finally have the time and freedom to venture from their homes in an effort to enjoy themselves. People often plan their trips around themes, ranging from music festivals to camping in the woods to poolside adventures. But what’s one of the biggest trends in travel for 2023? Cannabis Tourism, from 420 vacations to cannabis tours and weed tourism to priceless weed trips.

Yup, as more and more states continue to legalize both medicinal and recreational marijuana usage, an increasing number of tourists are seeking out 420 vacations where they can enjoy leisure travel involving weed usage in jurisdictions that permit it. From recreational tours to educational seminars to cannabis-themed accommodations or events, weed trips are on the rise. People from all over the world, from every walk of life are seeking 420 vacations in the United States and abroad. If you enjoy the high life and you’re looking for some guidance on where to find the finest green getaways, we can help you decide where to go and how to plan the very best weed vacation.

Types of Weed Tourism

Now that 420 vacations are becoming more and more accessible, you have options. These include:

  • Bud and Breakfasts. This is a modern take on the traditional “bed and breakfast” experience of renting a room in a small establishment that provides breakfast — but with the addition of cannabis. In a bud and breakfast, you have a safe space to openly enjoy your cannabis lifestyle as well as guidance to the best local dispensaries and ganja-centric events and activities so you can fully enjoy your stay.
  • Farm Stays. Enjoy one of a kind experience by truly being in the company of marijuana and unwinding in the comfort of an actual cannabis farm. In addition to cannabis tours and often, the sampling of products, farm stays can offer recreational perks such as edibles before a horseback ride or a five-course cannabis-infused meal after adventurous expeditions such as fishing. From rooms within a modern farmhouse to tents provided for glamping, farm stays offer an opportunity to enjoy the beloved plant in its natural surroundings.
  • All-Inclusive Weed Resorts. Here you will find not only luxe accommodations but the best weed vacation extras such as fully stocked bud bars, marijuana yoga, cannabis cooking classes, CBD massages, puff pass & paint events and dedicated cannabis chefs preparing your every meal. This is the finest and most fancy option when it comes to weed tourism.

Helpful Booking Sites

Most travelers are familiar with online booking sites that can help them plan their stays, but bud lovers should know that there are multiple sites dedicated just to them and their love of the green. Some include:

  • HiBnB. The most comprehensive online directory when it comes to weed-friendly vacation rentals, this site is similar to Airbnb but caters to cannabis enthusiasts. HiBnb marketplace listings allow guests to “Stay Hi” in 420-friendly lodging, “Play Hi” at cannabis events and experiences and “Get Hi” at safely accessible retail locations.
  • Bud And Breakfast. With pot-friendly lodging listings that span the entire globe, Bud and Breakfast boast that every one of their locations is operated by the property owners themselves, ensuring that all of their hosts go the extra mile and all of their guests have a pleasant experience in a welcoming, tolerant atmosphere. With listing prices ranging from as low as $30 per day to as much as $1,000 per night and higher, you can find everything from a tree house in Oregon to a chalet right underneath the Hollywood sign, to ganja vacations with cannabis tours throughout Jamaica, South America, Italy and more.
  • InnDica. Offering an exclusive, carefully curated collection of cannabis friendly-destinations and experiences, InnDica is a listing-only site that books everything through the actual hotel or resort. Inviting travelers to stay, play and explore at the best cannabis hotels, lounges, venues and events, their listings are limited to seven U.S. states and Jamaica.

420 Vacation Spots

Whether you use one of the sites above for guidance or prefer to do the research on your own, the burning question is this: Where should you go? When it comes to providing the best weed vacation, some of the most popular and fun places to visit include:

  • Denver, Colorado. It ain’t called the Mile High City for nothin’. Having been one of the first two U.S. states to have legalized pot way back in 2012, their mature cannabis industry is recognized as one that offers some of the highest quality flower and extracts at the lowest prices. Quickly becoming a cannabis-tourism mecca, there are many great weed-friendly Denver hotels to choose from, not to mention 19 guided cannabis bus tours.
  • Portland, Oregon. One of the freest places on the planet for fans of Mary Jane, and with more dispensaries per capita than any other U.S. city, competition has resulted in Portland offering some of the cheapest prices for flowers out there. Seriously. We’re talking like four bucks a gram. Combine that with tons of fun activities like the Potlandia Experience tour and safe public spaces for cannabis consumption and you’ve got yourself one heck of a great green vacation.
  • Seattle, Washington. The original home to Starbucks, Amazon and grunge, Seattle is a city that likes to indulge in eating well, drinking well and smoking well. Seattle has a chill dispensary scene with options for every price point, and when you combine that with the city’s incredible music scene and magnificent nature trails, you’re guaranteed a good time.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. When you want to combine shows, casinos, golf and cannabis for one of the liveliest, most unforgettable times of your life, there’s no place better than Sin City. While there is currently only one Dab Bar open for public consumption, there are three more 420 lounges on the way. There’s also Vegas’ newly opened The Lexi Hotel, a one-of-a-kind boutique cannabis-inclusive property that promises to be a game-changer in the city’s hospitality scene. From The Strip to Downtown to the Arts District, planning your weed vacation in Lost Wages ensures you’ll be a big winner.
  • California. Okay, admittedly this is an entire state as opposed to just a city, but that’s because there are so many great places in California to choose from. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento and their surrounding areas rank as some of the most beautiful vacation spots in the world. Add to that, there are amazing outside-the-city, unforgettable weed-friendly vacation accommodations within the Emerald Triangle, like Hicksville, Sol Spirit Farm, Five Sisters Farm and The Redwood Riverwalk. It would be remiss not to give a shout-out to the entire state. You could easily have one of the best weed vacations ever by starting at one end and just driving down the entire California coast.

International Locales

Taking a weed trip to any of the above places in the U.S. is a vacation worth taking, but there are many cannabis tourism options outside the country as well.

Amsterdam has always been one of the top international destinations for cannabis enthusiasts, known for its lush foliage, architecture, museums and, most famously, cannabis coffee shops where you can order and smoke right on the premises.

The Algarve is an ideal vacation destination offering clear water, soft beaches and 300 sunny days per year within the country of Portugal, a country which decriminalized all drugs at the turn of the century.

Bangkok has been dubbed “Asia’s Amsterdam.”

Montevideo is a great spot to enjoy the culture of Uruguay, relax on the beach and get 10 grams of cannabis per week as an adult over age 18.

Canada is the poster child for how well things can go when an entire country decides that legalization is a great idea.

And of course, there’s always Jamaica, Mon — a country whose Rastafarian culture is so entwined with ganja. Jamaica has so many amazing vacation possibilities that there is an entire website dedicated to helping you plan your island stay.

Make Education Part of your Vacation at CannaCon

Yup, yup — as more and more places are legalizing pot, more and more places are eliminating consumption hassles and raking in profits by embracing the marijuana tourism industry. Embrace being a cannabis traveler, as there is no longer any need to hide the lifestyle.

In addition to all the amazing 420-friendly vacation spots we listed, it goes without saying that lovers of the green looking for trip ideas should check out the upcoming CannaCon schedule. CannaCon offers expos in locations around the U.S., so make a day trip to one close by or build one into the trip of a lifetime as you explore a city that you’ve always meant to visit in between attending the nation’s leading cannabis conference. There’s nothing better than a CannaCon experience for those in the cannabis industry and those who just enjoy partaking, so get some tickets and plan your weed vacation today.

This article was originally published Nov 8, 2022. It was updated Aug. 8, 2023.

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