Best Cities for Weed Experiences

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Out go the vineyards, in come the cannabis farm tours. 2022 is the year weed tourism truly arrived. From smoke centric ‘airbnb’ style offerings (hello Bud and Breakfast), to European coffee shops, canna-festivals and infused foodie getaways, this young market is booming — to the tune of $17 billion!

So, where can you get away and simultaneously enjoy the high life? What are the best weed trips? From mini-breaks to once-in-a-lifetime excursions, here are the green pins on our 420 vacations map.

Los Angeles

It’s not really a weed vacation list if you don’t put Cali on the map. Home of the Emerald Triangle and a cornerstone of cannabis culture, California’s experience with legalization has been a tough one. Mom and pop businesses, small craft farms and OG operators — those that paved the way — are struggling under California’s tax burdens and punitive legislative system.

But there are pockets of the state where the weed business is booming — at least from a consumer’s perspective. And you’re hard pressed to find a better variety of weed themed offerings than in the home of glitz and Hollywood glam.

Check out glass blowing with Tommy Chong, hop on a dispensary crawl or take a Hollywood weed tour. If you’re feeling creative, book into a ‘puff, pass and paint’ sesh — choose between abstract and traditional art, or even a nude painting class. It’s BYOC (bring your own cannabis), so make sure to pick up your buds beforehand.

For the foodies, LA is also top draw for a 420 vacation. Check the cannabis supper club for inimitable fine dining. Think the best of the best: infused dishes paired with complimentary cannabis strains. Membership of the exclusive club comes at a cost, but for those not so far from LA, it’s a heavenly way to spend any extra dollars.

Las Vegas

Ah, Vegas — America’s playground.

Unsurprisingly, the shiniest place on earth glows that bit brighter when enjoying your favorite cannabis products. If you’re into cannabis culture, a “weed trip” to Vegas these days simply wouldn’t be complete without stopping by Planet 13, the largest dispensary in the United States.

Planet 13 Superstore isn’t just a dispensary. It’s also an ultra creative and conceptual entertainment center, giving visitors a look directly into the inner workings of the cannabis industry. A transparent observation hall offers a window into the production of the in-house brands being made live at the dispensary. Growing cannabis is truly an art form, and at Planet 13, it’s celebrated as such.

Make your weed vacation in Sin City totally green, with one of Nevada’s many 420 hotels.


The Green Rush has made its way to Asia. Times really are a-changin’! The inclusion of Bangkok on a weed tourism list could barely have been imagined just a few years ago. June 2022 marked the dawn of a new Land of Smiles, with cannabis given the green light across Thailand.

While there are still some laws around where you can smoke — the law says you shouldn’t consume cannabis in public spaces, such as schools or malls — there’s no over-restriction. In fact, it’s essentially a free-for-all: the last six months have seen the Thai capital dubbed ‘Asia’s Amsterdam’.

Fancy hummus infused with a green curry hemp sauce? Or a fine dining experience at a 5-star hotel? From cannabis clubs offering weed-laden tequila, to cannabis infused massages at local spas, Bangkok has truly transformed into a smoke-centered destination.

To start any Bangkok holiday, we recommend a weed trip to Anantara Spa for one of their cannabis-infused massages. Perfect for relieving jet-lag, the hotel offers an immersive cannabis experience. Your spa begins with a stress releasing soak in a cannabis salt laden bath, before a full body massage complete with a choice of cannabis oils (rice or lavender). Finish by relaxing with a soothing cup of canna tea. The perfect start to a 420 vacation, we’d say.


If you’re looking for a less obvious destination for your weed vacation, or want to dive into counter culture, Freetown Christiania in the middle of Copenhagen is a unique place to discover the Danish cannabis scene.

Founded by a group of hippies in 1971, Christiania — once a squat on some old military barracks — quickly became famous for its open weed trade. The area morphed into a protected free town within Denmark’s capital city. Bright and beautiful, Christiania is still worth a visit today. The open air hash market still exists, although it is now confined to the infamous ‘pusher street’.

Keep in mind that buying and smoking weed is still illegal in Denmark, and authorities aren’t quite so lenient as they were in the past. Now there’s a rather more gray legal landscape in the (still magical) Christiania.

New York

The city that never sleeps might now be up for the occasional canna-induced snooze! New York is about to become the next big cannabis market, and we’re super stoked for it. The state is working to ensure restorative justice measures are embedded into social and legal frameworks. Indigenous tribes are surging ahead to establish themselves in the “gray market,” as the state slowly transitions to legal trade. 

While New York isn’t yet overrun with cool cannabis activities to pre-book, its transformation is imminent. The first Cookies store just arrived on 35th Street in Manhattan (complete with a seriously chill consumption lounge) — it’s one of many signs of the times ahead.

New York is going green in a big way, making it a must for weed tourism lists in 2023 and beyond.

Weed Tourism

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