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The vaping revolution is in full swing, and shows no signs of slowing. More and more people are jumping onto the vaping bandwagon every day. But, all these new recruits are not always aware of the different options available to them.

As the demand for vaping has increased, so has the supply and along with the supply, there is also a massive amount of variety. There now exists a vaping option to suit any and every need. It just depends on which category the buyer ultimately fits into.

Before heading off and purchasing the first thing that catches your eye, why not research cannabis vaporizers first? This will not only ensure that you find a product that suits your needs, but you will also become aware of the certain advantages and drawbacks that accompany each option.

Table-Top Vaporizers

This category of product is quite a large one and is specifically suited for those that consume cannabis primarily in their home. It can be transported if needed, but it is far more hassle-free to simply leave it in its spot. They typically do not need batteries to operate but instead have a power chord that is plugged into an outlet.

The setup generally includes a hose with a mouthpiece along with a bag that fills up with the vaporized cannabis. The size of the product means that one would gain far greater use if they were sharing their cannabis with friends or even intending to consume more than one hit.

Buying a table-top cannabis vaporizer is quite an investment as quality products do not necessarily come cheap. They can set you back a couple of hundred dollars initially, but if they are suited to your lifestyle, then they will be well worth it.

Another advantage of table-top vaporizers is that the temperature can be changed depending on the substance that is being vaporized. This can be particularly handy for people that are in for the taste experience. Certain terpenes that are added to cannabis can only be activated properly at a specific temperature, thus releasing their delectable flavors.

Portable Vaporizers Specifically for Flowers

As the title suggests, this product does not use concentrates but rather the flower itself. For those that are enthusiastic about concentrates, this may seem like an odd purchase. But, there are people who do not want to drift too far away from the natural product. This is where this cannabis vaporizer would come in.

The second advantage of this product is that it is portable. It is battery operated and quite compact, so it can accompany you on any adventure you may be having. There is no risk of leakage or spilling as there is no liquid present. The vaporizer works by heating the marijuana to a temperature which releases the cannabinoids but does not burn the plant.

The only problem here is that the temperature is not customizable. Some vapes allow a little wiggle room with temperature, but on the whole, the maneuverability is not excessive. This means that certain flavors in strains will not be fully discerned. It might take a little trial and error to get the temperature right. But, buying a vape that allows one to adjust the temperature will be quite useful for those that are interested in experimenting with different strains.

Portable Oil Vaporizers

This product is similar to the last one. But, the difference is that oil is vaporized and not flowers. This product would only be suited for people who prefer the oil experience over the flower one. Due to the flexibility, portability, and discretion of this product, it has become excessively popular. Unlike flower vaporizers, oil ones do not necessarily come with the accompanying smell of marijuana. The scent cannot be avoided altogether, but it is far less noticeable with oil.

These cannabis vaporizers can be carried around with you as they operate with the assistance of batteries. There is also an added bonus of customization. You can buy pre-filled cartridges or oils which you can load yourself. This means that the whole world of cannabis oils is open to you and it is a large world indeed.

There are flavors and strains which can be experimented with, each delivering its own taste and experience. On the question of the high, it has been reported that oil vaporizers deliver a high that is quite focused on the mind. Each person is different, but the chances are you will not feel too many bodily effects from the cannabis. But, rather it will be more impactful on a cerebral level.

As most of these vapes are made out of glass, there is the issue of breakages and leaking. While these occurrences are not earth-shattering, they can be incredibly annoying and inconvenient. The best and only way to avoid this is to be careful with your vape. Maintain it according to the instructions and do not develop the habit of being reckless with the nifty pen.

Disposable Vaporizers

This last option is a cannabis oil vaporizer. But, it is one that is not meant to last. It has a battery that lasts until the materials have been used up and then it dies. Once this has happened, the product can be safely disposed of. This would be perfect for people who are not interested in the investment and maintenance of other vapes. Leakage and spillage rules still apply here, but due to the lifespan of the product, they are sufficiently reduced.

Vaping can offer up a wonderful opportunity to those who are interested in trying cannabis but are not sure where to start. By consuming marijuana this way, you can have some control over what kind of dosage you will be getting. This is not an exact science. But, with time, a little patience, and mindful purchasing you should be able to find a product that will deliver the experience that you are on the market for.

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