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A letter from a drug war soldier: Part One

By Meagan Holt This isn’t the letter you’re probably expecting to read, but lets be honest, I don’t think anyone expects to become a soldier in the war on drugs. No one plans or prepares to have to wake up everyday, lace up theoretical combat boots, and fight. It is doubtful, five and six year olds are playing…

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Detroit City Guide

  The Motor City of Detroit was birthed in the gritty automobile industry. The metropolis weathered a trajectory of boom and bust cycles, from the original Ford Motor Company regime, to the Great Depression, to the burst of the Internet bubble. The city is now poised to reclaim its status as a leading economic hub…

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Out of the Box: A Comparison of Child Resistant Cannabis Boxes

Close federal and media attention, alongside evolving state regulations, have made child-resistant packaging the focus of every forward-thinking cannabis producer.  Cannabis brands understand that their product is being held up to a higher level of scrutiny.  In order to legitimize and normalize their brand it is important that they be associated with legal and safe…

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