Pot Politeness: Stoner Rules in 2022

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Every society has its unspoken rules of order, and the cannabis community is no different. Call it what you like: pot politeness, weed etiquette or stoner rules, any way it is labeled, there are means to ensure steady invitations to a circle of consumption. A refresher guide is always nice, and newbies can benefit too…

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How to Store Cannabis Concentrates

concentrate storage | how to store concentrates | concentrate jars | concentrate containers | how to store rso oil

There is a certain thrill to the cannabis selection process. A wide variety of strains, ingestion methods and associated accouterments provide endless combinations for cannabis consumers ranging from casual to serious. While the product is in the dispensary, budtenders and staff ensure best storage, but once it leaves the dispensary, keeping cannabis concentrates fresh and…

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5 Reasons Music Sounds So Good When High on Cannabis

why does music sound better high | listening to music while high | heightened hearing when stoned

Everything’s better stoned, but have you ever specifically wondered why listening to music while high is extra enjoyable? You aren’t alone. Surprisingly, there is a long history of heightened hearing when stoned. From cannabis cigarettes being sold in Jazz clubs during the 1920s to the unmistakable aroma at today’s concerts and musical festivals, listening to…

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How to Cure a Weed Hangover

how to cure a weed hangover | what is a weed hangover | weed hangover cure

A lot of people use weed as an alternative to other social substances like alcohol, but if they were all hoping to avoid hangovers, some are in for a rude awakening… and morning… and maybe afternoon. As we continue to learn more about the benefits of marijuana, certain downsides are also becoming clear, like weed…

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