7 Types of Cannabis Buyers That Will Dominate the World

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Think All Cannabis Consumers Are Alike?

You couldn’t be more wrong… Each cannabis consumer has a different purpose for using cannabis. If some use cannabis for recreational purposes, some others use it for medicinal purposes and many others are first-timers. Whether the customers come back to the dispensary to purchase cannabis will depend on the type of the customer. In this article, we shall look into the 7 Types of Cannabis Buyers That Will Dominate the World.

Here are a few groups of cannabis buyers that will dominate the cannabis market scenario in the future:


1. Medicinal Cannabis Users

This group of cannabis consumers will definitely increase, considering the fact that more and more countries are legalising marijuana use for medical purposes. They are usually patients who are suffering from an ailment that is unbearably painful like cancer, arthritis, etc. They seek relief from their pains through cannabis consumption. They take cannabis more as a prescribed by the medical professionals than for recreational purposes.

medicinal cannabis users

They might require cannabis so regularly that they might consider trying to cultivate cannabis on their own using the quantum seed.


2. Stoners

This group consists of people who consume marijuana for recreational purposes. They are termed the ‘Back Bone of Cannabis Industry’ as the stoners are the most consistent customers for the cannabis industry. People who fit into this group are teenagers in middle or high school who are bored with their lives and have a lot of time to kill. The turbulence that they face in their adolescent life adds to the list of reasons why they take to cannabis use. This is probably the reason why the stoners end up bearing all the stigma that surrounds cannabis users and the stigma that they are dirty and stupid. Nevertheless, they are the staunch devotees of cannabis.

They are also the ones who bring in the ‘newbies’ to the market.

recreational cannabis consumers


3. Connoisseurs

The connoisseurs are those people who are passionate about cannabis. They don’t usually stick to one particular kind or brand. These cannabis buyers go on trying all that they come across. Many of them don’t mind to put in all they have to try strains and products they haven’t tried yet. They know the ins and outs of the cannabis culture.


4. Creative People

There are people who take cannabis to unlock creative ideas hidden deep inside them. The highs they get by cannabis consumption helps them overcome their creative block and come up with new ideas. Sativa strains of marijuana are very popular among these people. Many artists or writers have reported that they get more creative ideas while smoking. Many also claim cannabis consumption has inspired their best work or piece of art.

Many budding artists use cannabis to get more creative. To such people, marijuana is what coffee is to a tired person.


5. Parents

Being a cannabis consuming parent is becoming less and less stigmatic with the increasing awareness and use of marijuana consumption. Though they always existed, the boost given to medical marijuana, they are coming out of their hiding. Nowadays, a parent lighting up a joint after the kids are put to bed is becoming as acceptable as sipping a wine of glass.

medicinal cannabis users


6. Millennials

This refers to that group of cannabis consumers who born between 1980’s and early 2000’s. They have seen a revolution in modes of cannabis consumption – right from smoking weed to vapes. The rise of technology and impact of social networks have played a prominent part in the shaping of the Millennials.

They have lived through the various stages of cannabis evolution right from the period of smoking to the age of edibles and concentrates. They have been constantly adapting themselves to the new technology. This group is most likely to be influenced by social media advertisements than any other groups.


7. Newbies

Last but not least, there always will be enthusiastic people who want to try new things and look forward to trying Cannabis just to experience what it feels like. These cannabis consumers may start to try by themselves or may be influenced by the other groups of people. They are more likely to become regular customers of the cannabis industry, thus contributing to the growth of the cannabis community.

cannabis newbies

With the growing legalization of Marijuana, there is an increasing revival of the cannabis culture these days. Just like any other business, the cannabis industry has to consider marketing strategies. And the companies should design strategies in such a way that they reach the target group and influence the cannabis buyers. To determine this, we have to consider various types of cannabis users.

By: Kathy T Cooley


  1. Natasha on December 4, 2018 at 3:44 pm

    Interesting read. Marijuana users are certainly diverse! Especially with great online dispensaries like https://www.greensociety.ca/ it is now accessible to so many people.

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