Cannabis-Friendly Lodging, Traveling and COVID-19

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Travel is still impacted by the COVID-19 virus and it can’t hurt to do a little daydreaming about what we’ll all do once this is all over, right? Those who’ve felt cooped up due to social-distancing and safer-at-home orders will surely be looking to get out into the world again and travel again! If that’s you, read on. We took a look into cannabis-friendly lodging alternatives for your next great adventure. From finding a cannabis-friendly hotel to bud and breakfasts, let’s explore what the new era of travel may look like.

What’s a Bud and Breakfast?

Just like a bed and breakfast, but better. Bud and Breakfasts are smaller lodging establishments that offer breakfast as well as a place to legally consume cannabis! Because these dwellings are usually considered private property, the property owner has the right to allow consumption in legalized states, which makes finding a cannabis-friendly hotel or bud and breakfast easy, peasy. Who would’ve thought, right?

Perks of a Bud and Breakfast 

Beyond being able to smoke, eat, dab or vape legal cannabis, visitors enjoy the perks of a clean, more locally-infused experience. What better way to understand the nuance of an area than through its newly legal cannabis market? Often bud and breakfasts have pre-existing relationships with dispensaries and lounges and can help guide you in the right direction during your stay! Plus, In addition to their already isolated nature, B&B visitors often enjoy private kitchen and living area amenities. 

Brian Applegarth, Founder and Executive Director of California Tourism Association CCTA, predicts that in “the wake of Covid-19, the Bud and Breakfast model will be cleaner, greener and more spacious. Those that earn the title of Bud and Breakfast will weave cannabis and hemp throughout the entire customer journey from arrival to departure”.

What’s a Cannabis Friendly Hotel?

Some traditional hotels and resorts have gone cannabis-friendly as states continue towards legalization. These establishments range from mystical mountain escapes to boutique hotels and allow consumption in designated areas of the property. 

Perks of Cannabis-Friendly Hotels

Cannabis friendly hotels provide guests with unique, and often highly curated experiences. While there are still restrictions as to where one can consume cannabis, many hotels and resorts offer CBD and other hemp-infused spa experiences. For cannabis-friendly hotels in California, Applegarth recommends Desert Hot Springs Inn in Desert Hot Springs, Redwood Riverwalk Inn in Fortuna, Didjeridoo Dreamtime Inn in Mendocino Village, Thatcher Hotel in Hopland and Mine and Farm in Sonoma County. 

Cannabis Friendly Lodging Marketplaces

Bud and Breakfast is a “comprehensive website that links cannabis-using tourists together with sympathetic hotels, inns, residences and resorts”. Bud and Breakfast allows site visitors to search for a variety of accommodations from across the globe where they can enjoy regulated cannabis without fear or restriction.

The husband-wife duo beyond Inndica provide guests with the opportunity to stay in a cannabis-friendly hotel, indulge in a retreat, gather your tribe and explore plant medicines. These cultivated experiences offer cannabis travelers to explore four distinct themes: stay, gather, play and explore.

Yes, even the popular wedding site, The Knot, allows visitors of the site to search for “cannabis-friendly” properties to host ceremonies, receptions, as well as housing and lodging opportunities for their guests.

Safety, Post COVID-19

If one thing’s for sure, the world we’re returning to is going to look very different from the world we pushed pause on in March of 2020. Bud and breakfasts and cannabis-friendly hotels are expected to implement strict industry standards in response to COVID-19 in venues across the country.  Finding a cannabis-friendly hotel will all depend on the location you’re going and their response to the pandemic.

Stay in the Know

As the US continues to move towards decriminalization and pandemic-related guidelines are constantly shifting, stay in the know with CannaCon, the nation’s leading business-to-business cannabis conference. We feature stories and information about cannabis, tourism and more. Upcoming expo dates include Feb 12-13 in Chicago, April 2-3 in Detroit and May 27-28 in Oklahoma City. 


  1. Keiko Beatie on January 21, 2021 at 12:58 pm

    Thank you for highlighting cannabis travel! Coral Cove Wellness has its own dispensary on-site.
    With kayaking, snorkeling, 3 private lagoons, spa, conference center, garden, all meals and beautiful sunsets.
    I would love to give away a trip to Coral Cove at the CannaCon events this year.

    I will contact Bob.

    Thank you once again!

  2. Rick Fitzgerald on February 5, 2021 at 4:58 pm

    Dig it and thanks for the nod!! Cannabis friendly travel…so good and the best way to explore and experience this amazing movement. We’re excited to see more and more cannabis-friendly accommodations, events, tours, and venues around the globe. The travel and leisure industry is taking Covid-19 very seriously and have strict protocols to keep their guests safe and happy!
    Appreciate everyone at CannaCon and all the folks mentioned in the piece!
    Safe travels all, Monique & Rick at InnDica 🙂

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