The Virtual CannaCon Experience — Is the future virtual?

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CannaCon held its first-ever virtual cannabis expo last week — Virtual CannaCon. As an answer to the pandemic, the virtual trade show brought together cannabis exhibitors and industry leaders on a virtual platform to educate and assist entrepreneurs entering the cannabis industry.

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Virtual CannaCon featured about 100 exhibitors from across the country. Through the use of graphics, videos, and downloadable brochures and documentation, exhibitors virtually displayed their products and services. The online cannabis show also incorporated live video and Zoom for attendees around the world to get personal with exhibitors and ask questions.

The virtual cannabis expo was attended by approximately 500 budding cannabis enthusiasts. Although a smaller turnout than the in-person events, it was the first opportunity in months to easily connect with dozens of vendors all in one place — and from the comfort and safety of your own home.

The virtual cannabis trade show also hosted 16 industry experts to deliver educational cannabis seminars ranging from cultivation, extraction, testing, legal and business issues, marketing and more. Through the use of Zoom, speakers were able to show visual presentations, take audience polls and answer questions from attendees.


Virtual CannaCon welcomed for the first time Marc and Craig Wasserman, the renowned Pot Brothers at Law. They delivered an informative and thoroughly entertaining seminar focused on cannabis law, building your brand and their infamous Ask Us Anything segment. They will be attending CannaCon South, CannaCon Northeast and CannaCon Midwest in Chicago, and you don’t want to miss the live version!

Though it’s hard to imagine an online cannabis show replacing the huge traveling expos loved by attendees and exhibitors alike, it was much needed while the industry adjusts to the “new normal” and looks for ways to get back to business. The CannaCon team received a lot of positive feedback and appreciation for hosting the virtual cannabis expo, but is the future virtual?

“I think the seminars were similar to the live experience, but the expo side was very different. People were appreciative but everyone still prefers the live events,” said Angela Grelle, director of marketing for CannaCon. “For the expo portion of the show, there is nothing that will compare to live events.”

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Surprising?! Not really. The live shows are hard to beat — with booth displays towering above, full size equipment setups, the sound of laughter, and the occasional pleasant aroma we all know and love.

And CannaCon knows that. As we all wait for the next live show, CannaCon is taking safety concerns very seriously and preparing for the safest show possible. For the upcoming OKC event, masks will be required, there will be one-way aisles and booths will have taller side walls. The event will also have hand sanitizer stations throughout, as well as social distancing signs and markers to eliminate confusion and accidental encounters.

CannaCon South is scheduled for Sept. 28-29 in OKC. Visit the event page for more information and to reserve your ticket. Tickets that have already been purchased for prior dates will be transferred to the rescheduled date.

Let’s get the industry moving…again!

For a limited time, you can still purchase a ticket for the Virtual CannaCon show to watch all of the seminars and get access exhibitor contact info and product details.


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