Pre-Rolls: Types and Technology

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Pre-rolls have become a major buzzword in the world of cannabis, but they’re much more than just a hot topic. Pre-roll technology is becoming more and more refined and elevated, thanks to cannabis pioneers and dispensaries across the country. Through the push for cannabis accessibility, the number of unique pre-rolls on the market, including coated cones or pre-rolls infused with wax or rosin, has skyrocketed. The technology behind cannabis pre-rolls is getting better and better, so the possibilities with pre-roll types are endless. 

Whether this is your first time reading about cannabis pre-rolls or if you’ve been a long-time user, you’re sure to come away from this guide with a better understanding of pre-roll types, unique pre-rolls, current pre-roll technology and pre-roll accessories.

You’ve probably heard friends talking about pre-rolls from the dispensary, or maybe you’ve even seen them in your own local dispensary trips. Let’s start with the basics.

What Are Cannabis Pre-Rolls?

Cannabis pre-rolls are joints, aka cannabis cigarettes, that are already rolled for you. Cannabis pre-rolls are rolled at dispensaries using machines that are designed to pack cannabis flower into a cone. They have filters, which prevent small cannabis particles from entering your mouth while cooling the smoke and protecting your mouth from burns. 

Pre-rolls come in various strains including sativa, indica and hybrids, which can all be commonly packed as pre-rolls in dispensaries. Sativa pre-rolls produce an energized and uplifting effect, while indica pre-rolls create calming, sedative feelings.

So why are pre-rolls common? What’s all the hype about? Well, if you’re not an experienced joint roller, or you simply don’t have time to roll up, pre-rolls are a great option for grab-and-go cannabis consumption. They’re quick, easy, and always ready to go. Plus, you can often save money buying a pre-roll versus top-shelf flower. This is because they typically aren’t rolled with premium cannabis — instead, pre-rolls usually contain shake or trim. 

If you’re looking for a top-tier pre-roll experience, you may want to find more unique pre-rolls. There are many types of pre-rolls, so don’t worry! You’ll find various convenient options at your local dispensary.

Types of Pre-Rolls

There are a few different types of pre-rolls you’ll find at dispensaries, including some unique pre-rolls. 

Infused pre-rolls tend to be top sellers because of their potency. These cannabis pre-rolls are infused with cannabis extracts, or concentrates to create a higher potency product that has more flavor and strength from the presence of additional terpenes and trichomes. 

How do infused pre-rolls work? THC concentrates like oil, kief or hashish are rolled into the joint along with the cannabis flower. You may also find coated pre-rolls, which might be coated in rosin and dipped in kief, for example.

Another type of pre-roll is a cone. Cones refer to the shape of the rolling paper, which is then packed with cannabis. Pre-roll cones achieve perfect shape and form, whereas joints can get crumpled, smooshed or torn. The cone acts as a shaped container, which is then packed with cannabis.

Innovations in Pe-Roll Technology

The technology involved in the production of pre-rolls is fresh and innovative, creating the perfectly packed pre-roll every time. How? 

Specially designed machines use a powerful combination of robotics, gravity and vibration patterns to shift the ground cannabis flower into the cones. Some machines both do both the grinding of the flower and the packing of the joints, all in one, while maintaining the direction, pressure, and speed of the pack. Machines must separate and seal the cones at the end of the process. It’s crucial to avoid poking any holes in the paper, and an over-packed joint won’t burn correctly. The machines involved in making pre-rolls avoid these while creating consistent pre-rolls.

Pre-Roll Accessories for Consumers

There are many pre-roll accessories on the market that can heighten your experience with cannabis pre-rolls. For example, special lighters, ashtrays, joint holders and storage containers are now on the market to elevate your cannabis consumption experience.

Final Notes on Cannabis Pre-Rolls

Overall, if you’re looking for the most convenient way to enjoy cannabis flower, pre-rolls are your way to go. Next time you go into your local dispensary, ask about the various types of pre-rolls they offer. 

If you’re curious to try infused pre-rolls or pre-roll cones, request information about the dispensary’s options for unique pre-rolls. While most typical pre-rolls contain shake or trim, if you’re interested in a more premium experience, you can request top-shelf or infused pre-rolls to satisfy your desire. With the latest pre-roll technologies and innovations, more and more options are available. And time will only tell where the future of pre-roll technology will take us!


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